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Introduction 1. It reaches beyond the boundaries of geekdom and into the lexicon of everyday cubicle warriors, who use the software constantly for everything from email composition to corporate presentations. While Office has many detractors — any major change to a popular and entrenched program is bound to result in some agony — the revision was mostly successful. Microsoft rolled out a major new user interface, known as Ribbon, without excessive growing pains. Office is, by comparison, a minor update.
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Introduction 1. It reaches beyond the boundaries of geekdom and into the lexicon of everyday cubicle warriors, who use the software constantly for everything from email composition to corporate presentations. While Office has many detractors — any major change to a popular and entrenched program is bound to result in some agony — the revision was mostly successful.

Microsoft rolled out a major new user interface, known as Ribbon, without excessive growing pains. Office is, by comparison, a minor update. Users of Office prior to Office had a bit of a learning curve associated with becoming re-acquainted with the software, but anyone comfortable with Office should have no problem with Users who are coming from will still have to become acquainted with the Ribbon interface, but frankly, most general tips related to the version will still help you there but specifics, of course, have changed.

Instead, Office has many improvements. This guide will focus on teaching users coming to Office how to take the most from the program and use every feature offered. The tips you find here should be of use to most people who use Office regularly. Hopefully this will make you more productive, or at least give you the tools needed to handle your work with more speed and less stress. Mac fans who are using Microsoft Office for Mac — which likely includes most people reading this on an Apple computer — will find very little information in this guide useful.

Exploring Backstage The largest change to the Office interface is the introduction of the Backstage. Gone is the File menu, and gone also is the Office button from Office Despite the new interface element, most of the tasks accomplished in Backstage are completely mundane.

You can open, save, and print files, explore recent documents, and open new documents. There are, however, some interesting features to be found if you dig deeper into Backstage. You just need to go looking for them. Changing the interface requires that you go Backstage and open the Options menu, then navigate down to Customize Ribbon. The ribbon interface is, by default, fairly busy. However, it actually does not represent the vast majority of potential commands that are available in any particular piece of Office software.

The entire point of the Ribbon interface was to reduce clutter, and this meant getting rid of deep menu trees and getting rid of command buttons for functions that were rarely used.

Of course, rarely used is not the same as never used. Those commands are still there, and you can find them in the Commands, not in the Ribbon section. Now, Borders and Shading appears in my Insert tab.

You can use this to save your documents, of course. There are a few ways to share documents besides email, obviously. This is a free account that can be used to store documents and share them with others.

Skydrive uses a web interface and can be accessed at skydrive. From Skydrive you can share documents with your friends, family and co-workers by either sending a link or adding them to the file permissions via their email address. If you give permission, others can edit these documents, creating a truly collaborative Microsoft Office document without the need for a Sharepoint server — although Sharepoint is still part of the Office ecosystem and can, in fact, be accessed directly below Save to Web.

Adding more hurdles for malware unfortunately results in more hurdles for users. But it does, so I have to deal with adding those extra pieces of software to my system.

Office has its own security improvements and its own corresponding annoyances, the greatest of which has to deal with file trust. Many older file types from Microsoft have been dissected by hackers over the years, and security flaws have been found. Here are some of the most common viruses and what they do. Read More , which hide in Excel spreadsheet macros, piggy-back seemingly legitimate Office documents as a means of spreading.

By default Office blocks certain types of documents. Finally, open File Block settings. Just keep in mind that while disabling Protected View might be more convenient, it could open you up to certain malware threats.

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly among the most used pieces of software on the planet. I thought that I knew everything there was to know about Word when I began composing this guide, but as it turns out I was wrong.

That may sound odd, but think about it. Select whatever text or content you plan on frequently using and then go to the Insert tab. Find the Quick Parts button and click on it to call a drop-down menu. A window will open prompting you to enter the name of the quick part.

Doing this for common information, such as a business address, can save a lot of time and effort. Once saved, you can call upon that Building Block again. In this way you can use very complex design elements in numerous documents without spending ages trying to correctly format them.

You can apply Building Blocks to Headers and Footers, after which they can be selected and automatically added to one or all of the pages of a document.

