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PowerDVD 17 Ultra offers lots of viewing benefits that can help you get more out of your media collection. In addition to its disc-related abilities, PowerDVD can play cloud-based content and work as a home theater server. It’s a bit application, but the software also runs on bit PCs.
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CyberLink PowerDVD 16

PowerDVD 17 Ultra offers lots of viewing benefits that can help you get more out of your media collection. In addition to its disc-related abilities, PowerDVD can play cloud-based content and work as a home theater server. It’s a bit application, but the software also runs on bit PCs. There are three levels available for purchase.

A full-featured, free day trial version is available for those who don’t want to commit before trying. Note that the basic free version of PowerDVD bundled with new PCs lacks most advanced features mentioned in this review. View All 10 Photos in Gallery Once you’ve entered the license key, you’ll want to set up your media library and sign up for a cloud storage account. A link from the setup wizard takes you to the cloud storage webpage, where you simply create or sign into an online account.

The PowerDVD installer also places a tray icon in the notification area of the taskbar, which pops up to import media when you insert a USB drive.

PowerDVD’s starting splash screen offers just two big option buttons: You can set it to always go to one or the other if you prefer, and you can switch to the one you’re not using at any time.

In addition to being a player of disc-based video, PowerDVD handles all your media, including locally and remotely stored music, photos, and videos. And those are all accessible from a left panel in the PC interface. There are sections for added media, CyberLink Cloud-stored media, local folders, playlists, online video from YouTube and Vimeo , and devices including DLNA-connected devices and attached storage.

You can customize the menus so that only options you use frequently are displayed, and you can use wallpapers to gussy them up. As you’d expect, the TV layout features much larger buttons, and they’re in a horizontal menu instead of the PC version’s vertical layout.

This view made playing a Blu-ray much easier than PC Mode in testing. When using TV Mode, you can’t use the mouse for playback controls—only the keyboard, an on-screen remote, or the Cyberlink’s remote mobile app. The mere existence of mobile apps, by the way, is a big differentiator between PowerDVD and the Corel and Microsoft software, which lack remote control or viewing apps.

More on PowerDVD’s mobile apps in a bit. It can take a double circular image and convert that to an equirectangular view that you can navigate with the mouse cursor.

The VR headset support is cool, and I saw an impressive demo of the software using and Oculus Rift, in which you can take part in both animated and live productions. Believe me, being in a movie can be a lot more fun than merely watching one.

The software provides a menu and instructions in the VR view for how to use it, and I was able to view digital still photos and both 2D and 3D videos through it. Everything worked as advertised on a Razer Blade laptop, and I was able to look around my sample degree video world. Needless to say, the content’s visual quality is stunning, as I saw in a live demo provided by CyberLInk.

This can really heighten the watching experience and give more intensity and clarity in both the video and audio of a movie. The result can occasionally be a bit oversaturated and too contrast-y, but at its best it can really bring washed-out footage to life. WinDVD offers lighting and color correction, but not an automatic picture improver like TrueTheater’s.

It doesn’t fix large camera movements, but it works well for jittery shaking. Another TrueTheater enhancement is Motion, which up-samples video to make motion smoother. TrueTheater also corrects color, lighting, and sharpness, and you can even adjust the strength of these effects with slider controls.

You get to these simply by tapping the eye icon below the video. You can even use a split-screen view to compare the effects with the unadjusted image.

It looks even better than previous TrueTheater color and lighting enhancements, since it actually provides a larger color space. One surprising capability, though, is that it can stream your video to Apple TVs. Apple iTunes can, too, and even with big Hollywood movies you buy from Apple’s content store.

You have to download your movies and shows through some other means and then can organize and play them back in PowerDVD. It does let you watch trailers, rate titles, and interact with the MoovieLive online fan community. It can view raw camera files, play slideshows from a folder of images, and upload disk-based digital photos to Facebook and Flickr.

Unfortunately, it can’t apply its TrueTheater image enhancements to still photos. If you’re a CyberLink Live subscriber, that amount continues as long as you subscribe. You can upload photos and video from the program, as well as from the mobile apps and then play the media from any device.

You can enjoy content and create folders, but not upload files, from the web interface. They also tie in with the CyberLink Cloud. Setting up the remote app is a simple matter of making sure the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer running PowerDVD and then entering a code from the application’s Devices page.

The app shows an overlay of its functions, which are pretty clear even without this mini-tutorial. It’s a well-designed app that includes keyboard and mouse functions, volume adjustments, and skip controls.

The remote app would be easier to use if you didn’t need three modes—Navigation, Playback, and Mouse. The same problem of the PC mouse being unable to click on-screen buttons exists for the app. You can however, click on the PowerDVD play controls at the bottom of the screen. The Media Play app sports a woodgrain, bookshelf-like home page with choices for Music, Video, and Photo. The video doesn’t play until it’s completely downloaded, however. Video stored on OneDrive can stream to the service’s mobile apps before full download.

Pricing and Startup

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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra: Store, sync and share your media Version 16 brings a brand-new TV Mode, a revamped interface. Buy CyberLink PowerDVD 16 Ultra [Download]: Read Software Reviews – Download old versions of CyberLink PowerDVD. CyberLink PowerDVD 14 Ultra, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10,

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