GSi VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator

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Jan Australia Originally Posted By: ElmerJFudd Or perhaps it’s because software is easily pirated and hardware requires a purchase. It’s in Guido’s best interest to sell hardware. And if the idea is good, the integration excellent and the sound top notch, it’s better for us.
gsi vb3 64 bit

VB3 64 Bit!

Cableaddict , I just ran the newest demo. They improved the “loose, weezing, aged” feel a lot. I dunno about “better than B4,” though. I LOVE that organ. Maybe I just have to weak a bit more. Well, I’m happy. It sits in tracks very nicely too: D MC Cableaddict , Have you given that a try? That’s what I was doing. Massive havoc ensued. Re-installed it, and kaboom all over again.

I dunno. System dependent somehow? EvilDragon I find it’s ‘grittier’ than the B4 which is what I prefer. VB3 doesn’t doesn’t seem to sit in the mix as well as B4, or a real B3. It’s too present, too pointed, though again the newest version is MUCH better in this regard than before.

The B4, and even the Linplug, both do. With the VB3, this leaves 2 octaves on top with no organ. I can’t stand it. This literally makes the VB3 unusable for me. Any idea if there’s a setting for this? EvilDragon , Albeit it will only play folded back octaves, but it will play. Also, you have a nice amount of cabinet options in the Global options – there is NO WAY you cannot fit this sucker in the mix, you just have to play a bit with some options!

I notice that there is a problem with B4 locating it’s tonewheel data, if you move the dll’s or do a custom install. For once, I simply let the installer do what it wanted. I then had to tell the app where it’s data was.

I’m wondering if this will make it run OK? I know that Reaper can be very picky about where plugins are located, when they have connected data elswhere on the drive. Doesn’t work here. I’m running the v 1. VB3 definitely has its own thing going, and I’d like to use it as well.

There’s a certain “airy” magic about the real thing, that only the B4 and the Voce V5 ever really got right. The V5 also has the balls. The Roland hardware unit also comes close, but not as good.

Hey, I’m picky, what can I tell you? Used to actually lug a B3, Leslie , and suitcase rhodes to all my gigs. Oh man This thing is FAT, and it sort of “crushes in” on itself when you really hit it, like a good modified Leslie. A cool thing about using an amp plugin after the organ, is that if you use a midi-controller to raise the volume of the organ VSTi itself, the “swell” pedal control instead of raising the track’s fader, you then have true volume-dependant distortion.

It also responds better to changes in polyphony, vs the distortion in both the B4 and the VB3. It’s the ever-lovin’ tits. Geoff Waddington , The VB3 is the best of the current crop of plugs.

Back to the real thing though I have a RV sitting about 5 feet away from me right now. That and the Hammond XK-3 40 pounds is about as good as it gets IMHO, unless you have an old “oiler” and can afford to replace tubes, matching transformers, keep the buss bars in good shape, etc.

I also hear you on the Rhodes — still haven’t found a good Rhodes plug. You didn’t by any chance run that Hammond refurb shop in the states? Connecticut, I think? I think the name of it was “Goff”??? If so, I think I was a customer! Only played one once. IIRC, it has a phenomenal simulation of the Hammond’s waterfall keyboard. It’s already working for me! I’m running 1. Cableaddict Coolness. For the money, it’s a no-brainer. I’ll pickup the full version tomorrow. Gotta’ get some sleep right now as it’s 8 am I wonder, when it’s used as a plugin with a lot of VSTi’s loaded, how things work with cpu allocation?

Samples are rather bad. And Synth1 sounds better than that anyways. Just get VB3, forget about Key Performer, IMO that one’s not really as good as the rest of his repertoire ; carbon I also hear you on the Rhodes — still haven’t found a good Rhodes plug. The GSi one – Mr.

I’m looking too, undecided – have never touched a real Rhodes, neither a Hammond. If not, then feh EvilDragon LL sounds somewhat plastic to me. Ray mkII is much better in that regard. Particularly considering that some you seem to have lots of experience with the real thing. Can VB3 play with percussion active even when a key is already pressed unlike the real thing? For this price I would just buy this plugin if your answers are positive. The latter two are sampled, but sound very good to me.

Retro Organs, however, are somewhat limited, you get a number of fixed samples like etc. The NI take on this is based on individual drawbars and a mixer in Kontakt that allows you to mix these as you would pulling drawbars. I think Herbie Hancock uses this one: D MC Geoff Waddington , No, but I have done business with them — great bunch of folks! VB3 is extremely CPU optimised. D About percussion, I think that’s not possible. In fact I never tried it. Will fill you in when I get back home.

I find the rest kinda meh. Morphiza is great for odd transistor type organs I installed it in a diferent way, hoping that might solve the problem. Full code output. It served me well for many years. Fricking NI My UF5 keyboard has drawbar mode build in seems a rare feature btw and it works flawlessly and without any setting up of controller parameters. I have not seen another free organ that has this feature. Maybe this is important for you.

If you need dual manual and pedals then you want NubiPlus. They sound exactly the same. The download is floating somewhere on the web, it’s officially freeware now. If you can’t find it I can dig up a download link for you actually still have to do that and add the link to my freeware topic.

D Agreed, I have it also and like it a lot. The new free combo-organ that is being discussed somewhere on the forum and on KVR as well seem pretty nice for those sounds as well ; EvilDragon ,

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B4 I just downloaded the VB3. I’ll give it a try, thanks. You know I bought B4 in or before they offered the vox and other extra tonewheels. It won’t run as a plugin anymore but still runs on my MacBook Pro in stand alone. I have B4II. I agree, way too distorted and the higher notes will knock your eardrums out of your head. I asked NI a long time ago about this and they said they didn’t notice it.

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I am too gonna switch to GSI VB3, waiting for the update. I’m still using B4 II too, waiting for 64bit VB3, but B4 II’s distortion and rotary is kinda. GSI is soon to release VB3 II organ software. Here it Available in 64 bit for Windows and OSX as VST2, VST3, AU (Mac only) and Standalone. Gsi vb3 keygen mac The Mac version of VB3 is 32 bits only. GSi – VB3 Win VSTi VST x86 x64 VB3 is a virtual tonewheel organ which.

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