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Release Date: Jul 20, The player window only leaves space for artwork when playing so the space goes away when stopped. Minor tuning to the player window artwork display position. TV recording setup wizard window size has been changed, so it is wider and shorter, to avoid scaling issues on some monitors.
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JRiver Media Center 25.0.80 with Patch

Release Date: Jul 20, The player window only leaves space for artwork when playing so the space goes away when stopped. Minor tuning to the player window artwork display position.

TV recording setup wizard window size has been changed, so it is wider and shorter, to avoid scaling issues on some monitors.

The controls on the subscription options page and the program options page on TV recording setup wizard are put in a scrolling control window so the controls will not be cut off by limitation of the wizard window size.

Renamed the player menu choice to “Left Align Artwork” so it matches with the on and off wording. Made the center channel adjustment also enable for 2. Made the tooltip for the taskbar popup contain the artist and name of the playing track. It will reset all the settings back to stock. VST plugins could not be uninstalled from a portable install.

Formatting big date spans with expressions did not always work properly. Play Doctor will not error when starting playback with no search at all only with a search that gives no matches. Added a “Play shufffled ” button to the view header of a playlist. Links no longer show if the field is empty. The Q factor can be set for low and high pass filters in Parametric Equalizer. A TV recording could be prematurely stopped in 30 minutes and restarted if the recording had been started manually while the show was being watched.

Version Jul 13, Made the default search for the new Cloud Play option the same as the default Play Doctor search. When starting Play Doctor with a search that has no matches in the library, it will message instead of playing random files.

Not all playlists would show in the Tag Action Window after a recent optimization. Jul 11, Converting with an external coder to M4A could lead to a crash. If Media Center fails to start video playback, it will message about the audio but now add a string about adjusting the video delay. OpenGL Theater View was not playing sounds.

Made the Cloud play options page alphabetized in the Options list. Upload to a handheld would not always honor the path correctly. When doing a movie lookup, the year will be stripped from the name if the movie is named like [Name] [Year]. Updated Greek translation thanks Panagiotis. Updated the Korean translation thanks Junghwan. Added a “Cloudplay” options page and it allows setting rules for file playback.

The play button on a remote when playback is paused will unpause instead of looking for something new to play.

The library authorization popup would hang if you right-clicked inside one of the edit boxes. The optimization to library fields would cause drop list edit types to fill with only some of the values. Made the Tag Action Window save and load the scroll position as you navigate and select no files then select files again. The blue light will illuminate when decoding HDCD previously that would cause the light to disengage.

When you start a rip, the database will be checked to see if the rip has already occurred and you will be messaged to confirm the rip if a duplicate is found. Opened Cloud Play up to trial users. Added a Rand The last optional parameter specifies if you want integer or decimal.

Fixed a possible cause of crash in TV engine. In-place editing in a huge library is faster. Enumerating playlists is faster which helps things like Options search with a huge number of playlists.

Jun 29, Made passing a negative number into ListLimit will grab that many from the end of the list. Made the about box identify the program as bit it would already identify bit. Files are no longer marked as dirty when they get flagged as not HDCD so they will not tag because of it.

Jun 28, Made artist image lookup key into the fact that it’s a music artist a little better so playing bands with animal names, etc. Right-click play commands were not all working properly may need to re-add the Add to Playing Now toolbar button to make it work.

Jun 26, Files could get erroneously tagged during playback. Picking “Export Playlist Made the new lyrics lookup option also apply when turning on lyrics display. The “Add to Playing Now” toolbar button was not working properly.

Made lyrics lookup at playback time if lyrics display is on optional. Video files are no longer flagged for requiring analysis when HDCD data is not present. When deleting a single audio file from the library, the program will list the name, artist, and album on the delete dialog. The HDCD decoder could trigger when a match occured that changed nothing, but now it only triggers on files with matches that make changes. Reenabled thumbnailing for Radio JRiver files.

Made the thumbnail frames option a choice between on, off, and images frames off. Jun 22, German translation updated thanks ByteStar. Renamed the thumbnail option to “Draw frames on thumbnails” from “Draw frames on image thumbnails” and made it turn off all border drawing when disabled. Made lyrics lookup an array instead of throwing a message that there was already a process running. The audio analyzer will think a file needs analysis if the HDCD field is Panel – Added Cloudplay to Panel.

Panel – Added a button to the Settings page, in the Library tab, to run auto-import. Panel – Added a button to the Playing Now page menu that will swap the slider between volume and playback if only one is displayed. Panel – Added an option to clear the playing now list in the options menu on the playing now page. Panel – Changed the Information tab title on the Settings page to Library.

Scrobbling a stream URL did not always work. Updated to Monkey’s Audio 4. HDCD decoding would reduce the volume by 6 dB. Re-enabled view switching to Playing Now, etc. When the tree would show again because of clicking a toolbar button, it would not always redraw fully.

Marked the string “Show Media Center” for translation in a way that should work better for German, etc. Read-only authentication wasn’t getting set properly. Jun 20, Only outputting the selected tracks in a playlist export was not working. Added HDCD detection to the audio analysis process. When restoring from Library Server, the program will show the same views instead of showing the startup views. When turning lyrics on, they didn’t always reload when the lyrics changed.

The new MP4 detector would rename m4a files to mp4. The program could crash during import. When a TV tuner returned an error on playback start up, the tuner was left in “Initializing” state and was no longer available until MC restarted. Re-enabled the failure message on trying to play files which didn’t resolve, with additional checks to avoid errorneous messages.

Improved playback of Movie trailers from YouTube. Tab navigation works in the Parametric Equalizer pages. When Scrobbling the playing file, the updated metadata from playback will be used instead of the database values.

DVB channel scanning could crash in some cases. Jun 16, DVB channel scanning missed a lot of channels in recent builds.

Clicking on a file in the list wouldn’t play it because of change 7 from Switched the order of the displayed information in the toolbar so the order matches between single file and multiple file selection. When turning lyrics on, they will be looked up for the current file if it has no lyrics.

If lyrics display is on, each track will lookup lyrics as it is played if it doesn’t already have lyrics. Added an option to “Automatically clean up time-shifting folders daily”.

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