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WhatsApp 0 Nowadays the problems of safety on the Internet and damage caused by malware go viral. Malware in software is getting smarter, deadlier, and better at avoiding detection. Many users are scared to download from portals because of the probable damage. So, today we are going to find out all the pros and cons of one of the most common download portals: Softonic , an installer that offers safe downloading and has a pretty high rating.

As the official page goes, the main mission of Softonic is to make software discovery and downloads reassuringly safe. The portal claims that software containing malware is permanently removed from the catalog. What grabbed some attention, however, is that we could find more negative than positive feedback here. Users reported a number of issues with the product ranging from irritating ads to viruses.

We went a step further to check a number of online resources which contained reviews dating back to years ago. Surprisingly, these reviews were more positive and claimed malware cases were very occasional. Velocity Reviews discussions and the thread on How to Geek seem positive about the product.

We also spotted similar reviews for the same timespan in WOT. And independent user reviews, like such found on Quora seem to be on the same wave! Whenever users try to download something, it automatically downloads other unwanted programs and even viruses. When viruses are detected and deleted the downloaded program stops working. After downloading the program and finding the malware users have to go through the long process of cleaning their devices. Softonic takes control over the device Another part of the users is much concerned with the control that Softonic takes over the devices after it was downloaded and installed.

In many cases the program makes itself the home page in the devices. It became my browser and homepage. It destroyed my antivirus program, blocked access to all antimalware sites including WOT. Is still in registry. How to get it out? Outdated versions of the programs You can see complains about Softonic offering outdated versions of programs.

Thus, while downloading the programs users were sure they were downloading the updated and fresh versions, but after installation they found out that they were spending their time on getting outdated versions. As a tech-savvy internet user, you may be aware of Adblockers.

One simple way to get around is using AdBlock which is quite good for most browsers. Downgrading problems Many users found their software downgraded after using Softonic. As it takes control over the device it downgrades a part of software. For instance, one user reported his Vista downgraded to XP.

So, these are the main troubles that users come across while using the service. Along with negative feedback, other users who download with this installer are pretty pleased with all the products that it offers.

Leaving some positive comments most of the users STILL WARN that some downloads include adware such as spyware toolbar or hidden elements , advertising links to malicious websites, tracking cookies. Even the users that give high rates for the service and trust it claim that Softonic used to offer better service several years ago, but nowadays the productivity has decreased and using it can cause different troubles. The greatest problem that all users agree on is that when using this service you automatically can download some malware, cookies or unnecessary programs.

The second point that many users speak about is that Softonic used to be pretty good several years ago, but nowadays the productivity of the safety guarding has decreased with alarming safety reports. Given its mission to make downloading safe it seems like the service has to put in some really hard work to regain trust after a major downfall.

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I recently installed Microsoft Office on a new computer and was conference that there will not be a SharePoint Designer , i.e. Or you could just, ya know, go to Microsoft yourself without softonic. All those ads How do I download MS Office for free? 14, Views. Microsoft Office takes a huge leap from its release as it brings in newer features and upgrades to your favorite desktop applications. Office.

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