Abbey Road (Album)

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When facing grand codas, the choice is rather limited, but upright pianos are a totally different world. We wanted a piano capable of producing both a full sound and the shallow on the edge of being out-of-tune tone characteristic of so many historical recordings. We sampled a beautifully made italian upright piano built by Steinbach in Torino and placed it in a mid-size roomy studio surrounded by a plethora of microphones. For this very reason, we used many more microphones than the ones we ended up with. Choice of Microphones These are the Mics we carefully selected after multiple playing and listening sessions on the edited samples:
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The Beatles

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It offers a boost or cut of up to 10 dB at 2. The same circuit was used as in the original RS, but with the addition of an audio transformer. The engineers quickly discovered that the transformer dramatically altered the sound character and the operating frequencies of the RS The frequencies got shifted a bit higher, which is of course also holds true for the plug-in model.

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