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Updated May 15, Considering the success it’s had with Gmail, Google’s history with other forms of messaging applications is a little rockier. But the company has recently revised its strategy, and part of that was the release of its main consumer video messaging application, Google Duo, on the web. What is Google Duo Web? Duo is Google’s video-chat application.
google duo for mac

Google Duo video chat app makes the jump from mobile to the web

It does what it needs to do and just gets out of the way after that. Duo uses your phone number to initiate your calls, but also got linked up to Google accounts early on as well, so I have no issue finding users and getting calls started with ease. Call quality has been really good for me as well, and the cross-platform support has meant that I never have to wonder if a contact can use Duo or not: Also, getting people to install and set up an app sounds easy, but it can be quite a bit to ask, especially for all those iPhone users who have FaceTime built in out of the box.

Since Google let users link up their Google accounts alongside their phone numbers in Duo, there are no additional steps needed to start making calls. Simply head to duo. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. And it feels like magic. Knock-knock the feature where the person you call can see you before they actually answer is along for the ride, but we were having issue actually seeing it on the other end of the call.

Phone calls are also on offer and the whole thing just works. I loved every second of using it today. While you have the window left open it can be minimized , notifications will work as well, but will fail if you close your browser.

Not only is Duo cross-platform already: No longer does the device or OS you are using make a difference. If you want to use Duo, you can use Duo. There are no app stores or OS choices standing in the way. To see a video chat service work this well in a browser, without additional plugins, and without the need of additional extensions or steps for the end user is nothing short of stunning.

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Duo is for video

Pros Easy to set up and use: After you download Google Duo, verify your phone number and approve a few permission requests, and then you’re good to go. Duo’s interface is easy to navigate: Tap the Video call button to ring someone up, and tap to accept a call from a friend. Uses your phone number:

VIDEO: Google Duo Launches – MacStories

Apple’s FaceTime is incredibly simple to use, but only allows you to call fellow iOS or Mac users. Google’s latest app, Duo, attempts to recreate. In the constantly-changing landscape of the iOS and Mac App Store, and other software marketplaces, new apps and updates to existing titles. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Google Duo 4+ Google Duo is the highest-quality video calling app*.

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