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DxO Optics Pro 11 review ViewPoint is designed to correct the converging verticals and other exaggerated perspective effects you get with wideangle lenses — DxO Optics Pro only corrects lens aberrations like distortion, chromatic aberration, corner shading vignetting and edge softness. Lightroom has its own perspective correction tools, as does Photoshop. Some of the new features in version 3 might help. It fixes that, which is a pretty useful thing to be able to do with group shots, for example, or off-centre composition. It sounds a complex job, but ViewPoint 3 makes perspective corrections pretty easy.
dxo viewpoint 2 review

What can DxO ViewPoint 2 do for you?

Press Release Distortion correction has been making the rounds this year, with new tools in Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop and Lightroom. Nothing against ACR’s four buttons from Auto to Manual and Reanalyze but ViewPoint lets you point out what you want to straighten before doing the heavy lifting.

That feels more direct. ViewPoint’s approach also seems to deliver better results on more complex images that take a little human judgement to improve.

In fact, it’s the only tool that corrects volume distortions of either spherical or cylindrical oriented. But sometimes doing more means doing less. As we review the new features in ViewPoint 2, you’ll see what we mean. ViewPoint 2. A familiar interface with a few new wrinkles. In fact, when we opened our first image in ViewPoint 2, it warned us that an optics module should be downloaded to process the image.

So we did. Quickly, painlessly. And ViewPoint 2 made the correction instantly. Automatic left after we downloaded the appropriate Optic module and Manual mode options.

And you can rachet the correction back with the Intensity slider. That can make a severe wide angle look more like a normal wide angle, where the distortions are not quite so disturbing.

The revised right-hand menu. The small left-pointing arrow is Reset. Scroll to see everything. Back to Contents Perspective correction, which can be complex, now has an eight-point tool joining the 4-point correction tool and parallel lines tool. So now you can adjust perspective it two different planes at the same time. With the new Natural Setting, we get to the “less” part of ViewPoint, which automatically sets the Intensity of the correction to just 75 percent for a more realistic look.

As with the Distortion Intensity slider, this is particularly helpful with very wide angle lens shots, bringing them into the believable, digestible world of normal wide angle lens shots. Back to Contents When you apply a spherical correction, you can now elect to retain rather than crop the empty spaces in corners.

With Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill, those empty spaces can be rendered with credible content, avoiding the tighter crop that would otherwise be required. Often that tighter crop cuts off some important detail in the main subject or comes too close for comfort. Now you have the option of retaining the original dimensions to retouch later.

DxO’s superb raw processing tool now has local adjustments and an image search feature

This comes at a price though, since objects towards the edges can appear distorted, and you need to pay a lot more attention to composition to get shots that work. ViewPoint 2. The software works as a standalone package or as a plugin for common imaging programs. During installation, the installer will look around to see what software you have on your system that it can work with. One can be downloaded if it is available. When you tilt a lens upwards verticals converge, so buildings look as if they are leaning back for example. One thing about wide lenses is that such effects become much more noticeable with smaller movements of the camera Take this rather slapdash shot of the front of Lincoln Cathedral — none of the verticals are true.

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DxO ViewPoint – Spectacular perspective and volume correction. Download crisderaud Member Icon Review + crisderaud Mar 06, 1 2 3 4 5. +1. Review of DxO ViewPoint. DxO ViewPoint Straightens Everything Out The two options correct a horizontal stretch and a diagonal stretch. Keystoning offers . ViewPoint 3 was just announced by DxO, and brings a major update to Fuji Announces 2 New Lenses – The XF mm Telephoto and.

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