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Go ahead To demo a piece of gear, simply click the “Try” button instead of the “Buy” button. Once you do this, the piece of gear is unlocked in your copy of AmpliTube and incorporated into your signal chain for a period of 72 hours, and you can use it however you see fit.
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IK Multimedia expands AmpliTube iOS 4.7 with 10 new licensed models

Go ahead To demo a piece of gear, simply click the “Try” button instead of the “Buy” button. Once you do this, the piece of gear is unlocked in your copy of AmpliTube and incorporated into your signal chain for a period of 72 hours, and you can use it however you see fit. After that, it goes back into locked status and will remain there until you purchase it. If you don’t purchase it, you can “re-demo” the gear after a six-week period. How we did it Digital mojo: IK is proud of its “Made In Italy” passionate craftsmanship heritage, and treats each of the models as a unique project — a process that we feel has now been perfected.

All the originals are painstakingly researched and collected, paying extreme attention to critical sonic details like finding the best sounding model series or same-era matching speakers. The original amplifier or effect is then accurately measured, and a virtual circuit representation of it is coded in software, with each component’s value and the circuit details carefully matched. Then, a comparison of the electrical signals between the original and the model ensures that the model’s behavior matches the original circuit behavior in the gear.

After this phase we start a complex audio-engineering comparison with the original amplifier or effect compared to the modeled version. This is followed by a series of tweaks and fine-tuning to the circuit and the sonic characteristics of the model. The result is a sound indistinguishable from the original when fed with various guitar signals and dynamics. The creation of a single model of amp or effect takes the same time that it would take to build a hardware version of it.

And we are passionately proud of it. You know how when you hit a note on your guitar when it’s plugged into a tube amp and the gain is set right on the verge of break-up, and there’s kind of a “spongy” type compressed transient attack you get from the rectifier tube’s drop in voltage and recovery?

It’s a very smooth and “musical” thing that happens – solid state gear doesn’t really do it, and a lot of modeling programs out there don’t get it either. We get it, because we’re musicians So, that’s just one small aspect of what DSM does. DSM is an exclusive IK Multimedia technology developed to accurately emulate the non-linear interactions between components in an analog circuit.

Musicians always felt digital emulations of high quality analog gear such as tube driven guitar amplifiers to be good but not completely satisfying because of the lack of certain “playability” and “musicality” qualities that only the real thing provides.

DSM gives special and unique results when applied to circuit emulations where the non-linearity is the main characteristic of the processor, such as in distortion, fuzz, overdrive stomp boxes, tube guitar preamplifiers and power amps, and analog compressors and limiters. Analog circuits, especially Tube and Class-A discrete ones, are not dynamically-linear, but have been modeled this way by today’s technology.

An analog circuit’s character is never constantly shaped but varies depending on lots of parameters, first and foremost the strength, frequency and harmonic content of the incoming signal. DSM takes the next step.

It continuously adapts the “shape” of the analog circuit instead of applying a static snapshot. Traditional emulations are forced to a tradeoff between, for example, those kind of distortions that appear only when a 2x6L6 tube power amplifier is driven to its limit and the cleaner sound it has when it’s driven normally.

DSM delivers a dynamic response that continuously morphs and “follows” the incoming signal; in other words, that follows the music. This leads to an accuracy that cannot be found in any other modeling hardware or software today, respecting all the signal nuances exactly like a real analog circuit would do with a grade of realism and musicality never achieved before.

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Impressive visuals and interface Tuner I could go on for days about how detailed this programme is when it comes to tone sculpting. There is so much in this programme that will satisfy most tone freaks including the bass players. The interface is easy to set up your ideal rig which can run in both standalone for practicing and jamming or a plug-in to record within your selected DAW. The Base Version When it comes to usability for bass players presets, the Base version only offers a single solid-state bass amp. With that said, the level of customization with all aspects of your rig will be enough to keep you going and offer a lot of tone-sculpting options. The negative with this sim is not the features and tones because they are spot on, the problem with Amplitube 4 is its pricing structure!

VIDEO: Amplitube basic is free – soft.u6831393.isp.regruhosting.ru

2 The features of IK Multimedia Amplitube 4: 3 Advantages of this software: 4 and every individual piece can be tested for free for 48 hours, so this makes it. Get ready to have your mind (and ears) blown. AmpliTube 4, a major upgrade to the world’s most powerful guitar and bass tone studio for. Arguably, this app is one of the best guitar/bass toning studio for PC users. Music aficionados can leverage the built-in tools, features, and.

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