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This makes it one of our best PDF software programs this year. Improved conversion in Nitro Pro 12 allows you to convert PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with even greater accuracy and consistency in content, images, layout, colors, and font. Since Nitro Pro now integrates with Nitro Cloud, you can also convert—as well as merge, review, and share—a PDF in any web browser using any mobile device for increased agility and productivity.
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Everything You Need to Know about Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro 12 Signature Request Workflow Before a document is ready to be signed, it must be prepared. If you work with a lot of contracts you know this can be a laborious process. There are many variables to consider: The signing order for the document, especially if witnesses are required. Setting up the appropriate form fields. Configuring the document for multiple signatures.

Avoiding the headache of having to start all over again if someone messes up. Nitro Pro 12 comes with a streamlined procedure that cuts out superfluous steps. This new version makes it much quicker and easier to request signatures. These are the key accomplishments of the upgraded e-signature process: Fewer people dropping out of the signing process Easy error recovery Fewer steps in the workflow which saves time More confidence and a shared understanding across teams Improved satisfaction from both employees and clients Nitro Pro 11 Signature Request Workflow Sometimes it is hard to appreciate what has improved in terms of workflow.

Before the update, you would need to go through many more steps before a document was ready for signing. The process lacked flexibility. Right up front, you had to know who you wanted signing the final document. Just you, you and others, or only others? This workflow did not allow you to alter this decision later in the process. If you decided you wanted to expand or restrict signatories, you would have to start from scratch.

First, you had to decide on the categories of future signatories. You then had to specify exactly who the final signers would be. And you also needed to include their names and email addresses.

This caused several problems: If you made a mistake, there was no time effective way to recover from the error. Imagine you noticed something like a typo or an incorrect email address. You would have to scrap the whole document and start again. This caused a lot of uncertainty. Users were not sure what to expect when making these documents. The software did not always behave in an intuitive manner. A lot of productivity was lost through hesitation and triple checking.

This is because users were not confident they were doing things properly. And they knew that if they made a mistake along the way it meant starting from scratch. All this combined to make teams uneasy. What if they forgot to add someone? There did not seem to be confidence in this feature. To their credit, Nitro spent a lot of resources testing different ways to handle this problem.

People were hesitating when given this choice. And the other changes to the workflow made it necessary to require this step. You can now choose, modify, and add extra signatories at any point in the creation process. All without taking a backward step. Users are able to look at each signatory and their associated fields in one panel. This gives them an easy overview of the important players for a given document.

They also added color coding to the panel. This allows you to quickly look at a document and figure out which fields belong to whom. When you first use the feature, you are presented with a few tooltips that show you how the process works. Nitro Pro 12 strikes a delicate balance.

They give you enough information to move forward. But, not so much that you are constantly distracted by popping boxes. This solved the lack of confidence a lot of users were feeling when making use of this feature. These new updates and changes should have a large positive effect on productivity. Nitro Pro 12 has fewer steps in the workflow Nitro Pro 12 is easier to learn so users can feel more confident using it The software maintains a high level of security.

Certificates that are attached to digital signatures cannot be shared or copied. This makes them more secure than handwritten signatures. The Chain of Trust has been introduced. This feature means that you no longer have to approve signed documents manually. This saves time and increases productivity.

Edit, create, convert, merge, sign, and share industry-standard PDF files

Does not allow you to embed video and audio files in your PDF file No mobile app 2. Nitro Pro 9 While checking out the feature list of Nitro Pro 9, you will notice that the functionality is similar to many other PDF editing tools. However, this version of Nitro provides great value for the price, which is strikingly less than its Adobe equivalent. Nitro Pro 8 Nitro Pro 8 is packed with a lot of features that makes it quite easy to edit, insert, convert, create and review PDF files. It can detect scanned images easily and apply OCR in an instant. Exporting can be done to a single file, or multiple worksheets at once, which is great for efficiency. Ribbon style navigation for easy use Many features available Cannot add multimedia elements to PDF files Some features that are available in Acrobat XI Pro are missing in this version 4.

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With Nitro Pro you can open, review, covert and create PDF files. It also comes with stacks of features that make Nitro Pro one of the better PDF applications out . for Nitro Pro (Retail/Enterprise) vx.x: Download and install Nitro Pro Enterprise , do not launch program; Copy the unlocked file to installation. Nitro. Pro Nitro. Pro 9. Nitro. Pro for. Enterprise. Insert and edit text – font, size, Apply Dynamic Stamp annotations – auto-populate author, date, time, etc.

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