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Ransomware Shield An additional layer protecting users from ransomware. Our technology monitors and evaluates all executed applications based on their behavior and reputation. It is designed to detect and block processes that resemble behavior of ransomware.
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Version 6. Protocol filtering IP exclusions do not work Fixed: Support for Windows 10 RS4 Added: Switch to enable advanced antispam logging Added: GDPR-related strings added in all localizations Fixed: Web Control rules not applying to the Domain Admins security group Fixed: Exclusion for specific file and detection name does not work Fixed: Logging severity is not saved correctly in firewall rules Fixed: Uninstall through Control Panel fails for password protected installations Fixed: Duplication in appended lists of Web Access and Firewall observed Version 6.

X Fixed: Unable to download updates and LiveGrid problem after successful product activation associated with the error messages “Your license file does not contain a Username or Password” or “ESET LiveGrid is not accessible” Fixed: Corrupted UI is being displayed when on-demand scan is launched from context menu and UI configured to start in minimal mode Fixed: X Added: Security product information included for product upgrade and migration requirements by Microsoft for Windows 10 RS3 Added: Vietnamese language localization Fixed: Camera access protection in Device control is not functional on Windows 10 x64 build Fixed: Initial scan ignores pre-defined exclusions Fixed: Objects within non-standard directories exceeding characters are not scanned Fixed: A quarantined file detected by HTTP filter is restored by double-clicking it without displaying a confirmation message Fixed: Device Control does not activate after restart Fixed: Various internal bugs and localization improvements Version 6.

Problem with not keeping license information, when upgrading from Endpoint 5 Fixed: Problem when override does not switch off, after exceeding override time when system reboot was performed Fixed: Incorrect error displayed when Web access protection is not installed Fixed: Other minor bug fixes and optimizations Version 6.

Specific problem in Protocol filtering Fixed: GUI crashes after applying a policy with an empty list of scheduled tasks Fixed: Incorrect priority when displaying yellow messages on Protection status window Fixed: Specific Unicode characters used in Customer names in licenses prevents product activation Fixed: Splash screen displays even when disabled from the user interface section of Advanced setup Fixed: Performing a custom installation removes all application statuses Fixed: Several identical rules created in the Firewall using Interactive mode Fixed: Scheduler’s task are not triggered automatically Fixed: Product activation issues Fixed: Product installation issues on Windows 8 x64 Fixed: Localization improvements Version 6.

Native bit scanning core for faster, more efficient scans Added: Users can now export scan logs to text format Added: Enhancements of GUI including a new Update pane that lists the current product version. Product initializes full protection including driver installation after activation Changed: Firewall uses the Windows network settings as a default no user prompt after installation Changed: Initial scan, which runs as idle scan, does not scan network drives Improved: Increased protection through Advanced scanning of browser scripts Improved: Various graphical enhancements Improved: Various wording changes in UI to improve user experience Fixed: Initial scan will not start when a laptop is on battery power Fixed: Other bug-fixes and optimizations Version 6.

Support for subscription licenses Added: Ability to exclude threat by threat name and to exclude a particular signature from detection Improved: Update profile can be linked to firewall profile for instance, every network can have its own update profile Improved: More granular configuration for what statuses will be displayed locally Improved: Same scheduled scans runs multiple times Fixed: Issue when exported configuration contained license info and it activated the endpoint with the license included in the configuration Fixed: Support for the visually impaired Added: Wording adjustments for certain tooltips and help pages Fixed: Other minor bug fixes Version 6.

Web threat detection for threats caused by browser vulnerabilities or browser plug-ins Java, Flash, Silverlight Added: Ability to perform one action for additional viruses found after scan Added: Seat name added to Help and support page as custom name for endpoint seat Added: Automatic update of product from removable media Added: Ability to hide license expiration messages and information Added: Driver support for 3G modems and similar connection devices Added: Updated AV Remover to most current version Fixed: Idle-state scanning running when computer is locked even though it is set to run on screensaver only Fixed: Error using the Repair feature if the endpoint product is installed from repository Fixed: Endpoint is not assigned to dynamic group “License expired” when license is expired Fixed: The endpoint product incorrectly detects the system as full-screen when moving tabs in Microsoft Edge and causes Presentation mode to start Fixed: Presentation mode starts when RDP connection is opened in full-screen mode on second monitor Fixed: Option to select second update server in scheduler is grayed out if primary update server is set to default Fixed: Search field for long lists and rules for example, Antispam list, Web control list, etc.

Plugin for Office Fixed: Incorrect parameters displayed in overview when creating scheduled task in Scheduler with weekly repetition on Windows 10 Fixed: Second scan of removable media does not start when started from notification Fixed: Web control switch indicates enabled status after permanently disabling Web access Fixed: Scan logs not present if product is installed in folder with non-Latin characters or folders with diacritics Fixed: Problems with reactivating product using offline license file without username and password Fixed: Activation fails after reactivation with offline license Fixed: Clicking the Default button does not return Device control to default Fixed: Plugin for Microsoft Outlook is not correctly integrated Fixed: Revert to default in Personal firewall does not work as expected Fixed: Shutdown after scan does not work as expected in German version of Endpoint Fixed: Minor text modifications Fixed: Minor user experience fixes Version 6.

Ability to add custom text to Threat found notifications Added: Disable the automatic hiding of Threat found notifications using the Do not close malware notifications automatically setting Added: Export all log entries from the log context menu Added: Labels and tooltips for improved user experience Changed: A link to the ESET License Administrator converter has been added to the activation dialog to ease the migration of users with licenses in older formats Changed: A newly defined password can be viewed only until the dialog is closed or saved.

Afterwards, only a placeholder is displayed Fixed: The disabling of NAP during installation Fixed: Incorrect display of multiple licenses in the activation window when activating using a security admin account that manages multiple licenses Fixed: If Web Access Protection is not installed during a custom installation, Web control is non-functional Fixed: Real-time protection stability, various performance issues, and conflicts with some third-party applications Improved: Internal product security Version 6.

Occasional GUI crashes Fixed: Firewall profiles are not migrated during an upgrade from Endpoint version 5 to Endpoint version 6 Fixed: Some actions are unavailable for a member belonging to Network Configuration Operators group Fixed:

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Version 6. Protocol filtering IP exclusions do not work Fixed: Support for Windows 10 RS4 Added: Switch to enable advanced antispam logging Added: GDPR-related strings added in all localizations Fixed:

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