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That led to a six percent increase in our DAUs. It was six lines of code. I think it took about twenty minutes. And then our V2 for the dot brought an additional 1. There are a lot of lessons packed into that anecdote:
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The Tenets of A/B Testing from Duolingo’s Master Growth Hacker

That led to a six percent increase in our DAUs. It was six lines of code. I think it took about twenty minutes. And then our V2 for the dot brought an additional 1. There are a lot of lessons packed into that anecdote: Optimizing a product is always a mix of the grand and the granular. A master growth marketer, she knows the most important lesson of all: So test it all, internalize every number, and use those results to inform what you do next.

Several years ago, Duolingo began tackling perhaps the most existential question for an app startup: So we started thinking about what we could do to improve that. While it seems like you should ask users to sign up immediately, when you have the greatest number of interested users and their attention, perhaps letting people sample your product first is the most powerful pitch.

The first test had made a significant impact, and now it was time to refine it. They asked themselves: When should they ask users to sign up? In the middle of a lesson? At the end? And how should they do it? They looked at the design of the page itself, too. What else can we do? That number was extremely significant. Test early users to determine if signing up before using your product or after is better. If the latter, form a hypothesis on the following: Estimate that point in your sign-up funnel and try a soft wall right after it.

Gotthilf recommends doing it as early as possible because, at every step, you have the potential to lose users. Then another soft wall after a few instances of engagement. Then try a hard wall and analyze the leaks at each wall.

Move walls forward or back accordingly. Think of soft walls as lining up dominoes. Order them correctly and one push creates momentum toward a sign-up.

Duolingo, like many other apps, wants to encourage users to develop a regular behavior — in this case, completing a language lesson every day. Because getting people to come back is really hard. And a metric that Gotthilf and her team continues to focus on. Streaks reward — and gamify — persistence. The introduction of the Duolingo streak marked a major turning point in how users interacted with the app — and how Gotthilf and her team could respond.

For starters, a streak requires an established goal, so the team added goal-setting to the account setup process. Reach your goal today. You can come from a place of helping the user maintain her own goal. Timing can make or break any notification. So we assume that it might be a good time for you to use the app the next day too. We want to help our users create a habit. We want to make it like brushing your teeth. We tried using Duo, our owl mascot, and making it cute and personalized.

We tried a quiz right in the notification, and you have to answer it. It took some time to work through various approaches, optimizing the copy with each new test, but it was time well spent. It turns out, though, that streaks can be a double-edged sword. Users grew so invested that losing a streak was demoralizing — and led some people to quit entirely.

But in that unplanned outcome, Gotthilf and her team just saw more room for experimentation. Duolingo had developed a currency of sorts — earned by successfully completing lessons — so they played around with new ways to use it. It helps their learning, because in one situation they’re giving up and the other one they’re not.

In this case, Duolingo ran a test to see if retention and monetization were at odds. When possible, have your users set goals, such as a frequency for writing, sleep or keeping in touch with friends, from the start.

In other words, help them define their own expectations of usage from the onset. This helps open the door to smarter notifications. Lastly, you may find yourself following a string of tests as one concept gives rise to another then another. Follow it — those spinoff tests can often amplify each gain dramatically. Their hunch? Users would complete more lessons, more often, if they were rewarded for meaningful accomplishments.

That hunch was right, in a big way. I want to compete with my friends. So they add friends to their profile, which is something they weren’t doing before.

Badges were an all-around triumph. Here were the key lessons: Signing up is rarely an achievement that instills pride. Getting one badge doesn’t matter; what matters is having several badges. What people want is to see their collection of badges. The simplest way to implement an idea effectively may not be the simplest way to implement that idea. The next time around, the team developed a much more robust experience. We thought about the most rewarding parts of Duolingo, the areas where users could feel the most positive.

As is often the case with weighty, creative experiments, that meant pumping the breaks. Scope expands as people get excited. Some people wanted to build a second, third, fourth tier of badges. We need to scale back. This has been a recent development — and an important one.

Conversations commonly include: That we could probably do without. Successful testing demands balance: The two functions serve as counterbalances, helping sustain the right levels of enthusiasm and execution. There are footholds for the next experiment littered throughout. Sometimes inspiration comes from external sources.

Several members of the team had been reading behavioral psychology studies that suggested it was more powerful to encourage people based on their ability to improve their skills rather than their natural intelligence. The team decided to pursue this idea — that agency over a difficult task is motivating — by creating an encouraging in-app coach. I just started learning Japanese. You feel like you’re failing. And you’re prone to giving up. Both copies beat out the control, but the growth-mindset copy won overall.

So we went with messages like: Still, the results speak for themselves: They saw a 7. It’s crazy surprising.

I’ll keep those results. Sometimes, you have to put your personal tastes — and especially your assumptions — aside. In this case, the in-app coach did surprisingly well, moving the needle almost as much as the long-desired badges project. Over the course of her career, Gotthilf has arrived at a few cherished principles that consistently serve her well—whether the test requires six lines of code or six weeks of all-hands-on-deck hustle.

Rake in and rank continuously. Any idea for a test — from anywhere in the company — is added to a master list in JIRA. With two key questions, you can make an informed guess about the return of any test you consider: How many people will be affected by this change? Otherwise put, where is this change in your funnel? In the case of Duolingo, for example, a change to the sign-up page — which most users see — touches more people than a change to a page buried deep in a language lesson.

The Tenets of Testing

Well after trying other methods I found out that is very easy to repair a lost streak. No more pressure! Better still, this method even works to repair your very old lost streaks. First and foremost, as I had said earlier: I love Duolingo and I love learning a new language.

VIDEO: The Tenets of A/B Testing from Duolingo’s Master Growth Hacker | First Round Review

I’m such a rebel, I just finished up my daily duolingo 6 minutes before midnight. saving that achievement for when you actually earn it, don’t use this hack. Duolingo is a platform that includes a language-learning website and app, as well as a digital Severin Hacker (born in Zug, Switzerland), co-founder of Duolingo, and Von Ahn believe that “free education will really change the world” and. Duolingo VP Gina Gotthilf has overseen the company’s growth as it exploded from 3 million to million users. One tool that’s fueled this ascent? A/B Testing.

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