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The software can provide access to partitions to create, modify, re-size, clone or delete them. The package can also access RAID disk arrays and virtual disks which extends the package into the business and enterprise arena that frequently use these additional functions to provide disk mirroring, disk sharing and virtual environments options within their IT departments. Beyond being able to access physical disks in order to work partitions, the software can also act as a data recovery solution for people who are having difficulty accessing data from their hard drive. Data can be recovered directly from RAID disk arrays, virtual disks and even from partitions that still exist and ones that have already been removed.

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Eassos PartitionGuru – Help – Resize Partition Resize Partition Resizing partition without data loss is a very important and practical function of disk partition management. You can resize partition without losing data quickly and conveniently by using PartitionGuru. To resize a partition, select the partition that needs resizing, then right click the mouse button and choose the item “Resize Partition” on the pop-up menu, shown as below: In general, resizing partition usually involves two or more partitions.

For example, to enlarge a partition, you need to shrink another partition at the same time, and vice versa. Whereas, when you use PartitionGuru resizing partition, which partition should be selected first among the two or more partitions? The answer is the one that needs shrinking.

In the following part, we’ll take an example to explain how to resize partition by using PartitionGuru. The above picture shows the partitions of a removable disk. Suppose we want to shrink partition I to 5G, and there will be 7G free space. We distribute 5G to partition J and 2G to partition K. The following shows the detailed operating steps of resizing partition without data loss by using PartitionGuru. Select partition I and right click mouse button, and then select the menu item “Resize Partition”, as follows: Set adjustment options on the pop-up dialog box “Resize Partition”, as shown below: Input 5GB in the “Space of Front Part”, and then press enter key or switch the cursor to other edit box, then the interface of “Resize Partition” dialog changes as follows: Apparently, we usually won’t let disk space be free.

Click the latter dropdown list and choose “Merge to System I: Resize the rear part of the partition in the same way. Click the “Start” button, and a prompt window will pop up, showing operating steps and matters that need noting, as following: Click “Yes” button and PartitionGuru will start to resize partition without losing data.

In the process of adjustment PartitionGuru will show the information about current operations in detail, as below: When PartitionGuru finishes resizing partition, click “Complete” button and close the “Resize Partition Volume” dialog box, as follows: Now you can see partitions’ capacity has been resized successfully! As below: When you use PartitionGuru conducting lossless partition resizing, you should pay attention to the following matters: If the operation involves system partition usually C: PartitionGuru supports mouse operations in the course of resizing partition, i.

During the process of lossless partition resizing, please do not use other software to do any read or write operations. In fact, PartitionGuru will lock the partition being resized automatically. If the partition is large and there is too much data in the partition, the lossless partition resizing will take a little bit long time, at this moment, you can assign the operations conducted after the adjustment and leave the computer to deal with other matters, as follows: Since it’s possible that our hard drive, partition table and file system have errors, thus, resizing partition without data loss is kind of a risky operation; if errors mentioned above do exist, the adjustment may fail, what’s worse, they may cause data loss.

Therefore, if you have important files, please back them up before the adjustment! PartitionGuru will remind you this too when it resizes partition, shown as below: Safeguard your data.

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What’s new in DiskGenius PartitionGuru 5. Support modifying GUID partition parameters. Partition list adds Attribute tab to show partition status hidden, active, read-only. DiskGenius PartitionGuru is a small program that was designed for partition management, but also for other tasks. Manage partitions on your disks The utility has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out by all users. It displays all the detected partitions within its main window. As mentioned, the program can not only be used for managing partitions, but also for recovering data, formatting, creating and deleting partitions.

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PartitionGuru free download. Get the latest version now. All-in-one solution for data recovery, partition manager and data backup. Download PartitionGuru Free for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. You can resize partition without losing data quickly and conveniently by using PartitionGuru. To resize a partition, select the partition that needs resizing, then.

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