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Mouse wheel actions Pauses made between actions You can pause at any time by stopping the recording. To continue recording, click “Append Recording” sub menu underneath the Record button. A separate mouse move event is added for each mouse click or every time you pause during a move for a minimum time as specified in the recording settings. Mouse Recorder captures detailed information about the performed actions and optimizes the script at the same time to keep it easy to edit: Mouse Recorder combines a mouse button down event and button up event without any action in between to a mouse button click event.
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Record Mouse Clicks and Key Strokes with Mac Automation Tool

All you need to do Start the Recording, perform the Actions manually and then let the Macro Recorder Play them for you as and when you want. The User Interface of the Macro Recorder adjusts itself automatically depending on the Actions you perform. Watch a Video Tutorial which displays how to record and then playback mouse and keyboard actions with this Macro Recorder. Download and run the Macro Recorder. In case you want the Keystrokes to be recorded in the Macro, you would need to enable Access for Assistive Devices using System Preferences.

Yes new features are being added continuously and the updated versions can be downloaded from the Download links mentioned above. Main Window of Macro Recorder Remembers it’s position so you can drag the Window to a location best suited for your purpose.

Number of Actions being Recorded are displayed in the Main Window so as to give you an idea of what’s being recorded while your do Mouse and Keyboard Actions Manually. In order to view the Number of Mouse and Keyboard Actions being recorded, do have a look at the Action Counter as displayed in the screenshot above.

When a Recorded Macro Script is played, the Action Counter displays the active action number being automated. Configurable Time Delay before the start of recorded macro. When delayed macro execution is enabled, a timer displays the time remaining to start the Playback of Macro.

In other words, you would need to open System Preferences, Navigate to Accessibility and then enable the option as displayed in the Screenshot. On Mac OS X Mac Automation Tool with Script Editor In case you would like to have finer control over your script recordings, you can download another Mac Automation Tool which is a really sophisticated and advanced Macintosh Automation Tool. Do have a look at the Screenshot to the right of this paragraph or Download and give it a try on your own Mac.

You can also navigate to the Mac Auto Mouse Click homepage to know more about it. It is also a Free to try Application and runs on Mac versions later than Yes there is feature description, step by step tutorial and also a video tutorial which should get you started within no time. Irrespective of whether you wish to Automate Repetitive tasks in a Game by creating a Bot, Automate a Presentation or anything else on your Mac, just plan appropriately so that the Automation goes exactly as planned.

Before using Automation in actual Environment, do test the script execution with simple applications. The Macro Recorder for Mac can record keystrokes provided appropriate permission is enabled from System Preferences. Recording of Mouse Clicks does not require special permission and hence you can record all types of Mouse Clicks and anything else that you can do with your Mouse Cursor on your Macintosh.


Home Features Download Purchase Support A Tool of Keyboard and Mouse Recorder You do the mouse movement, keys struck once, and then all you have to do is to press the hotkey and watch the program do the job automatically again. It’s simple as that. You have to type the same text carefully, and press the same buttons again and again. With Advanced Key and mouse recorder, you can turn these steps into a macro and have it to do the job for you. This will save lots of time while eliminating errors.

VIDEO: Mouse Recorder Freeware – Documentation

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