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Gear History Science fiction and synthesizer enthusiasts alike will agree that making contact and communicating with life from another planet would almost certainly involve the use of a large, complicated synthesizer. Something metallic and sexy, with tons of sliders, knobs, and lights blinking purposefully into the cosmos. The famous musical encouter scene from Spielberg’s film. But beyond this notable film appearance, the ARP remains a fascinating synthesizer in a number of ways.
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Today, ARP continues to be remembered as one of the great synthesizer brands. Below we present some of the most important ARP synthesizers as well as their history. The name came from the initials of one of the founders, Alan Robert Pearlman. Co-founders included Lewis G. It was an age when gigantic modular systems dominated the synthesizer world. However, the tuning of these instruments was usually unstable and each manufacturer struggled with this problem.

ARP decided that the development of a highly stable oscillator was important so they dedicated research and product development towards achieving this goal. The model they first developed was the ARP , a large modular synthesizer. The design on this model used a large number of matrix switches, placed above and below the knobs and switches of the panel, replacing the patch cord design that was used on other manufacturers’ products of the time.

This unique design strategy eliminated the complex tangles of patch cords that obscured the panel. Thanks to ARP’s research, tuning was now extremely stable and the ARP became a hit product as a research tool for universities.

More compact than the , this mid-range model was designed with the sound generator and the keyboard as separate units. It was a three-VCO unit in which the main modules were internally wired, but patch cords could also be connected to create complex sounds. Some additional characteristics, rarely seen on other models, were a built-in speaker and spring reverb. The special features and sounds caused the ARP to be used in many recordings and by musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Joe Zawinul.

The ARP Odyssey is a duophonic unit with two VCOs, most notable for its sharp sound and the versatile sound-creating possibilities that were not easily available on other small synthesizers of the time. It became the standard for subsequent eras, influencing even the polyphonic and digital synthesizers that were to come later. Broadly speaking, there were three versions divided by their date of production.

The white model produced during — is known as the Rev1, the black model produced during — is the Rev2, and models — with their black panel and orange printing produced during — are called Rev3. The main difference between these models was their design and their connection jacks, but also in the filter circuit that has such a great impact on the sound; this meant that different models of the ARP Odyssey would produce sounds of differing nuances.

It is responsible for many songs that remain historical classics, and giving birth to new types of music. They appreciated its easy sound switching and the way in which aftertouch could modify the sound. ARP Pro Soloist The ARP String Ensemble was a revolutionary model featuring fully polyphonic oscillators and a chorus unit, allowing chords to be played with a spacious sound, and was used by a very large number of musicians.

At the time, there was a great demand for polyphony, but full-fledged polyphonic synths with an oscillator and filter for each voice were extremely large and expensive. The Omni was the answer to this problem. In spite of its simple structure, it was capable of a wide range of sound creation, and its ease-of-use earned it great support. The ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer used the sound engine of the Odyssey, making it possible to play the synthesizer from a guitar or bass.

The ARP Quadra was a large model that combined four sections in a single unit: Each of the four sections could be played separately or layered, allowing the creation of an extremely rich sound. It also provided a simple memory function and an arpeggiator.

The distinctive ARP filter and ring modulator were also provided, giving it a broad range of sonic potential in spite of its compact size. This model was a full-fledged polyphonic synth with up to 16 voices eight voices if two oscillators were used for each voice.

There were 50 memories and sound data could be saved on a cassette tape. Another major feature was its note piano-touch keyboard that allowed the musician’s playing velocity to affect the dynamics. Although it is a relatively rare synth, it had a major influence on subsequent synthesizers, and Herbie Hancock was one of its notable users. ARP synthesizers, reborn for today Since the beginning, ARP has greatly influenced synthesizer development and been involved in the birth of numerous musical styles.

However, in spite of its success in producing numerous classic models, the legendary company regrettably closed its doors in Now in , ARP is reborn. The ARP Odyssey was the main force driving the music of — ARP synthesizers span the ages, supporting the music-making of today and tomorrow.

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The legend is back: The Arp had a cult sound, and Arturia was accurate in recreating this amazing synthesizer. The ARP found success in American universities. Audio Assault – Multi Transient (VST, VS. ARP Modular Synth. ARP Modular Synth Mixer, Blenders The 50 best VST/AU plugin synths in the world | MusicRadar Suit, Pc. More information. The CMS Eurorack project is aiming to bring the massive ARP to Eurorack. The E Filter was released earlier this year now here’s the.

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