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To set up remote connection your work station and to log a remote technical support ticket, follow steps below: Click the AnyDesk icon above to download the install dmg file. Double click the dmg file and follow the onscreen instructions to install. Launch AnyDesk and navigate to the AnyDesk menu in the top left of the screen.
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Support for AnyDesk

A readable Alias can be assigned to that ID. Both represent an address to the device. An Alias is structured by name and namespace: The public namespace is ” ad” referring to AnyDesk. All Users with a free license have to use this namespace. No Alias can be assigned. The allowed characters are: All other characters are forbidden and regarded as invalid. Specify Alias by name and namespace.

Users with a free-license set the alias once. The alias will be bound to the corresponding ID and cannot be altered or reassigned. Users can change a chosen alias up to three times, always depending on whether this public alias is not yet taken by any other user in the AnyDesk network. The alias can be changed but not reassigned. Users can change or reassign the alias for all clients on [my. With an individual or public namespace you yourcompany or you ad users can change or reassign the alias for all clients on [my.

They are not limited in how often they change it or which aliases to choose, even with the public namespace, as they are working within their own private network. For all licenses: ID and alias are stored in the configuration file serve.

If the configuration files get lost by any means, the ID and Alias will be lost. If the configuration file is not manually restored, this action cannot be undone. Some cases require you to backup the ID. In case you have a new device to use AnyDesk with, copy the configuration files in order to use the ID on the new system. The directory of the configuration files depends on whether you have installed AnyDesk or run it portable.

The ID is stored in the service. Uninstallation will not touch or delete your ID or configuration files, except explicitly requested in the uninstallation menu. To backup your identity, save the service. This enables you to retrieve your Identity in case of data loss. To secure settings and recent session list with it, copy the entire folder: Windows 7 and later.

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Alternatively, IDs may be found on the hub’s Status Page. If this file is not present, Anydesk has not been installed. This field populates automatically once Rangecast software is running on PCs where Anydesk has been installed. On the Status Page directory, click Systemwide Notes. PCs which have not yet been used as a Rangecast feed site will be shown at the end of this list, with their Anydesk ID in braces, e.

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Each PC is identified with a unique 9-digit number, called the Anydesk ID. On PCs where Anydesk is installed, the ID may be found in a text file. Alternatively, IDs. 1 Login; 2 ID, Alias and License Key; 3 Registration; 4 Adding Clients to a Namespace; 5 Monitoring. Close Session. 6 Account information; 7 Settings. Enter the given TeamViewer ID on another PC On another Anydesk client machine, enter Raspberry Pi’s Anydesk ID and password. Then.

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