100+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Users

Autodesk Maya Service Pack 2 includes several important fixes, refer to the readme for more information. Written by: Posted on: December 9,
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UF researchers discover earliest use of Mexican turkeys by ancient Maya

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By Kay Tan in Graphics. Updated on April 9, When it comes to high-end 3d computer graphics and 3d modeling software package, Autodesk Maya is always one of application to be considered. Maya plays an important role in the 3d visualization and animation industry and they are top choices for many designers on large or small-scale production. If you are looking to pick up Maya to design your 3d models, this article is for you.

Full list after jump. For Beginners Flying Butterfly Animation — This tutorial teaches you how to create an animate a simple butterfly. Animate a Logo Forming from Particles in Maya — In this tutorial teaches you how to make animated logo with particles in Maya and then reverse the rendered animation in any video editing software you like.

Create a coin 3D model — A tutorial that walks you through the process of creating realistic coin using Maya 3D. Flying Arrows — In this tutorial you learn about creating flying arrows.

Make A Screw-Driver — A basic modelling tutorial that teaches you about making a screw-driver and render it. Melting Text — Explore some of the tools and options of fluid to create melting text effect like smoke with this tutorial. Spiral Modeling — An useful tutorial that teaches you how to model a spiral. Create 3D Heart Model — Learn how to create a heart from poly cube. Boolean Modeling — A tutorial that covers in depth basic boolean operations, anatomy of a boolean, where to use booleans, as well as common boolean errors.

Basic Technique of Creating An Animation — Learn the very basic techniques of creating an animation in Maya through this tutorial. Animated Arrows — This tutorial will teach you how to create animated arrows. Grab and Move an Object — This tutorial gives a great explanation on how to grab and move an object. Duplicate Special — This is a tutorial about Duplicate Special that lets you duplicate objects, change the transformation attributes of the duplicated object s , as well as duplicate mulitple objects at a time.

Create Simple Wave — You can learn in this tutorial as how to create simple wave using Sine Deformer for flag wave for fish tail.

How to Rendering Shadow Only — A quick and simple tutorial that teaches you how to render shadow only. Importing Audio Into Maya — you can learn to import audio into Maya with the help of this guide. Making Blendshapes — The first part of a multi-part tutorial that teaches you how to blend shapes.

Modelling Hammer — A useful guide about modeling a hammer with the help of poly and subdiv. Modeling A Knife — A quick guide on how to model a knife using Maya.

Modeling Saw — If you want to learn how to model a saw, take a look at this tutorial. Pivot Points — A tutorial about editing pivot points in Maya. Creating Gears — Lean how to create gears with this helpful guide. Using Revolve — Learn how to use the revolve tool in Maya with this tutorial. Using The Extrude Tool — A tutorial that covers in-depth guide on the extrude tool and all of its functions.

Building a Polygon Arch — Learn how to make arches in a building with this interesting tutorial. Wireframe Rendering — In this tutorial you can learn how to create wire-frame rendering in Maya. How to Create a Wine Glass — A useful tutorial on creating a wineglass using the curve tool. Realistic Ear Modeling — Create a realistic ear in Maya, for those with experience in polygon modeling.

Realistic Eye Modeling for 3D Characters — This is a tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to create realistic eyes. Caustics — A tutorial to learn how to make a picture of a glass using caustics in Maya. Modelling in Alias — Ceiling light — A tutorial that teaches you about creating ceiling light in Maya.

Create Fire in Maya — Learn the process of creating fire effect from scratch using Maya particle system. Create a New York Subway Entrance in Maya — A detailed guide on how to model the low-poly mesh from reference, and then creating the high-poly source for the purpose of making normal maps.

Creating A Holiday Ball — A tutorial to teach you how to create a holiday ball from polygonal primitives in Maya. Creating a Lava Lamp in Maya — Want to create a lava lamp in Maya, then follow this tutorial that shows modeling, shading, lighting and rendering of a realistic lava lamp. How to Create an Awesome Fire Effect Using Maya Fluids — A step-by-step guide to learn how to create a fire animation in Maya, which you can later use in any of your projects.

Modelling A Poly Table Fan — This video tutorial is about creating a polygonal fan table with some quick modeling techniques like curve extrude, surfaces, poly tube, smooth, bevel, curve revolve, extrude, and more. Creating Dynamic Mud Effect Using Soft Body — A tutorial that teaches you how to create an effect that shows a dynamic sphere moving over mud.

Making Eyelid Rig with Driven Keys and Expressions — This tutorial tells you how to create blend shapes for 4 positions of the eye and drive these blend shapes automatically to show eye ball rotating.

Model a Spitfire War Plane — A detailed tutorial on how to model a fire-spitting war plane. Modeling A Toy Dragonfly — This tutorial teaches you how to model, texture, and render a toy dragonfly in Maya. Modeling Hand — Follow this tutorial to learn how to model a human hand. Modeling Human — If you want to learn how to model a human figure, try out this tutorial. Modeling Human: Naruto Chibi — This Maya tutorial will teach you about modeling human figure, specifically in the form of anime.

Spotlight Fog — A tutorial that teaches how to add fog to a spotlight in easy steps. Model Airplane in Maya — This video tutorial shows you how to model an airpalne in Maya. Using Projection Mapping in Maya — A detailed tutorial on how to use simple tri planar box projection and planar projection to shade two walls, all done in only one material.

Making A Battleship in Maya — This tutorial shows you how to make ship using Nurbs curves, surfaces and poly geometry features in Maya. Creating CG nature — If you want to make terrain, trees and grass using Maya, follow this tutorial.

Candle Flame — An easy tutorial on how to build a candle flame in Maya. The Egg and The Fog — To learn how to crack an egg and have light beams coming out of the cracks, try this tutorial. Modeling a foot in Maya — Teach your self how to model a realistic looking foot in Maya through this tutorial.

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Researchers say discovery of the bones from an ancient Mayan archaeological site in Guatemala provides evidence of domestication, usually a significant mark of civilization, and the earliest evidence of the Mexican turkey in the Maya world. The discovery of the turkey bones is significant because the Maya did not use a lot of domesticated animals. While they cultivated domesticated plants, most of their animal protein came mostly from wild resources, said lead author Erin Thornton, a research associate at the Florida Museum of Natural History on the UF campus and Trent University Archaeological Research Centre. This is the species the Europeans brought back with them to Europe — all domestic turkeys originated from Mexico. The Mexican turkey is the ancestor of all domestic turkeys consumed in the world today and Mesoamerica’s only indigenous domesticated animal.

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