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Comments on Text Edit Plus 4. Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. I would not say that Text Edit Plus is superior to all other editors, but I do applaud the developer for creating some very useful tools builtin. I have not limited myself to using the PluginsManager either, and I have come across some excellent Plugins that way, but not what I have been looking for.
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Comments on Text Edit Plus 4. Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. I would not say that Text Edit Plus is superior to all other editors, but I do applaud the developer for creating some very useful tools builtin. I have not limited myself to using the PluginsManager either, and I have come across some excellent Plugins that way, but not what I have been looking for.

I’m not looking for alternative ways of doing the same things like with Regular Expressions; I’m looking for the same as EditPlus has. Based on your expertise, where are these plugins hidden?

From what you say they must exist, but I must not be as smart as you are. Can you help us dummies out? Seems always to revert to white when re-opened. Am using this program now and believe it is otherwise quite excellent, many different features, such as reordering the sequences, deleted blank spaces, much more. Really like it. Don’t understand the complaints given, but everyone I suppose has their likes and dislikes.

Does anyone know how to save the background if you change its color? Nice features. Thanks for the great work to the developers. Lots of cool text manipulation functionality, that I usually need to go to Excel or code myself to be able to do. I use different editors for different purposes. I got HippoEdit from here and find it a great editor for programs and scripting but horrible for certain things like notes. I use EditPad Lite for that. BTW, to the person who thought HippoEdit was the first text editor given away here you are wrong.

Years before they gave away GridinSoft Text Editor which they don’t even offer any more if you look at their site. It was actually a very good editor and I still use it sometimes. With All that said I just gave this a try and it feels like a souped up version of NotePad that comes with windows.

No tabs, no working on multiple documents at once. That to me is enough to probably just remove it. Sorry to the developer I really do like trying new programs. Yours just leaves me wanting it to feel more modern. Simplicity however will be great for many and I hope some users will find and love the freebie.

Thanks for the offer. I am always on the lookout for a good text Editor. I have been using Editpad Lite. This Text Edit Plus 4. Tested it in use. It lacks Spell Check. Some strange stuff is thrown in. Like endcode, decode, keypress simulator, cipher, import picture as text, etc.

Guess the programmer wanted to throw in the kitchen sink. Far below the rank of Editpad Pro. Well at least it is not another giveaway in the genre of video converter, 1click optimise, driver booster, data recovery, etc This companies authorization will never work, I guess because they want you to pay only!!!! Many of the actions work on the entire file rather than on the selected portion. Pity, even at version 4. Several interesting ways to manipulate text, but there are far too many dislikes, such as: And I decoded it; there are some strange letters: Text file encode with gotd: Not at the cursor.

Not just next to each-other. It worked just fine, result is alphabetic. Something strange: I did type a text and encode it. This behavior is needed to improve the product and to fix bugs.

Vovsoft also shares data when required by law or to respond to legal process. If it keeps a log file to send when the internet is connected, delete it. But yes, I think it IS worrying — not only because of what the programme demands to be allowed to gather, but because it seems very few other people may have noticed such — let’s say “cheeky” — demands, which if they HAD, they might at least have had some pause for thought I guess it is a sign of the times But if you are a Facebooker, you surely gave up such worries long ago I understand that sometimes this is offered purely as a helpful suggestion.

But I am annoyed by those who seem to post just to demonstrate that they are wiser and more experienced than the rest of us. Comments are much more useful when they describe weaknesses and strengths of the offered program. I wish commenters would not feel it necessary to post just to offer their “better” FREE option. Sometimes it’s simply an alternative program I wasn’t aware of but could really benefit from, and other times I’m led to a better way of accomplishing tasks I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I’m not sure those who offer reasonable alternatives do so to spite others, but instead, to offer wise and welcomed advice. It’s up to readers not to take it personal. Bart, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found incredibly useful information in those posts.

Programmers need to do their research so their program will surpass any program out there free or otherwise else they are just wasting their time.

This isn’t rocket science. Bart, suggesting a better free alternative is very helpful especially for the developer. The default Windows txt. Its all up to your preference. But i would encourage just to keep it. From the video it looks like a very nice program. It is excellent, wonderful. For anyone interested, I tested and it also works for RTL languages in the same admittedly limited way that notepad does. Flawless Installation Double click it and it never comes back!

The Setup program does not execute. For very many years I’ve used a fine little program called EditPlus and this is very very similar in almost all respects so am glad to have both now available. Program extracted without any bother and Serial Number entered just as explained in the text file included in the ZIP. A fine little GOTD. Excellent text editor which I’ve been pleased to add to my computer. Regret I have to add a little negative to the above – I now find that the program will not apparently deal with HTML type files which I have needed and always found EditPlus very good at – additionally the latter will then also immediately send the listed HTML file to a Browser for viewing.

Thats what i like about it. There are too many better free text editors. Kamil, Not to mention DocPad, my favourite. The first one being the HippoEdit, i quite didn’t like it.

It was more for programmers and scriptors. This one is more for those who keeps notes. Prior to this, i was using Edit Plus 5. I love this one, it remembers the Word Warp option once set.

Very minimalistic. I like it. I don’t miss a chance to download text editors. The setup file didn’t come wrapped but the Register process required it to be online. Why does it have to that way. I would have had it for future years too. I think this is the second text editor in the history of Giveaway’s. The word wrap feature may not be used too much by programmers because of the nature of what you see sometime maybe should be in one continuous line.

There are thousands of software and some are given as Giveaway, why wouldn’t someone be given that privilege to use a software for life.

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I gave this software a test and have no regrets at all in purchasing it at a very reasonable price with a lifetime license. A wide selection of fonts, the ability to change background colors, and being able to use special characters, all laid out in a simple interface makes this a lovely text editor, which is both useful and fun to use Howard Excellent neat, simple, clean, Notepad replacement, with some extras — give it a try. Have found this to be the very best of all similar programs have tried. And, too, if you have questions about anything, the folks at the other end get back to you immediately, such was the experience here. Do recommend this Text Edit Plus to you. Fast, clean, not bloated, plenty features.

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