Nik Collection by DxO review: Premium photo-editing plugins tested

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Six applications offer you different features that together will make your images look practically professional. Nik Collection has eight independent modes among which you can find many different effects. The first block, Analog Efex Pro, comes with nine filters to give your pictures the look and feel of a classic camera.
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Download the new Nik Collection 2 by DxO

Shares Our Verdict Nik Collection is a powerful suite of plug-ins that work especially well with Photoshop and offer terrific value for money — even if you only use Silver Efex Pro 2. For You can apply effects as layers Good control over plugins A few plugins don’t have preset options Jump To: Then, in early , it announced that Nik Collection would be made available for free download.

Initially, some photographers thought this was good news, but the software had become increasingly buggy and in spring it was confirmed that it would not be developed any further.

Further good news is that DxO itself has navigated a way out of its widely reported financial problems, so the software looks to have a rosier future. Of the seven plug-ins, Silver Efex Pro 2 is probably the best known and most widely used.

The other software packages include: With HDR Efex Pro 2, the treatment can be applied as a Smart Filter and then theoretically re-edited, however, we found this aspect very prone to crashing. The Preset Library offers a starting point, with the controls on the right allowing you to tailor the appearance of the image and create your own presets for future use. By default, when you open an image in Adobe Photoshop after Nik Collection is installed, a box appears with each package listed and ready for use.

Helpfully, you can edit the presets and save your own. Once the option to create a Control Point has been selected, you just need to click on the image in the area you want to adjust. This point needs to be selected carefully, however, as the adjustment will only be applied to areas that match the selection.

If you click on the blue of a sky, for example, only the blues will be adjusted, and any clouds will remain unaffected. The parameters available for control varies depending upon the plug-in in use. With Silver Efex Pro 2, for instance, there are sliding controls to adjust the brightness, contrast, structure, whites, blacks, fine structure and selective colourisation.

Helpfully, the Control Points can be moved, duplicated and edited. In some cases, there are arrows that can be selected to reveal more controls. Most of these are easy-to-use siding controls with boxes to allow numerical changes if you prefer. Crucially, the preview image refreshes quickly to show the impact of any adjustments for easy comparison. Image 1 of 2 Before Icons above the preview screen let you switch between seeing the final image, a before and after version, or the image cut in half with a before and after split Image 2 of 2 After The OK option applies the treatment as a layer but using the Brush method automatically creates a layer mask.

In Lightroom, however, you can only apply the final effect globally. However, the other six plug-ins in this collection have quite a lot to offer. Verdict Ease of use: Value for money: Quality of results: Also read:


This desktop graphics suite was a paid service but has recently been offered as freeware. You can use it, without breaking the bank, to bring out every aspect of your photos easily creating moods, fixing imperfections, enhancing colors and so much more. In no way shape or form would I be considered a photographer but as the testing progressed I found that this is very easy-to-use and understand – some of the pictures I was playing around with actually started to look pretty good so just imagine what a real photographer could accomplish. Any option you choose to use comes with a thumbnail example of the effect rendering for reference taking all the guess work out letting you focus on creating. Nik Collection is adequately packed with 7 desktop plug-ins that provide an unmatched range of photo editing capabilities that include multiple filter applications for improving color correction, image sharpening for bringing out details that may be too subtle, many retouching and creative effects as well as the ability to make on-the-spot color and tonality adjustments to any image. Being that this is now free it is worth giving a try. Create stunning images faster with seven powerful plug-ins:

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When you launch Photoshop, the Nik Filter Panel launches too. . The 5 Best Google Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Filters and How They Can Amplify Your The 5 Best. When Google bought the German software developer Nik, maintenance and development of this amazing set of Photoshop filter plug-ins were. Nik Collection is a powerful suite of plug-ins that work especially well with Photoshop and offer terrific value for money – even if you only use.

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