Avast Cleanup Premium 2019 Review & Download

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Last Updated on December 7, Avast is a well-known and respected company that is revered for developing high quality security software. Though some of you may be biased in one way or another due to a personal user experience, the fact remains that Avast has tested well in independent lab tests and benchmarks. But their suite of software utilities exceeds that of security software. They also provide tools that help you clean up a dirty computer, which helps optimized the operating system and generally cause the system to run faster.
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Avast CleanUp Premium

Designed to clean up the computer without risking data loss, Avast! Clean unnecessary files and tracking cookies The modern-looking interface reveals all three functions of Avast! Cleanup , namely to clean the PC, to optimize it and to schedule new scans. Once the analysis is complete, the cleanup tool displays the amount of junk files, browser cache, add-ons, as well as the download and browsing history. It shows obsolete software and driver packages, shared DLL files and reads the system logs to help you free up as much storage space as possible.

Cleanup also targets the tracking cookies that installed browsers have gathered in time and detect whether you are using a restroom with a poor reputation. Depending on its findings, cleaning might take more or less time. Optimize the system and schedule new scans Avast! Cleanup can also find potentially dangerous apps, erroneous system settings, as well as obsolete registry entries and startup items. System optimization might require a restart, but you shouldn’t worry, as a reboot is needed for the cleanup to be completed.

Thanks to the integrated scheduler, Avast! Cleanup can monitor the PC in real time and detect if any residual files are left behind. Additionally, you can also opt for scheduling a cleanup at a predefined time, a process that will not affect your daily activity. A secure cleaner that requires further improvements After a while, anyone feels the need to have their computers run faster, and Avast! Cleanup Premium is specifically cut out for that.

It can tweak the registry and the system settings to make the PC run smoothly and boot faster. While it promises to clean up the system and optimizes the PC, the application might fail to do so at some point, as it happened during our tests.

New in Avast! Cleanup Premium Updated Personal privacy section in Settings. Fixed bug when service was not correctly started after reinstallation.

Avast! Cleanup Premium 19.1 Build 7611

The following are some of the important things that are in the avast you have to know. Avast Free Antivirus scans for security and performance issues and tells you how to fix things instantly. It protects you in real-time by analyzing unknown files before they get to you. So relax: Great Interface — User- Friendly: A beautifully intuitive interface, advanced application protection, a new passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel — and a little something for you gamers out there. Designed for effortless security:

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Fast downloads of the latest free software! Your PC isn’t getting any younger, but Avast Cleanup uses patented breakthrough technology to. Avast cleanup premium is the full featured application and there are two ways to get the application one is to get Avast Cleanup Premium. Popular Alternatives to Avast Cleanup for Windows, Mac, Android, Android Tablet , Linux and more. Make your PC live longer and run faster. Boost your PC speed, free up disk space by removing bloatware and junk files, and solve small .

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