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What’s new in GoodSync Server Account Normalization: Do not delete SMB accounts with credentials. Convert gstp:
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Changes for v Store them in registry as they change, do not wait for GoodSync exit. Fixed protocol errors on non-Amazon S3 hosts. Version Improve usability. Fixed crashes on stopping service. Fixed crash on Disconnect of long-running transaction. Merge Manage API server into gs-server. Reset trial time for Ver 11 beta. Improved initial setup, especially for GoodSync Connect and Storage. Fixed Show Files flag is not saved.

Fixed Server Pipe Receiver cannot find stored transaction. Changes can get stuck if user changes UserID of the existing server account. Fixed did not work if user still had jobs.

Fixed rare file corruption on recovery when conveyor is running. If we cannot find Unnamed Bookmark in Server Account then just recreate it. Add skipping of maps, they start with ‘ ‘. Old GS versions cannot skip new maps. Sort disks in alphabetic order, their names starts with Disk Letter. Save jobs only if there are real changes in filters.

Site search queries can be paginated too, so parse multi-page responses. Fixed several issues traht affect reconnects via Forwarder. New account: Fixed error ‘The account being accessed does not support http’. Add Disregarded and Temporary attribute to files and fodlers, determined by OS.

Disregard case of folder names, as Windows is not case-sensitive. Fixed File Counters were reset during Sync, not allowing them to decrease. Fixed too slow to refresh, causing GUI delays when many filters are present. Fixed processing of deleted files. Allow user to proceed after warning, in case of Signature error in Installer. Fixed sometimes Gs Runner was not starting when Windows Starts. Discontinue using of Pickup Forwarder, always use Pipe Forwarder. If we detected Deemed Disconnect on Timeout, do not try to reconnect.

Fixed errors in header names that resulted in Bad Signature error. Fixed connection history management, to better try Direct connection when needed.

Direct Server: Fixed Sessions were not cleaned up. Deprecate Basic Auth use only Digest Auth. Improved reconnect latency, make it faster.

Fixed re-asking for results of a long-running transaction. Upload of short files,: Fixed localization of GoodSync Account setup was not working. Drop log lines if GUI did not pick them up, fixes memory leak. Allow portable volumes to have Disk Letters A: No Mediator mode: Do not check for dup users or computers on Mediator.

Allow to keep existing user, after warning. When switching from Forwarder mode to Direct mode, stop Receiver and wait for it. Direct mode: Fixed Sessions that were Disconnected with Error were not released memory leak.

Make sockets of properly closed sessions linger for 10 sec, for client to receive. Pickup Receiver: Web UI: UDP receiver: Fixed could cycle on multiple UDP receive errors. Fixed GsRunner did not come back after Sleep and Wakeup.

Computer page: Check that proposed Computer name does not already exist. Added support for 2-factor authorization. Fixed registration was happening too often, if no UPNP is present. Use dynamic ports, if default port is taken. Use dynamic port, if default port is taken. Change it from Shared Memory to socket-based protocol. Fixed downloads running over 1 hour produce Auth error.

Fixed user profile was incorrect on initial setup, so log cleanup was too broad. If Server has no UDP port, still wait for connection to be picked up. Set Content-Type: Fixed error processing on uploads, so that Refresh Token can happen. Cleanup all logs every hour 60 min , not just in GUI. Remove Batch activation, as it should be done in GoodSync account online. Password Reset: Do Not delete accounts upon confirmation, instead merge them.

Fixed MTP file system was not listable. Fixed potential cycling on elevation, if cannot elevate. Increased upload attach file size from Mb to Mb. Fixed License Change notification comes up every 22 hours, even if nothing is changed.

Fixed checking of Proxy was wrong, when determining if we do Pickup Forwarder. Better algorithm for determining when to try direct connection. Fixed in Browse dialog clicking file system in the list was showing wrong info.

Increased max number of simultaneous connections from 10 to Fixed cannot open file ‘C: Use token cache file msgraph-fs-cache. Added more file types that cannot be resolved by-path. Show progress of ticket upload, as it can be a time-consuming process. Fixed unchecking Register Desktop still caused Desktop shortcuts coming back.

Fixed New User was not detected. Do not allow install, if no drive is selected. Fixed order of OFC changes concerning single item. Fixed paths used for SMB shares in elevation. Service and GUI: If license file has incorrect size then save a copy of it, for reporting. If we encounter empty Activation ID in stored license file, report an error.

Turn it On by default. Fixed wrong paths passed in GetFileCheckSum. Fixed of Device Authorization was lost, then client can cycle on re-Auth. Added Delete Old Devices, that is, devices not seen for N days. Fixed Sharing did not work, if default forwarder was used. Implemented CanShare flag: Grantor user allows Share to be further shared.

GoodSync / Beta

Backing-up or synchronizing your crucial files is as simple as one click, as well as can furthermore be timetabled making use of a selection of programmed choices. Be that as it may, possibly, it seems to make it possible for you to achieve amazing workout routines in bunch setting whilst you supervise different envelopes as well as subwoofer organizers in the meanwhile. This software is the excellent application for synchronizing several versions. This Edition is an innovative device that enables you to regress to something easier as well as synchronize your essential documents. You can at virtually any time select to include documents to your program, remove data files from it. It offers you with a straightforward, safe, as well as dependable way to instantly synchronize as well as contingency plan your files, films, pictures, songs, as well as other documents. GoodSync activation code can effortlessly match all modifications as well as files in the preferred area.

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GoodSync synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, If you don’t feel comfortable with this product, then don’t download it. Download GoodSync for Windows. GoodSync is a shareware Windows based software that synchronizes and performs backups of photos, MP3s and. Therefore, GoodSync’s sync/backup work is more efficient and reliable, of GoodSync (GoodSync2Go) V9, V10 Pro/Enterprise/Server Editions for If some download link is missing, and you do need it, just please send an.

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