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Office C2R Install v6. This new version of Windows adds a good handful of things, and pretty good things, just that the execution of everything leaves a little or enough to be desired. Microsoft seems to have a lot of good ideas to improve, on paper they all sound excellent, but when you find them implemented on your computer if you find them , it is that the illusion falls. Many seem half done, or still in a preliminary version, sometimes it seems that all users were Insiders and everyone who uses this Windows is a beta tester.

This October update is perhaps the one I have most felt like in more than three years of this version, and we will explain in detail why. Windows desktops and all-in-ones have the muscle for the most demanding tasks without sacrificing style If you want to know what news this new Windows hides you will have to dig a lot, many are literally hidden or buried in menus that without help or patience you would never find. The explorer has a dark theme, and what else?

Again, as in previous versions, most of the news remain hidden from users because Microsoft does not make a more active effort to show them, if you never open Microsoft Edge the market share of this browser indicates that almost nobody opens it , or you actively choose to look for the Recommendations app which many do not even know exists , you will not find out about many of the new features and less on how to use them.

If you have been following the news on Windows 10 , it is likely that one of the things you remember most of all that has been talked about this update is the dark theme of the file explorer. It is an excellent addition, finally take a step to add consistency to the dark theme that was present since its release but that only obscured some elements of the interface and always ignored the browser.

Unfortunately the little attention to detail put into it saddens me. The icons do not look good on that black background, especially those in the ribbon menu, and the help button is the worst. The PCmover Express step-by-step wizard makes setting up a new Windows 10 PC simple I honestly believe that Microsoft could have done something better, I believe it because I have seen and used third party themes that do a better job and because the Microsoft design team does great things that unfortunately are never implemented , and as with every update of Windows 10 is more and more difficult to keep patched the system to install compatible third-party themes, it would be nice to have a default theme that looks better and more careful.

But I suppose that for some it will be enough. Until today I get that too many people do not know the benefits of Microsoft Launcher on Android despite being in the top 5 personalization apps in the Play Store. Using the Microsoft launcher is not equivalent to automatically take advantage of all the integration already offered, especially with Continue on PC, and more if you add the use of the Edge browser and Android at the same time. Microsoft having already all that has decided to launch another application for Android and for iOS too, although not yet available to integrate Windows 10 with your mobile.

Once you update to this new version of Windows 10 there will be no indicator anywhere that you can use your mobile to read SMS and view your photos. You just have to connect your phone with Windows by logging in with your Microsoft account and then accept the permissions that they ask for on your mobile. This part has a certain lag, but once ready it will only take a moment for the phone app in Windows to show you all your SMS, and the photos of your gallery.

Inbox Live Mail 10 04 11 46 23 Just drag any image of your mobile from the companion app and use it in any program. You can take the photos, edit them and share them, but you can not erase anything from your mobile from the computer. Another detail is that if you delete or add new images on your mobile, you must manually update the gallery and have some delay a bit annoying. Except for that, he does what he says, and does it well. Again, its biggest flaw is being hidden and having such a poor image in the Play Store.

On the side of the SMS little to say, it also does what it is supposed to do, you can read messages and respond, if you are one of those who still use that form of prehistoric communication. The first is to replace the classic Clipping tool that has been going on for years and go completely unnoticed, the second is to integrate the Windows Ink work area in the same application, and the third is to improve the screen capture experience.

It achieves all three things, but again, there are several flaws that make you feel like you are facing an incomplete product and in the testing phase. This is the star of apps and duplicate functions, which the Control Panel says.

If you start the old Cutting tool, it will have a notice that tells you it is going out, and what better to use Cut and sketch. But, sometimes it fails to make a selection, half of the time I tried to take a capture, the capture was never taken. How can such a simple app fail so much? The old Cutouts works better. At the time of editing you do not have too many options either, the basics: There is no option to capture a window, there is no option to include the mouse pointer, there is no option to use a timer to take the capture.

It seems that there is no option to change the keyboard shortcut, but in fact it does exist, you can configure to start the tool simply by pressing the Print Screen key much more comfortable , but that configuration option is so hidden that I forgot several times where the sun was. I do not know what else to say.

This opens up a wonderful world of synchronization and productivity possibilities. Also, if you synchronize it with the cloud, you can not only paste elements copied to another device, but you can also do it on Android. Yes, thanks to the Microsoft Launcher that we have already available some time ago, you can access the clipboard from Android.

A simple renewal of the clipboard is perhaps the function that has most excited me about the whole update From the clipboard history you can also fix copied elements to have them at the top of the list. Of this function I have absolutely nothing bad to say, the synchronization in the cloud is optional, you can always deactivate it, and on the desktop it is simply an envoy from heaven. The search and details There are quite a few more details that have been improved with this update, little things like that the Bluetooth menu now indicates how much battery is left in the connected devices, or that the Task Manager now shows you the power consumption per process.

The search experience has been significantly improved, the results that the start menu now offers are much more complete and useful. We can preview documents and images from there when searching, and even if we search by app we will get not only options from that app but a list with the last files used in that app.

Better performance The notebook, although you may not believe it, has received improvements in the year Find and replace words, automatic filling of the search field, zoom in the text, new keyboard shortcuts, etc. They are not a revolution and perhaps only a tiny niche of users are excited about this, but they are there in the same way.

In theory Windows 10 should stop restarting at the worst time to install updates, is something we will see over time. The old disk-space releaser was supposed to say goodbye, but here it goes, doing the same thing as the storage sensor. And a little more.


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