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Adobe Photoshop CC Serial key serial number

Applies to: Packager Caution: Learn More. Creative Cloud for enterprise: Serial number licensing Serial Number Licensing is anonymous licensing, and is not tied to an individual user, but to a particular computer. Serial number licensing can be used to create pre-licensed packages that are deployed remotely. End users do not need to sign in to begin using the desktop apps.

Serial number licensing is also suitable for environments where Internet access is prohibited or infrequent. No further validation is required on the client machine. Create Serial number-based packages To create packages using Adobe Creative Cloud Packager, perform the following steps.

Run Adobe Creative Cloud Packager. You must run Creative Cloud Packager as an Administrator on the machine where you are building packages. Choose Creative Cloud for enterprise as your account type. Sign in with your ID and password. Your ID should be listed as an admin ID for one of the account types. After you have successfully signed in, the Create Package screen appears. To specify preference for download location for products, clear the cache, or view Help for Creative Cloud Packager, see Edit and save configurations.

In the Create Package screen, do one of the following: Click Create Package to start the package creation process. Click Create License Package. For more information, see Create license package. In the Package Details screen that appears, enter the required details.

Package name Enter the name of the package that will be created. Save to Enter the location to which you want to save the package you create.

Select Organization Select the name of your organization. You must make separate packages for bit and bit installations. A bit package will not run on a bit machine.

License type Select Serial Number License. This option creates a package with a valid license. Use this workflow to deploy a product or group of products containing updates to client machines in a licensed state.

Package configurations The settings for package configuration include options such as whether to ignore conflicting processes during installation. Creative Cloud Desktop Application Adobe Creative Cloud for desktop is the central hub for Creative Cloud activity and allows the users to view applications and updates.

Adobe Creative Cloud for desktop is the central hub for Creative Cloud activity and allows the users to view applications and updates. If your users do not have administrative privileges, we recommend that you disable this option. Uncheck this option and do not install the Creative Cloud desktop application. Adobe recommends that you keep this option disabled for serial number license packages. There is a known issue with specific types of account which can cause the license to get removed from the system when the user logs out of Creative Cloud Desktop.

It is not a requirement, but there may be unexpected results if users log in and log out again. Creative Cloud desktop app downloading apps and updates Show Applications and Updates via the Apps panel This option is applicable only when Creative Cloud Desktop Application is enabled.

When disabled, this option hides the apps panel in Creative Cloud desktop application for end-users.

Run AdobeExpiryCheck tool

The tool displays the product licensing identifier, the encrypted serial number, and the expiration date. Create a new program to copy the AdobeExpiryCheck tool to a common location on required clients. Create another program to launch the command prompt and run the AdobeExpiryCheck tool. Also, append the redirection command in this program to redirect the console output to a file. To distinguish the output from different machines, you can name the output file based on the hostname or IP address of the machine. Collect the output files from the client machines and check the expiration date. Run AdobeExpiryCheck remotely via ssh Type the ssh command to log in to the required client.

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