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Twitter Advertisement Not a fan of Google Maps? Maybe you need some tips to help you use it more effectively. Or maybe you would prefer a map application that offers different features Windows Maps vs.
mapquest easy driving directions

MapQuest – Driving Directions, Route Planner, Maps

Twitter Advertisement Not a fan of Google Maps? Maybe you need some tips to help you use it more effectively. Or maybe you would prefer a map application that offers different features Windows Maps vs.

Google Maps: We show you seven tricks that will turn you into a power use of this awesome app. Read More , is more reliable, or helps you find low prices for local businesses. Whatever the reason, you do have other options.

Each of these six Google Maps alternatives brings useful features and helpful information. Get driving directions, view a certain location, or check traffic conditions quickly and easily. MapQuest MapQuest has been a reliable source for maps and driving directions for many years.

It was founded by a division of R. Donnelly and Sons in and was eventually acquired by AOL. Today, MapQuest remains a prominent player in the map industry with its website and mobile apps. For driving directions, you receive a few route choices with both the directions and the map for your trip. What makes MapQuest stand out with its directions feature is that you can find businesses along your route with a click.

Choose from hotels, food, gas, shopping, groceries, and pharmacies where you can stop along the way. If you do not necessarily need driving directions, but want to check out a specific city, that is just as easy. You receive suggestions as you enter the location into the search box.

Then, click to find businesses, mark the location as a favorite, or share, save, or print the map. You can also check for traffic incidents, look at satellite views, and send a map to your mobile number.

Plus, you can even book hotels, flights, rental cars, and vacations with the Priceline integration. Bing Maps Bing Maps is another great map application with several handy options.

Formerly known as MapBlast. Now known as Bing Maps, you can enjoy many useful features. You can receive driving, transit, or walking directions in either miles or kilometers. Enable options to avoid highways and tolls, set up a certain time to begin your trip, and enter additional stops along the route. As with MapQuest, you get the directions along with a map and can add businesses like hotels, attractions, and shopping along the way. For information on a specific city rather than driving directions, you will receive suggestions as you enter the location into the search box.

Along with the map, you will see images when available, facts about the location, and points of interest. Save your favorites, share via email or social media, or print the map. If you want to use Bing Maps on your mobile device, just download the Bing search engine and then tap the Maps option on the main screen.

Well-known for their printed maps and atlases, their first map dates back to an issue of the Railway Guide. Since then, the company has grasped the changing technology with navigation software s and GPS devices. Then just pop in your starting and ending points to receive both the directions and map. You can add stops along the way, reverse the route, or view round-trip directions. You can select the gear icon to edit your trip settings for the route type and items to avoid.

Or you can enter a certain location into the search box instead of receiving directions if you like. Then, pick from road atlas or satellite view, zoom in or out, and print or email the map. The Rand McNally online maps and directions may not offer as many features as comparable sites.

Along with their automotive and traffic products, they offer positioning services and a mobile application. They are also involved in various industries including transportation, healthcare, and asset management. To access the online map, visit the Here. From there, you can get driving directions, traffic information, and business locations. For driving directions, you can choose from additional route types such as public transit, walking, or bicycling.

And, as with other map applications, you will see the directions in written form and plotted on the map. You can then click the In this area arrow on the left to see dining, gas, pharmacy, and hotel locations nearby. The Traffic option from the menu is very handy for planning your travel. You can view light, moderate, heavy, or stopped traffic areas in list form.

Plus, you can see the details of the issue including exact location, current speed, and time delay. If you choose the Places option from the menu, you check out attractions, tours, theme parks, and other local businesses. Once you select one, you will see the approximate driving time, can get directions, or click to see a QR code you can zap with your mobile device. If you are interested in an online map service that offers a mobile app companion, then take a look at Here.

Waze Waze is another good option if you want an online map plus mobile app service. The company was formed in the mid to late s and the Waze application was eventually acquired by Google. So you may be wondering why it is falling onto a list of Google Maps alternatives.

The reason for this is that Waze is unique in its offerings. More than just maps, traffic, and GPS, Waze provides a community of users who report real-time road incidents along their route.

To use the online map service, head to the Waze website and click Live Map from the top. Once you enter your starting and ending locations, you will see your directions in list form and on the map. For large city travel, you click Check routes for a different time.

Select your desired time from the drop-down menu and receive updated route options. But you will get from point A to point B with the best possible route options. The real draw to Waze is the mobile app which provides live maps, turn-by-turn navigation, community reported alerts, and fuel price assistance.

This makes Waze a good Google Maps alternative Waze vs. Read More. Combine it with these public transit tracker apps to reach your destination on time every time. Created in and inspired by the Wikipedia concept, it is a non-profit, collaborative project. With volunteers worldwide, the editable map collects data from ground surveys, GPS units, and cameras used by those contributors.

You can obtain directions quickly for driving, bicycling, and walking in both list and map views. Then, perform simple actions such as zooming in and out and enabling overlays for troubleshooting the map. If you notice an error on a map or believe it is missing something, you can add notes. To do this, zoom into the exact spot on the map and click the Note icon from the right.

Type your note in the box and be sure not to use personal information. Other users will then see your note and you can see those added by others as well. OpenStreetMap may not have the fancy features of other apps, but its concept and ease-of-use are its highlights. And if you want a mobile app that works with the data from the organization, OsmAnd is a good option OsmAnd: Offline maps is the magical word.

OsmAnd saves you money and helps you navigate to your destination safely. OsmAnd is available for free on Android and iOS with in-app purchases if you need specific map types such as nautical, Europe, or Central America.

How Does Google Maps Work? Google Maps is used by millions of people every day and you might be one of them, but how does it actually work and how does Google maintain its accuracy so well? However, these options provide reliability and features that are certainly worth your time. Plus, if you become a true fan of one, you might just love it on your mobile device as well. No Google, no problem. Here’s a guide to going Google-free on your Android device to regain privacy.

These Android apps use your location in nifty ways. Image Credit:

Do You Have a Favorite Google Maps Alternative?

The launch of the new Internet site brings the flagship MapQuest brand to the UK with easy-to-use maps, detailed driving directions, cutting-edge location services and the introduction of MapQuest Direct. MapQuest Direct is a free online mapmaking tool that allows individual organisations, small businesses, Webmasters, and Web site owners to provide an unlimited number of maps and door-to-door directions directly from their own Web sites. Through our one-step applications, ongoing investment in technology and global initiatives, MapQuest strives to bring the best-available and most convenient location services to the UK. Visitors to MapQuest. MapQuest combines a simplified user experience with advanced wireless applications to get people where they’re going anytime, anywhere. MapQuest maps, turn-by-turn directions and Travel Guide, which provides a searchable directory service for nearby hotels, restaurants, retailers, transportation and attractions, are available on WAP phones and handheld devices through AOL Mobile, Genie Mobile and Palm Computing and in the UK. MapQuest Direct The new UK site provides small- to medium-sized businesses and organisations, as well as individuals, with a way to localise their Web sites through implementation of an easy, free and convenient map-making tool.

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RAC Route Planner, Maps and Traffic News providing you with route finder driving directions for UK and European journeys at street map detail with a walking. Garmin GPS owners can enter addresses, driving directions and points of to a Garmin GPS is an easy way to transfer destinations from a PC to the Garmin. Also this Mapquest driving directions uses voice-guided navigation which helps Hence you can easily create and personalize a custom map of your travel with .

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