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Buy IsoBuster! Problems Registering IsoBuster Pro Listed below are 5 possible questions you might have because for some reason you can’t register the product.

Each question has an answer and should help you on your way. If you still have problems, don’t hesitate to contact Smart Projects.

If you have a question about one of the listed Questions and Answers, please mention which one. You Cannot connect to the E-store Where you purchase the product online? Are you sure you are connected to the internet? Possibly the site is down? Please try again in a little while! A safety check in IsoBuster makes sure the Registration button only becomes active when the Registration Email, ID and Key ‘agree with each other’ in a certain mathematical way.

This is to make it obvious to the user that incorrect data was entered so that the error can be corrected. The Email, ID and Key relationship is complex and you cannot enable the registration button by accidently typing in a valid combination. Do not try to enter another Email address. The email address that you used during purchase is now part of the equation and has to be used. The easiest way is to copy and paste the content.

See further topic 4 if you wonder what is meant with ‘copy’ and ‘paste’. Copy and Paste is the best guarantee that you don’t confuse a 0 zero for an ‘O’ capital ‘o’ just to give an example. The Email: Enter the email address that is mentioned in your “Thank you for your purchase” email. Do not use another one, it won’t work.

The ID: The ID is a combination of 16 characters. The Key: Is ONE word and needs to be entered as such. Please check this page then. You entered the Registration Email, ID and Key in the Registration dialog, clicked the Registration button but got a message saying the Key is incorrect!? First of all make sure that you are using a key for the correct major version range. Keys for the 2. If you try to enter a 2. If you have a 2.

See further if you wonder what is meant with ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ Copy and Paste is the best guarantee that you don’t confuse a 0 zero for an ‘O’ capital ‘o’. Simple, really! In the Email: This will copy the selected text to the clipboard, which is memory managed by Windows especially for this purpose. Next, position the cursor on the appropriate edit box in the registration window.

If you copied the Email, position the cursor in the Email edit box. If you copied the ID, position the cursor in the ID edit box. And the same for the Key. Click the right mouse button again and this time choose “Paste”.

Paste copies the text from the clipboard to the desired control. For those who are a bit more skilled or would like to learn a new skill, you can also use the standard Windows key combinations to do the same and it is much faster once you’re used to it.

You can use these Windows key combinations in most applications and after a while you will notice they make life easier: To copy the text from the email to the clipboard: Press both keys ‘ctrl’ and ‘c’. The text is now copied to the clipboard. Next, position the cursor on the Email, ID or key edit box and press both keys: You now copied the content from the clipboard in the edit box control in other words ‘Paste’. The option to register is disabled grayed out. You cannot evoke the registration window so how can you enter the purchased key?

IsoBuster can not be registered again and again. Once registered the option is disabled. There’s no need to register again, your key stays valid even when you upgrade to a new version. If you could not resist to try a ‘not so legal’ key found on the internet first this probably is the reason why you got stuck.

I have no control over what can be found on the internet and I have seen the funniest things. Don’t despair, send me an email explaining the situation be honest, include your valid purchased ID and Serial and I’ll tell you how you can remedy the problem.

If still no success, contact us:


June 17, I’m very happy to announce the release of IsoBuster 4. Not only did every brand use its own proprietary format, almost all families or ranges of recorders for a brand were different as well, so it was quite the effort. More than 50 different situations were encountered and implemented. As a result IsoBuster shows and allows to fully extract the files and folders from these recorders with focus on the mpeg video recordings, their names, time and date etc. Also check this page with videos showing you how to extract the video from several supported HDD Video Recorders. But that is not all.

VIDEO: Download IsoBuster – Best Files & Data recovery tool

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