Nvidia’s ‘OC Scanner’ automatic overclocking feature is now available for Pascal cards

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Do your multimedia tasks like video rendering or 3D animation run slowly? You could upgrade to a better graphics card — but that will cost you. Or you could squeeze a bit more juice out of the one you already have by overclocking it.
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How to overclock your graphics card

Do your multimedia tasks like video rendering or 3D animation run slowly? You could upgrade to a better graphics card — but that will cost you. Or you could squeeze a bit more juice out of the one you already have by overclocking it. The higher you overclock your GPU, the more processing power you get — which translates into faster rendering for multimedia files and smoother-running games. Sound good? Some of these steps are automatic using various tools like MSI Afterburner.

You can get it from the official MSI page. You can always get the latest beta releases on Guru3D. For this, we recommend these two tools: The classic 3D benchmarking software 3DMark. It has a very useful stress test functionality. Furmark , which simulates millions of little strands of hair to push your graphics card to its limit. A bit of patience — and nerves of titanium We did say overclocking is fairly easy, but finding the perfect blend of performance, temperature, and compatibility with games can take a lot of testing until you get things just right.

So you go back to the drawing board and try out a slightly lower clock. Is overclocking safe? These days? Big yes. The worst that can happen is crashes, freezes, or black-screens. If that happens, go back to that drawing board and lower the clock a bit. However, running at significantly higher clocks could in theory reduce its lifespan — just like anything else when you push it to its limit. Go ahead — install it and launch it. The sliders you see control the basics of overclocking: Core Voltage: The voltage level that goes into your graphics cards.

Usually not available on newer cards. Power level: This slider allows your card to draw more power from your power supply unit PSU. For example, if your card is limited by default to draw watts, you can increase this to watts by setting it to You may need to do this if you want to overclock your card further this will definitely drive your temperature up.

Core clock: Memory Clock: Same as above, but of your GPU memory. Step 1 – Benchmark your current settings Run either 3DMark or Furmark the stress-test tools we recommended earlier and check your current performance: This gives you a great reference point for your performance, temperature, clock speeds and FPS.

Step 3 – Overclock the memory Memory is as important as the GPU clock — more so in games with gigabytes of textures. More on that later. Is it stable? Crank it up by another 10 MHz. And again. Run a benchmark, stress test see above , or a game for a few hours and check for stability issues and also performance improvements. At some point, Windows might freeze or reboot: Go MHz below this limit. So we usually run it at MHz to be safe. In German. Start your game now.

For example, by default both Titan Xps clock up to MHz when playing the Witcher 3, but reduce the clock to slightly above MHz after an hour or so when the temperature is at its peak. Your card will probably soar past its previous crash point.

Finding the sweet spot took us a lot of fine-tuning, so be patient. Once you achieve a stable clock, benchmark your system again with the aforementioned 3DMark and Furmark.

Benchmark your favorite games too. Does GPU overclocking really make a difference? In most cases, yes. But if a really demanding game struggles to run at 60fps and dips into the 40s or 50s, an overclock will definitely help you smooth things out.

Overclocking can let you play games noticeably smoother at higher resolutions. Running two in tandem gives us 60 fps in 4K across most games. However, Far Cry 5 looks significantly better when using the upscaler that renders everything at a higher resolution and downsamples it to, say, Full HD or 4K. In this example, when using 6K resolution, the framerate dropped to a measly 37 FPS.

After overclocking, this figure improved to 45fps — which is a lot less stuttery and easier to play: In other cases, we saw little benefit: Overclocking brought it to 27fps — so yeah, yawn. What are the most common mistakes when overclocking? However, there are a few things to consider: Avoid overheating: Keep a close eye on your GPU temperatures and invest in proper cooling – ideally you already have a custom made card with proper cooling or even watercooling.

Can you overclock a laptop? Yes, you can! Mobile GPUs are limited in performance, so overclocking can really help improve frame rate or rendering performance. Big but: You will push against the thermal limits soon. Also, running at higher clock speeds increases power consumption, so your battery can get drained a lot faster.

As Redditor carlose puts it: Basically, your mileage may vary. Now, have fun! Go on, give it a go. Want to optimize your PC on a software level on top of overclocking the hardware?

Get the most out of your GPU with our easy overclocking guide.

Comments Shares Time is cruel to your hardware, especially expensive graphics cards. All glory is fleeting: The upgrade cycle is relentless, but there are alternatives to busting your budget on a new GPU every single generation. You can make your current graphics card faster, and potentially get dramatically better performance out of it, by overclocking. Pushing a CPU to 5GHz yields mostly benchmark bragging rights when it comes to gaming, but a good graphics card overclock delivers more frames per second and does so with less hardware hassle.

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This program is more than just a GPU overclocking tool: The only downside is that it is designed only for Nvidia cards. A guide to overclocking your AMD or Nvidia graphics card, covering Manufacturer-specific overclocking software exists, but most veteran PC. 10 Best Overclocking Software for Cpu, Gpu and Ram NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPU and ATI Graphic Cards are compatible with CPU-Z and.

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