How to uninstall and remove the Avast SafeZone browser

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Many users got this app during the antivirus upgrade process, and they are not happy that it got installed automatically and consider it as unwanted. If you found no use for the Avast SafeZone browser, here is how to uninstall and remove it. Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance Previously, the Avast SafeZone browser was part of premium editions of Avast antivirus. However, the company has changed its mind and has rolled out the browser for many of its free edition users. Avast claims that they did this to get more feedback and see the reaction of users.
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avast! Free Antivirus 6, with sandbox

Last Updated on January 16, These two anti virus programs have become extremely popular among budget-conscious users and often offer features that protect most users from moderate level threats. Oy vey… TL;DR: I personally think Avast is a lot more robust than Avira at least the basic versions. If you are in a hurry, you can take my word for it and get Avast here. I DO receive a commission regardless of which one you choose thank you! Of course, continue reading for the full story on Avast vs Avira… Avira recently rolled out its new 7 Avira free edition originally introduced in These two antivirus solutions will be compared side-by-side to see which offers the best protection to consumers.

Four categories will be looked at including: Since both of these antivirus products are completely free to use for consumers, this factor is not included in the comparison. It is also worth noting that both companies do offer more inclusive protection for a price that is comparable to offerings from Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, and other big-name antivirus companies.

You may consider upgrading to the paid versions of these programs if you enjoy the product simply because some key features are intentionally left out to promote revenue-generating products. A good example of this is that automatic updates are not available on Avast Free Antivirus.

Rather, that feature is reserved for the Internet Security and Premier editions. In fact, many people choose to try the free version of these products before purchasing a premium license. The interface of both free and premium versions are identical and basic functionality remains the same. This is an excellent way to check for potential compatibility issues and other concerns prior to paying for the non-refundable license fee. Avira offers an interface that looks like slightly outdated software when used on the Windows 7 platform.

In Windows 8, the interface looks outright old and does not provide a visually appealing experience for users of any Avira products free or premium.

This is especially important for users who are not particularly acquainted with antivirus protection programs. Avast has done an excellent job of making its solution less intimidating and easier to navigate. Many of the more advanced features are more easily accessible in Avira ; however, the antiquated interface keeps it from getting top marks in this category. Avast wins this category with a powerful, modern, and easy to use interface that is on par with or better than most of its competition.

Protection Although both free product offerings provide adequate virus protection, it seems that Avira lacks the ability to detect some of the more serious and complex threats that plague the Internet today. Although Avira does offer better virus protection than some other free alternatives, the anti-virus software has been historically plagued by high false positive detection rates.

Even though these issues are not fixed for , it is obvious that Avira has taken some time to reduce the number of false positive detections compared to releases of the last few years. Avast has further set itself apart from Avira because of new features such as DeepScreen. This feature allows the software to automatically create a sandbox environment for unknown files until it can determine whether or not they are malicious. This is a feature that is simply not offered in the free version of Avira.

A host of new features and one of the highest detection rates in the industry give Avast another checkmark as the winner of this category. Performance There is no clear winner in the performance category.

Both Avira and Avast are extremely lightweight and are not likely to impact system performance at all; even when using older equipment. For , Avast has drastically reduced the size of the downloadable product by implementing a stub installer. This has stayed the same with their version as well. The installation is faster and uses fewer resources than previous versions; however, this stub installer does require an Internet connection for successful completion.

If a machine is already infected by malware, installing via a stub installer can be nearly impossible. Please note that Avira also uses a stub installer and can present the same issues on malware-infested systems. In the Performance category, Avira fails for a single reason. There have been multiple reports of system crashes after a successful Avira installation.

This is attributed to the aggressive installation program that searches for other security suites before completing its own installation process.

Although neither product will slow down the average home computer noticeably, the potential for installation issues means that Avast wins yet another category when compared with Avira. Features Both products offer new features for in the hopes of differentiating themselves from one another and the rest of the competition. DeepScreen technology is an advanced sandbox that can protect your computer from suspicious files automatically.

SafeZone automatically opens banking websites in a protected environment to mitigate risks caused by key logging software or phishing scams. Improved Scanning Times mean that files are scanned more quickly. For instance, EXE files can now be checked approximately twice as fast as they could in previous versions. Remote Assistance has been improved for and is a secure way to allow a friend or family member to troubleshoot computer problems remotely. This product tends to work much better than built-in Windows features for remote desktop sharing.

AccessAnywhere lets users access their PC from remote locations securely. This is a feature being added to more and more software products.

Unfortunately, AVG has yet to implement this feature. Do Not Track Plus is a new feature integrated directly into the Avira toolbar. Not only does this feature provide anonymity, but it also provides ad blocking functionality that can be customized by the user. Experts Market is a crowd sourced tech support forum where Avira users can sell their expertise to other Avira users. Tech support for free antivirus programs is often negligible at best, so the addition of the Experts Market is a serious bonus for budget conscious users not interested in spending lots of money for tech support.

WebGuard aggressively searches for sites that could be hosting malware before they are loaded onto the computer. Which is a Better Value? Obviously, it is better than having no antivirus protection at all; however, Avast provides one of the best detection rates in the business and many premium features for no additional cost.

Avast offers the best free antivirus protection around — it is even comparable or better than many premium products in terms of detection rates and available features. However, Avast does leave one key feature out of its free offering: Although they can be done manually, this is easy to forget and can leave your computer vulnerable to attack if left undone.

The best way to figure out which of these two products is best for you is to try them. Since both products are free, you are not really risking very much. You may even opt to choose one of the premium options available from these companies to take advantage of extra features not found in the free versions. Bottom Line: Share this:

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June 05, , Forcing software onto anyone’s hard drive is unethical. It’s an attempt to take control of what software people use and to micro-manage their online experience. It’s bad enough that Avast tried to foist the hated Chrome off on people who don’t want it and wouldn’t have it, but at least there’s an opt-out box you can uncheck for that.

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While every version of Avast antivirus software has had basic internet If you use the Avast SafeZone browser, then you’ve either already. I clicked update avast. It ran in If you ever had SafeZone installed on your system, it’s being replaced by Secure Browser. It can be uninstalled. Avast users on sites like Reddit reported recently that Avast SafeZone Browser was installed on their system afterwards as well, which they.

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