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Your recommended backup strategy is to regularly make a copy of your pst-file to your backup location when Outlook is closed. Your recommended restore strategy is to rename the current pst-file if still available and then restore the pst-file from your backup location to its original location. This whole process is explained in further detail in the Managing pst-files section.
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But there are plenty of alternatives around, even paid rescue disks. Wondershare, who are normally associated with video converting software, produce a Windows based rescue disk called LiveBoot Wondershare LiveBoot is a bootable repair and rescue disk that has over 40 tools included to fix computer boot problems, recover deleted data, clone hard drives, recover Windows and Office product keys and even reset Windows passwords.

At that price most people would usually ignore it and go with one of the many free alternatives instead. LiveBoot has been offered as a giveaway a few times over the years but sadly not recently.

There are however, a few interesting things to know about LiveBoot. Download and Install the Wondershare LiveBoot Software If you want to install the LiveBoot software, the good news is the license details from previous giveaways are the same for everybody and not unique to each user.

Even though all giveaways have long since expired, the generic license codes still work. Download the LiveBoot setup installer. This is the direct link to the setup file as you normally need to use a separate downloader tool to get it. During the installation register the software by entering the following email and license code.

Then complete the installation. License email: The CD burning tool is actually ImgBurn which you might have on your system already. However, neither is required to get the full ISO image. Alternatively use a tool like Rufus to write the image to a USB flash drive. The real heart of the system is the LiveBoot frontend application which gives access to a number of repair, recovery, management and maintenance tools and guides which can help with a range of issues you might be having.

An alternative way to launch any of the separate LiveBoot tools is via the Start Menu. Windows Recovery Many of these tools are to help with Windows loading issues or being unable to boot altogether and are for more advanced users, incorrect usage could make things worse. Boot Sector Recovery — Recover a corrupt or missing boot sector. Registry Editor — Directly edit the registry of your system from LiveBoot.

Windows Restore — Restore any of the backups created from the backup option above. There are several different options to choose from in Wondershare Data Recovery: Smart Recovery — The default and will try to automatically find everything it can.

Deleted File Recovery — Recover accidentally deleted files. Lost File Recovery — Recover files from corrupted or formatted partitions. RAW Recovery — The deepest scan available and the last resort option as file names are not kept. Resume Recovery — Scans taking a long time can be stopped and resumed again later. Making a backup of your system first is always recommended in case attempted repairs cause extra unforeseen problems. Clone Genius — Will copy the partition or entire drive to another partition or drive, useful for migrating from an old drive to a newer or larger drive.

Partition Genius — Similar to other partition managers like Minitool Partition Wizard or EaseUs Partition Master, Partition Genius allows you to create, delete, resize and format partitions on your drives.

Wipe Data — Two tools to wipe the contents of partitions or hard drives , essential if you are selling the drive or giving it to someone else. Data Backup and Restore — Allows the creating of an image backup or restoration of drives or selected partitions. Password and Key Finder The Password and Key Finder tab allows you to reset the password for a user account in Windows, which is a huge help if someone has forgotten the account password to login.

Simply select the target Windows install and the user, then click Reset. On next reboot the password will be gone. The Windows Key Finder is useful if you want to know your Windows 7 and below product key, while the Office Key Finder will show your installed Office product key. These could be handy if Windows is beyond repair and you want to recover the keys before reinstall.

The areas which are most likely to cause problems, if any, are the tools in the Windows Recovery section that replace Windows boot files. To be safe, make sure you have adequate backups before trying any repairs if you are running Windows 8, 8. It will also work if the account is setup with a PIN number or picture in addition to a local password. Reset a Windows 10 Local User Account Password Resetting a local user account password is easy, choose the password reset option in LiveBoot, choose Windows 10 and the account, then press Reset.

At the next reboot, Windows will not ask for a password and log straight in. Reset the password using LiveBoot and then boot into Windows If you are asked for a PIN click Sign in options and choose to enter a password. Click the Remove button again and then supply the password created in step 2. The PIN will now be removed.

As an optional step remove the account password again, click Change, enter the current password and press Next. At the new password window press Next and Finish to use no password. Both password and PIN will now be removed, remember it will only work on a local account. This method also works on windows 8. After resetting the password and logging in, simply click the Remove picture password button, creating a new password first is not necessary. You might also like:

Backup and restore POP3 data

This Gmail Backup tool will allow you to download all Gmail account emails from multiple Google Mail folders. With the help of this trustworthy Gmail Backup application, users can directly transfer or switch old Gmail account to new Gmail Account. It enables users to import Gmail emails to any Webmail client by using IMAP configurations settings of any email client. It preserves the entire email formatting, meta-properties cc, bcc, date, time, message, hyperlinks, signature, attachments etc. Users can download backup of selected Gmail Folders or mails by setting filter to Date Range, sender or receiver email address, Subject. It enables to import Gmail backup to Office account directly without any technical issue. The tool safely transfers Gmail Messages to Office without saving any credentials.

VIDEO: Backup and Restore all Outlook data – HowTo-Outlook

Email Backup Software to download emails from online web services and other online email and webmail services. account including cloud backup of all webmail services online to local pc or computer. Email Backup Wizard Advanced options for selective backup on the basis of filters like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject etc. G Suite/Google Mail backup tool allows to import Gmail emails to Outlook, Thunderbird, Rediffmail, Office , Screenshots – ZOOK Gmail Backup Wizard . http e ed co cc dugi e2 80 99s 1 80 alliance horde leveling gold pvp strategies guide http e ed co up-your-pc/ backup/.

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