Audio Assault announces GrindMachine guitar amp effect plugin

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Get Audio Assault’s earth-shattering amp simulator for free Shares Distortion comes in myriad forms, but the ultimate embodiment of high-gain, skull-exploding insanity can only be the towering amp stacks synonymous with rock and metal guitar. There are tons of guitar amp simulations out there, but the sheer number of controls, pedals amps and cabs that many present can make it a tedious chore to hit upon such truly mighty sounds A superior source of rock solid guitar sounds, this all-new CM Plugin easily nails those killer tones in all their towering, monolithic glory, ready to slice straight through your mix.
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FREE PC/Mac guitar amp plugin – GrindMachine CM



The software emulates fifteen different guitar amplifier models, covering a range of classic and modern high-gain guitar tones. The plugin also features a cabinet impulse response loader with fifteen included cabinet IRs and the ability to load third-party impulse responses. See also: The user interface was designed to be compact and easy to use. Audio Assault removed any unnecessary clutter, keeping only the necessary control parameters and the amp model browser on the front panel. Apart from the usual gain, tone, presence, and master volume controls, Grind Machine II also features a noise gate on the input and the Impact parameter which simulates the micro-dynamic movements of real speakers. The user can bypass the built-in IR loader and the preamp section.

VIDEO: Audio Assault Grind Machine Free and Bass Grinder Free

Audio Assault is running a “pay what you want” offer on the Grind Machine II ($ value) metal guitar amp simulator in VST, VST3, AU, AAX. Stream Audio Assault Grindmachine VST – D´Mall (Diezel D-Moll) – Mix by Christian Castro from desktop or your mobile device. Audio Assault – GrindMachine Free. Find your perfect guitar tone with our Guitar Tone Explorer. Thousands of Guitar Amp Plugins tones ready to compare.

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