I type the following. As the chief of advertising for Acme Services, I want to save this header so that I can use it in the future. I just select, click on the Header button in the Insert tab to call the drop-down menu, and then click Save Selection to Header Gallery. Just as with the Quick Part made in the earlier example, my custom header now appears whenever I click on the Header button.

If you think that the process for creating a custom footer is the same, pat yourself on the back. It most certainly is! There are also two other buttons on the Insert tab that provide the same functionality; the Equation button and the Cover Page button. Of course, as you become familiar with Building Blocks and begin to use them more frequently you may end up needing to rearrange, delete, or change some of the Building Blocks you have available.

The organizer window consists of a list of Building Blocks on the left and a preview pane on the right. The Edit Properties button will bring up the menu that you used to add the Building Block so you can change the category and so on. As you might expect, the Insert button places the Building Block in your document and the Delete button makes the Building Block vanish from your sight! It used to be its own menu that opened up and requested that you typed what you were looking for.

It worked, but it was slow and confusing. Microsoft has smartened up with Office and modeled the search function to be more like an online search engine.

That means context. This new search feature is much quicker than what was offered before, but you can still access the older menu by clicking on the arrow besides the search magnifying glass. This will present a drop-down menu that includes Advanced Find and Find and Replace, both of which open a menu similar to the older search function. You can also navigate directly to a specific page or other document element by using the Go To function.

Finally, you can search for graphics, tables, and equations by selecting these options from the drop-down menu. Doc and. Docx Compatibility Before moving on to Excel, I wanted to add a brief note about the difference between. Microsoft switched to. The new. All versions of Microsoft Word after Office will be using this format.

However, all earlier variants of Microsoft Word are unable to open. It can’t be viewed in older Word versions, so how can you open a. Read More. However, you will lose some of the features available in Office in above. For example, Bibliography and Citation text is converted to standard, static text. A full list of the features lost when opening a. Excel Excel has been a favourite tool of organizers and number-crunchers for over two decades. Microsoft Excel is still the premier; indeed, there are few competitors that are remotely as capable.

A Sparkline is a small, high density graph that is meant to present a condensed form of information. Unlike a full graph, that usually has a visible X and Y axis , Sparklines are alone.

Sparklines are quicker and smaller than a full graph and often just as useful. The first two are likely to be familiar to anyone who has used charts even a few times before. The line chart makes a graph of each data point and then draws lines between them, of course, and the column chart make each data point an appropriately sized column. Sparklines are simple to insert. You only need to click the appropriate Sparklines button in the insert tab and then select the data you want to graph.

Everything else is handled for you automatically. You can click on the Sparkline and select the Sparkline Tools tab to make some adjustments.

For example, line graphs are smooth by default, but you can click the Markers checkbox to add a square box to represent each data point. You can also edit the colours of the graph. One popular example is the use of a green colour to highlight the most positive data on a graph and a red colour to indicate the most negative. Organizations can end up with spreadsheets with tens or hundreds of pages. Managing a sprawling spreadsheet is difficult, but one way of saving some time is by grouping sheets.

The grouping lets you automatically reproduce formatting on one page of a spreadsheet on all other pages. I could make a spreadsheet with twelve pages, and then group them to reproduce the formatting. There are two ways edit pages as a group.

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How many of its few, new features does your company really need? And are these features worth the investment? Here are five reasons your company doesn’t need to purchase Office However, if you are looking for an upgrade price, forget it. Microsoft has decided not to offer upgrade pricing anymore. The best media streaming devices ] After searching thoroughly for information about upgrades, I finally found the answer on a Microsoft FAQ page , and it plainly states that in order to “simplify” things, they are no longer providing version upgrades. You can still find better list prices from various independent vendors if you search the Internet.

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Feb 25, To download Office or , visit this page on, There’s also a different page for Windows ISOs and Windows 10 ISOs. Microsoft Office (codenamed Office 14) is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft later released the add-in as a free download for Office Professional or Outlook . Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; Windows Server , Windows Server. May 21, Microsoft Office Service Pack 1 (Bit) provides the latest How to check out Microsoft’s Chrome-like Edge browser for Windows

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