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Applications can be submitted only after the calendar year is over. Applications can be submitted January 1 — August 15 for hazardous waste generated in the previous year. For example, hazardous waste generators license application can be submitted between January 1, , and August 15,
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Applications can be submitted only after the calendar year is over. Applications can be submitted January 1 — August 15 for hazardous waste generated in the previous year. For example, hazardous waste generators license application can be submitted between January 1, , and August 15, Be sure to follow all instructions for the application. If an application submittal year was missed please email. Step by step instructions for the license application: Hazardous Waste License Application e-Service Instructions w-hw If your site generate more than pounds of reportable hazardous waste during a year, but do not receive a reminder to complete a license application from the MPCA, you are still responsible for submitting a completed application to the MPCA.

If your site generate pounds of reportable hazardous waste or less during a year, or certain types of recycled hazardous wastes which are not subject to annual fees, you will be sent a reminder less often. Complete your license application whenever you receive a reminder notice, even if you believe you are a MiniQG.

How much will my license fees be? Your annual hazardous waste fee is calculated from the amount of hazardous wastes you reported generating the previous calendar year and how those wastes were managed.

If you are a Small Quantity Generator SQG or a Large Quantity Generator LQG , you will also be assessed a volume fee which varies from year to year as well, but has recently ranged between 5 cents and 10 cents per pound.

If you are a MiniQG, you are exempt from annual license fees. How and when do I pay my fee? If you are required to pay a fee, you will be sent an invoice in the spring of the year after you submit your license application.

Be sure to pay by the due date printed on the invoice, or you may be assessed late fees. If you have difficulties using the online payment system or have questions about paying your fee, contact the MPCA fee staff.

How do I get my license? You are responsible for visiting this webpage and printing out your license. Please allow at least two weeks for the MPCA to receive and process your payment before you attempt to access and print your license. Post your license in an area visible to the general public at the licensed site, such as a reception lobby, waiting room, or customer service counter.

If your site has no areas open to the public, you may post your license in a common employee area. If you are unable to download your license from the MPCA’s website, contact the MPCA licensing staff to request that a copy of your license be sent to you. Common hazardous waste licensing questions What if my business is closed? If your site closed during the last calendar year or after, you must still complete and submit your license application to report any hazardous waste generated during that year.

To ensure that you are not held responsible for any hazardous waste generated in the future at that site, be sure to also complete and submit the notification of regulated waste activity using our online e-services. What if my business moved? Hazardous waste identification numbers are address specific. If you moved to a new site during the last calendar year or after, obtain a new HWID for the new site.

You will also need to inactivate your old site. Instructions for doing so can be found in the following document: What if I didn’t generate any hazardous waste at my site during the last calendar year?

First, review hazardous waste fact sheet 1. Evaluate waste w-hw , to confirm that you did not generate any reportable hazardous wastes at your site. Complete and submit the license application using the MPCA’s e-Service to verify that you did not generate any reportable hazardous waste at your site.

You may enter a ‘0’ in the amount column for the applicable waste line on the license application. There is also a checkbox option at the top of the waste entry information that can be selected if no hazardous waste was generated.

What if my generator size increases because of a spill or clean-out? Your hazardous waste generator license does not restrict you to any specific generator size. Report all hazardous waste you generated during the last calendar year, including spill debris and clean-outs, on your license application. Complete the Notification of regulated waste activity online e-services to update generator size.

Remember that if your generator size increases due to an unusual event, you must meet all the requirements for the larger generator size for the months you over generated, even if your facility is eligible for resizing. You can access more information about these requirements by reviewing: What if I recycle my hazardous waste, such as parts washer solvent, instead of disposing of it?

Many recycled hazardous wastes are eligible for exemptions from the full hazardous waste requirements, sometimes including reporting, if you document that your recycled wastes met the eligibility conditions for each specific exemption. For guidance determining exactly how your recycled hazardous waste is regulated and how to report and document it, see hazardous waste fact sheet 2.

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