Manually Reset or Clear Dirty Bit in Windows without using CHKDSK

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However, with the advancement in computer technology, dedicated recovery applications started to flourish, with tools like DMDE being a suitable candidate when it comes to putting drives under the scope, read data thoroughly and attempt to recover lost files. When you first run the application you might notice it’s not your ordinary two-click recovery solution. The application comes packed with an abundance of tools that give you the possibility to analyze binary data for both FAT and NTFS file systems.
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After testing it seems none of the hex editors will edit the system volume C: There is a solution to this problem which we mention at the bottom of the article. On running the DMDE. Partition size and label for the current selection will be underneath. On the Partitions screen click the volume on the logical drive, then Open Volume.

Click Open on the next window. In the edit window click the expand icon on the bottom right window to expand the MFT view. In the Hex box enter the following string and click OK: For a fixed drive look for the following hex string: Everyone will have different offset addresses for this string which is to be expected. Change the 01 to If this value is already 00 then the dirty bit is not currently set. The offset location of the dirty bit is different on every NTFS volume. If you try to locate the dirty bit using a search for 03 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 18 from the start of the drive, you will likely find another match within the first 20 or 30 sectors.

Changing this value will NOT clear the dirty bit. On the Partitions screen change nothing and select Close. The dirty bit for FAT32 is located at offset 41 5 down, 2 across and if set this will be However, there is a way around this problem which is not to boot from the C drive because doing that will break the lock and allow you to edit it with a hex editor.

This will load the HxD editor. Make sure to untick the Read Only box before pressing OK and accepting the warning. Now simply search for the strings depending on the file system you want to edit from above.

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The application allows you to recover lost or deleted files, mount corrupted drives, and more. Data Rescue gives you peace of mind from any hard-drive disaster you may come accross. The application is trusted by law. The award-winning Data Recovery Software, Data Rescue 5, can easily recover missing or accidentally deleted files from any computer running Mac or Windows. English is the standard interface language in Data Rescue PC.

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