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In general, The program includes: MicrosoftOffice Excel for analyzing business information, compilation Tables and tracking times, costs, resources and society Microsoft Office Word for creating, managing, storing and editing documents Microsoft Office Publisher to create professional publications MicrosoftOffice Outlook with Business Relationship Manager for customer service, Contact and sale Microsoft OfficePowerPoint ,to create a dynamic offer Accounting for Microsoft Office Express to save time, order and performance Online business with a full accounting approach for small businesses Microsoft. Get access to to create a data folder, then filter, compile, and create graphs Describe information about the company InfoPath to reduce the costs of business operations and business processes Thanks to advanced electronic technology Messenger foreasy communication with colleagues and clients Different locations and areas use different communication techniques Including Instant Messaging, Voice Video Groove for effective cooperation with others in one work area Give each team member, Tools, materials and information OneNote for compiling and managing manual recordings, audio and video diaries Recording, searching on the Internet, screen copying, drawings, photos and more One place.
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The latest version of , Lync becomes even better. AsablivastsiLync has more features than you can shake a stick at. Microsoft has many years of experience in building a well-rounded IRC client. Lync includes not only instant messaging, video conferencing and more powerful collaboration tool pratsy.

Sistema IM works the same way as you would expect. These commands are integrated in Outlook, so you know if someone is available to talk feathures s. Coferencing is important for Lync. You can share audio, video, screens and white boards and research. New in this version of Lync is a high-definition video. Microsoft uses SVC to provide a clear transmission of video in p. Convenience and prastataGalasavyya and video conversations were overhauled to be established and important, even under adverse network conditions.

Microsoft is working hard Lync architecture building design options are available, as is possible for the network to slow down or zboy. Interfeys has been completely redesigned to look like an application user interface of Windows 8. All the modern, flat, white and blue.

It makes it look a bit repetitive, but quickly addapt yago. Lync easy to use, and all his works are presented clearly. It does not look to learn how to do something, even if you have never used an earlier version of Lync earlier. Lync taking a page from Google books provide a great experience sharing the screen, where each of video chat is displayed above the overall presentation.

This makes it easier gaguge virtual crowd reaction. Environment and polskiGeta all settings these days and Microsoft to fix this problem and the ideal environment for Lync. There is even an application of Windows Phone 8 is better. There are plans to create a version of the Android operating system and iOS, and taksama. Microsoft knows that not all users will have Lync installed on each computer, so put in the extra work to create an application for Lync.

Aposhnyae, no less important, Microsoft has been vocal about Lync and Skype integration. This means that Lync users will have access to all your contacts Skype. This should not be a problem, though, as Lync is one of the most well thought out chat clients out there today. Fully integrates with other Microsoft products and Lync environment is satisfactory in use.


You can also use Office for Mac. Whatever you are The need for professional or just fun keeps you closed. NowLeave your office wherever you do all your devices Office You also get 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage for Photos, videos and documents, plus 60 minutes of Skype calls per month And technical support by trained professionals Microsoft at no extra cost. Powerful Microsoft Office remains in MicrosoftOffice , Contains functions and links to the things you do most frequently Make a professional looking presentation, work on a spreadsheet or Word Processing And since Office , you can open, save, modify, Or to work with Cloud documents, you can increase its performance Do a great job anywhere, anytime. Browse our Microsoft Office products and find them The perfect solution for your home and business requirements.

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