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No anti-virus software provides percent protection against every virus, trojan, rootkit, worm, spyware, and adware infection. Until Zemana Anti-Malware was released, it wasn’t safe or practical to install more than one malware protection application on a computer. In the past, running multiple security programs resulted in slow-downs, crashes, and less security than running a single protection application. Zemana Anti-Malware was designed to be used in conjunction with other malware-fighting programs. In fact, Zemana Anti-Malware works with multiple anti-virus vendors to dramatically increase security, stability, and protection.
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One was the Web-start. The first thing I did was uninstall the rogue PC optimizer and then scanned the system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware — which resulted in 17 flags all associated with relatively harmless PUPs Potentially Unwanted Programs. After Malwarebytes had finished doing its thing, the two infections remained active… so, no joy there.

At this stage it was obvious that cleaning this system could turn into a long and arduous chore. I was about to try the scanner in Emsisoft Emergency Kit when I remembered writing an article some 12 months ago regarding the then new Zemana AntiMalware which, at that stage, was only available in a free edition with no real-time protection.

That situation has since changed and the program is now available in both free without real time protection and Premium with real time protection versions. Zemana AntiMalware in Action So, I installed Zemana AntiMalware free then scanned the system and it identified all items associated with the infections — it cleaned and repaired 6 items associated with Web-start.

The browser had returned to normal and no more scary popups. Finally, I ran System File Checker to make sure no system files had been damaged and received a clean bill of health. Job done! Zemana AntiMalware download consists of a 5. Leaving this enabled will initiate a free trial period. If all you want to do is use the software as an on-demand scanner then you should uncheck that option during installation.

The group of four icons across the top right lead to Settings, Quarantine, Activation, and Reports. Settings are minimal too but worth checking out. Zemana AntiMalware is cloud-based so there are no local definitions to update as it feeds on data and definitions from the cloud. This also means that it is very lightweight. More details and direct download: Zemana AntiMalware Home Page. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page for a feature comparison chart plus download links.

Zemana AntiMalware Premium The Premium version obviously adds in the real time protection component which, according to Zemana, protects against all types of malware including zero day , ransomware, and rogue browser add-ons. I would normally install something like this in a VM for review purposes but, based on Zemana AntiMalware successfully dealing with those stubborn infections, I installed it permanently in my main system. The changelog for the latest version 2. However, clicking the Scan button appears to always initiate a Smart scan.

If the Smart or quick scan is now the only option available, it pretty much renders the free version next to useless. Things are happening fast. I heard back from Zemana almost immediately and this was their response: Thank you for contacting us, The function is no longer available. For example: However, the scan was labeled Custom scan rather than Deep scan. I then compared the two scan modes: Smart scan scanned items in 1 minute 50 seconds.

The Drag and Drop Custom scan scanned items in a little over 8 minutes. Which tends to confirm that the drag and drop method does, in fact, initiate a much deeper scan.

Product Details

Both applications are well-rated and offer its users great protection against all cyber threats. So if you are choosing between Zemana and Malwarebytes continue to read and find out what main characteristics researchers revealed after trying both security packages for approximately a month. The company was established in and since then aims to provide the proactive security solutions in order to keep its customers safe from identity theft, credit card fraud and, other cyber threats. It is worth to mention, that to install Zemana AntiMalware will only take a minute. Once you download the software, you can begin to scan your device.

VIDEO: Zemana Anti Malware: Best Premium & Free Malware Removal Software

Learn what’s new with Zemana AntiMalware and see how our development team Safe Mode compability is finally here (you can read the article on this link). Zemana AntiMalware is a second opinion cloud-based multi-engine malware the Scan Cloud marks the file as safe or malicious, or else asks AntiMalware to. Generally, you should expect conflicts from two similar programs running in real time. I can’t comment specifically on Zemana, other than to say.

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