New software could crack down on people sharing their Netflix account

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That may be costing the company a bundle. Danny Vena Updated: Apr 11, at Feb 28, at 4: With million global subscribers and more joining every month, it seems the company has captured the world’s interest.

There is a growing body of evidence, however, that not everyone who watches Netflix pays for it. The company offers multiple plans, some of which allow for limited account sharing within the same household. Many viewers abuse this benefit by passing login credentials on to extended family and friends, who are essentially getting the service for free.

Netflix has never expressed an interest in enforcing the limitations on account sharing. And, according to multiple studies, that lax attitude may be costing Netflix billions of dollars. Is Netflix throwing away money? Image source: Getty Images.

The practice wasn’t limited to Netflix. AMZN Prime users admitted to sharing their login information. A similar study conducted by Magid Research found that the practice is more pervasive among younger viewers. The problem might be even worse. Dollars and cents With so many different estimates for how widespread password sharing is, it’s difficult to pinpoint just how much this situation is costing streaming companies in lost revenue, but with Netflix, we can make an educated guess.

For the fourth quarter , Netflix reported about While the situation is pretty clear-cut for Netflix, it’s tougher to get a clear picture of how big an issue it is for Prime: Amazon doesn’t report how many Prime members there are each quarter. To further muddy the waters, some elect to subscribe to just the streaming video, without the full benefits of Prime. With so many variables and no verifiable metrics, it simply isn’t possible to estimate the cost to Amazon.

Hulu recently revealed that its subscriber base topped 25 million. Unfortunately, there are similar difficulties in estimating what account sharing is costing the company. Only the more expensive plans allow multiple streams, so there simply isn’t enough publicly available information to make a reasonable estimate.

No harm, no foul Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has long said that the company has no issue with users who share their login with others, saying the practice is “a positive thing. He sees it as a “terrific marketing vehicle for the next generation of viewers.

With growth like that — and Hastings’ attitude toward the issue — Netflix doesn’t think there’s a problem, so it’s unlikely to change its enforcement anytime soon.

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Chances are you probably share your Netflix account with someone else – either that, or you have access to someone else’s password. Netflix will begin using tech to thwart subscribers from viewing content outside their region. A new software being marketed to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu could allow the companies to crack the whip on account holders.

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