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All Rights Reserved. As Printed in December , Volume 39, No. In the world of software, one thing that you can be assured of is that when a new software release comes out, there will be a lot of fanfare that goes along with that release. If you think about the celebrations that Microsoft has thrown over the years when a new OS is released, you know what I mean. In fact, you might not even know the service pack exists unless your software notifies you.
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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

All Rights Reserved. As Printed in December , Volume 39, No. In the world of software, one thing that you can be assured of is that when a new software release comes out, there will be a lot of fanfare that goes along with that release.

If you think about the celebrations that Microsoft has thrown over the years when a new OS is released, you know what I mean. In fact, you might not even know the service pack exists unless your software notifies you.

At the time of this writing, CorelDRAW had released four service packs since the initial release of version X6 in For most of us, once we have upgraded, we never take the time to see exactly what was updated in the software. I must admit, I can be guilty of clicking on the update button with little regard for what is being installed on my system.

Sometimes I upgrade CorelDRAW or other software updates and never really look at what has been changed or fixed within the service pack. I just assume it is better. So why am I breaking with tradition and reviewing what has been updated?

Well, there are some new features that have been released with the service packs but there is also one very important change that was released with service pack 1 X6. This change that Corel has introduced and the way you install the program could cost you some extra money if you upgrade to this service pack or future versions of the software.

This may seem a bit trivial at first, but I believe this is a significant change, especially for shops that typically have more than one computer that has CorelDRAW loaded on it. When you purchase a software program, you are generally given a license to use that software. Typically, this license gives you the ability to install the software on one, two or three computers, depending on the terms of the license.

Figure 2: If you are like me, the first thing that you do when you purchase a new version of CorelDRAW is you load it on all of your computers.

I have a laptop and two demo computers that I install the software on. I have never really worried about how many computers I load the program on because the number of computers you can install the license on has never been an issue. If you look at most other programs on the market, once you install the program on one computer successive installs are often restricted because of online activation of the program.

This makes it very difficult to install a program on a number of computers without having to buy extra licenses. As of version X6. Once you have registered with Corel and created an account, that version of CorelDRAW is tied to the e-mail address you signed up with.

For example, if I have the program running on one computer and then I decide to run the same licensed version of CorelDRAW from another computer, I am now forced to log out of the software on the first computer before I can start CorelDRAW on the other computer. If you are a shop that relies on one version of CorelDRAW and it is installed on multiple computers, you may be in for a surprise and added expense if you update to a service pack 6.

For example, if you usually have four people working at the same time on their own computers, then each version on each computer will require its own license. So, when upgrade time comes you could be in for a significantly higher cost. Here is the response from Corel to my question in regards to the customer who has four different computers that are being used by four separate people: It can be installed up to three times for the convenience of being able to use it on a laptop vs. The license can only be open and running on one machine at a time.

More information is available in our EULA www. In the scenario you described, the company would need to buy four full licenses of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, or if they have one license of X6 or X5, they could purchase one upgrade and three full licenses. That being said, we also offer volume licensing prices for anyone buying two or more copies of CorelDRAW. If you are already a member, you can sign into your account on this screen. Now I know this is a big change for Corel.

Traditionally, they have been opposed to policing how many times you installed the program on x number of computers. They seemed to be more concerned with the number of users than how many paid licenses they had. I can remember that for years you could buy the upgrade version and install it as a full version without ever needing to show a previous version as your proof of ownership.

Well I guess Corel, like everyone else, is trying to clamp down and control who is using the program. Because of this, I am sure there are a number of users out there who will now probably take a closer look at whether or not they will upgrade.

I am not going to get into this in detail. There are enough discussions on the web that relate to this topic to keep you going and to breed fire and brimstone in a few of you.

I can tell you that people just hate it when a company or government even comes close to taking away or even treading close to their rights. Do you use iTunes? If so, have you ever noticed that every time you do an update you have to agree again to a new TOS?

Very maddening. What does this mean to you and me? Well, as I mentioned earlier, it could cost you more money to buy additional licenses. It is this membership program that Corel is using to entice everyone to sign up. As of version 6. The standard membership is free. You now will be monitored in the sense that each version of CorelDRAW that is running will be checking in with a server at Corel. You will only be able to have the program installed on three computers with only one computer being active at one time.

In other words, it is not OK to buy one box, install it on three computers and have three co-workers use CorelDRAW simultaneously you need three licenses in that case. This should be clear and is quite standard in terms of software. When you are logged into one of the standard accounts then Corel can verify this. To receive software updates, you will need to be logged into either the standard or premium membership account.

Both accounts are cloud-based and each has different levels of service and content. For future installs and if you have updated with service packs, you now fall under the new terms of service and you need to get registered.

Everything you do from now on is controlled by your new membership. This membership is created and locked to the e-mail account you use. So when you do register, make sure you use an e-mail address that you intend to keep and that you regularly receive e-mails with.

Do not select a fake one or one you never use. Figure 4: This green icon indicates that you are now logged in. How the New Process Works When you install the update or service pack, you are prompted to log in or create an account. Figure 1 shows the log in screen that you are presented with when you install CorelDRAW or a new update. For this reason, you really do need to create an account. When you create an account, you are asked to choose one of the two memberships: As a default, you are assigned a standard subscription.

This allows you to access some online products along with some fonts. You will be informed of any updates that are available to be downloaded and those downloads will be applied if you choose. As mentioned, you must have an account to get any updates now with version X6, which is different from earlier versions of CorelDRAW. In older versions, updating CorelDRAW with a service pack involved going to the Corel website and downloading the service pack.

In more recent versions, the update could be done automatically via the Update command in the Help menu in the software. With Version 6. Until you sign in, you cannot install any updates to the software.

If you have an account, you can sign in at this point using the e-mail address and password that you created the account with. If you do not have an account, then you will need to create one. If you are using X6 and upgraded to X6. Figure 4 shows a red arrow pointing to this icon. If you are not logged in, the icon will be red.

If you click on the black arrow beside the icon, it will display your membership type. Figure 5 shows I have a standard membership and Figure 6 shows that I have a premium membership. As I mentioned, the standard membership is free and if you choose to not pay, this will be the group you are kept in.

Figure 7 shows how Corel advertises the two memberships. Here are the highlights: Figure 5: Clicking on the black arrow next to the icon reveals my membership status. Here I have a standard membership. Figure 6: This screen indicates that I have a premium membership. We offer our premium members early access to new features, exclusive content and upgrades to the next major version of CorelDRAW.

In the past year, we have added over 20 new features that only premium members have access to. These new features include: For more information about the subscription memberships visit this link: Or you can just buy the latest version of the software and keep the standard account. You will miss out on the so-called extra online content which, hopefully, will evolve and provide more reasons to choose the premium service.

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