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Watch our video and learn why millions of users worldwide love Connectify Hotspot! Unlimited updates! You will always have the newest and most feature-rich wifi hotspot and virtual router software for Microsoft Windows devices. This easy-to-use virtual router lets you share Internet from your laptop with your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-reader, other laptops, and even your nearby friends.
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You can share your internet conveniently with your devices thereafter. Free Download: So, leverage the virtual WiFi technology used by the Windows servers and streamlines the internet sharing process safely and quickly with other WiFi-enabled devices.

Among its other features, it comes with WPA2 encryption that allows you set a password for security and you can also change the WiFi name when needed. The user-friendly interface allows you to access the WiFi router without a headache. So, not just as a home network, you can also use Virtual WiFi Router — My Router at schools, office, inside the car or wherever your laptop or PC is available.

It is a free internet application designed for Mac, Windows and Android that manages your internet network in a way so that other gadgets can also connect to your internet. It also allows you to share your mobile internet among all other gadgets. It does not require any root access, however, uses Bluetooth and WiFi direct. In order to use it you need to install Open Garden on your connected devices as well such as, on a tablet or smartphone.

The best part is that it can also extend the existing networks range by connecting to several devices at a time. Furthermore, you can share videos or even close the WiFi router automatically by setting the Timer. Moreover, the Software Conflict Detection is automatically turned on by My WiFi Router which we can deactivate or select the option that helps it shut down automatically under the settings.

This free software turns your windows PC into a virtual WiFi router in a matter of minutes. Virtual Router — WiFi Hotspot offers an extremely user-friendly interface along with the facility for the router to work even without the internet network sharing.

Ensure that you uninstall any previous version before you install the new version. Using a wired network, mobile phone internet connection or WiFi in unison with a wireless stick or a card it creates a wireless network for you to access the shared internet connection on connected devices like iPhone, Android, Pad and more.

The application takes up minimal space, is very easy to install and comes with no advertisements. In order to set up the Virtual Router Manager, you need to have the basic equipment ready that includes a wireless stick or a card. For additional protection, you can set up a password for your networks with WPA2 encryption. Since it is a portable application, it does not even need to be installed. Also considering that the Virtual Router comes with default settings you only need to create a network name and password for the WiFi hotspot set up.

It allows you to share your broadband connection securely whether through a mobile phone, Cable, DSL or a Dial-Up connection. The application comes in multiple languages, with network card support, advanced features and a good Email and Forum support.

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I will then use Connectify software router for sharing Internet connection with other computers or mobile devices. This is the way to do it on that computer with Internet connection: First you need to select Internet to Share to share the wired or wireless network. In this case I shared the connected WiFi network link-network. Next you need to select Routed Network Access mode.

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Promo2day Contest Connectify Hotspot MAX Cool Offline Technical Administrator * Administrators. Posts: Threads: However, whereas the Lite version is free, you incur charges for purchasing the MAX and Pro versions. Once you have downloaded Connectify. Connectify Torrent Key PRO in addition to Crack included is your wifi switch for your PC. It furnishes the best security alongside execution.

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