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This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. DJ Sniffles 3: Get it? Cooklyn Clan.
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This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. DJ Sniffles 3: Get it? Cooklyn Clan. Bezzle 5: I dout they have alot of cases where peole spend the whole sales period shopping then pay on the last day.

It dosent sound crooked or schemelike at all to me since they showed u the new prices and u didn’t purchase the new tracks Lol Dj-Bedtime 5: Might as well play the same song. It’s all about Klutch Beat Boutique–lol. Audio1 5: From My understanding, It was done at 12am when it hit Tuesday. My best advice is too grab what you need and purchase ASAP. There is some decent producers on these sites. Support the ones that actually put in quality work, Fuck the rest. Dj-Bedtime 5: At this point, Ive pretty much deleted everything with FMS on it.

All good. Big ups the producers bringing some originality to the game. DJ Unique 6: How much per download? Audio1 6: Obviously the more popular a remixer, The more the profit. I wont speak on numbers tho, publicly. It doesnt really matter tho. The day I post my new shit on Cracks, Its on some free mashup trading site the next. LOL Audio1 6: It depends on the producer and what type of deal they got for themselves. Without giving specifics on yourself, what do you think unknown producers would make per download?

Bezzle 6: I would aim that number a bit lower Most Definitely!! You dont put your tracks up on CC or yourremix etc to get richit’s mostly to give your talents some exposure or if you’re not interested in that Tough business this remix game.

DJ Jonasty 8: Played out if you ask me. I haven’t found a good song on either of those sites for over a year. LOL Audio1 Knapp 2: Tracks are always on point and hot!

Too bad Victor Menegaux doesn’t release his tracks there anymore, props to StrictlyHits. The actual artists their remixing done a hell of alot more work than they did into the product yet they charge more than the actual original, seems abit silly Caramac 9: SiRocket Dj-Bedtime 6: Either way Thanks playa. Audio1 7: You get all my stuff, whatchu talking about? And yeah Audio Too bad Victor Menegaux doesn’t release his tracks there anymore Victor Menegaux releases all his stuff thru Strictly Hits now.

Audio1 Thanks for dissing our site homie. Knapp 3: SiRocket 4: New site coming very soon. People are going to judge any site after they see how sick your myspace is homie!

BattleFunk 8: FTheHaters1 1: If you buy from them that much then you would be current with their new releases and wouldn’t have to do so much browsing. As far as Crooklyn Clan “ripping” you off, they don’t send you the link until payment is received and your links are then available for download.

Even if your download did no go through their customer support will reset the link so you may re-download the track. I highly doubt you were ripped off but I do consider you being too ignorant to follow up with Crooklyn Clan a more reasonable factor.

Now I have been following these forums for awhile under “Guest” for awhile and I am tired of everyone bashing the remix websites and its sad to say that everyone else seems to jump on the band wagon just to “fit in” on the forums. No doubt about it some remixers put out more quality mixes than others.

Some of which are original productions and very original and creative. While others lack insipration and create “segway” packs that are off key and offbeat. Blend packs and party breaks used to be a hit. Then came the electro remixes and now dutch seems to be where the money is. Keep in mind the remixers are putting out tracks based on what the public keeps buying. As far as samples, Lil Jon, Fatman Scoop and Pitbull are most commonly used because Mixaloop provides packets so its a lot simpler but as of recently I’ve seen more “on topic” hype being used for all the “party starters”.

And as far as money goes the prices are rising and you can thank the artists themselves for that. Even notice how some well produced and original tracks sell for 4 or 5 dollars while others that didn’t take much effort might be 2 or 3 dollars? I’ve heard a few different variations on how getting paid for tracks work so since I am not certain I won’t speak on that.

Now as far as playing these remixes for the general public, mash-ups and remixes stand out. While many newer DJs usually overkill them due to not knowing any better they can really elevate your sets. I feel as though they really shine for opening sets since you are usually expected to play older music mixed with brand new music that hasn’t reached the radio yet. I would rather hear a mash-up or blend of a song that I’ve heard thousands of times where the original would be boring to me.

As for the main set not many blends or remixes are needed since most people just want to hear the same exact song thats on the radio. However if you have a weekend residency they do help keep your sets fresh and updated. Nothing gets a crowd more than a DJ who is predictable. True mash-ups work great as well. The popularity of hip-hop acapellas over house instrumentals are getting more popular and keep everyone happy when your club is “getting dark in here”.

As for other specialized gigs where you can have rock nights the classic hip-hop acapellas over rock instrumentals can help bring a diverse crowd together. All in all, we all have these tracks, most of us buy them whether or not you are willing to admit it, and they elevate your sets if you know how to use them properly.

Crooklyn Clan is a business trying to make money just like any other business. Based on what sells now is what remixers are going to produce more later. Stop hating!! BattleFunk 9: Crooklyn Clan and the other “Remix” services is a business selling illegal, unofficial mixes of popular artists work. They have set up websites to sell bootleg music that they receive from mostly talentless kids who are trying to be the next Guetta, Tiesto or AM You obviously work for or have your “work” on CC or you wouldnt have gone to the trouble of crying your fucking eyes out on a public forum.

Jsavino You must have made a mistake there due to your eyes teaming and your toy being too far away to reach. Acutually this has happened to me before and the customer service SUCKED, i purchased a video scratch sample, sent in the payment and the link showed up, i clicked the like and it said the file didnt exist, i wrote the customer service, explained the situation and they replied that they reset the link, i clicked the link again and got the same error message, i wrote the customer service and explained it again and they just replied they had already reset the link.

I wrote them back explaining that they can reset the link as much as they wanted but it appears there is no file at the end of the link to recieve and all they did was reply that they reset the link and to try again.

The money isnt the issue its just the principle of horrible customer service. No mistake. Im sick of the losers who jump on the bandwagon. I doubt that all these Mp3 pools have the proper licensing to make profit from the tracks that are put out. And some of these Mp3 pools are selling “illegal, unofficial remixes” too.

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