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Ain’t happened yet, and it’s been well over two years. But when you go to set configuration settings there is nothing there. And after you close configuration settings, the menu pops back to some 16F chip selected earlier.
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If you have PBP Version 3. Picbasic pro compler 3. The code explorer allows you to automatically jump to include files, defines, constants, variables, aliases and modifiers, symbols and labels, that are contained within your source code.

Full cut, copy, paste and undo is provided, together with search and replace features. Compilation and assembler errors can easily be identified and corrected using the error results window. Just click on a compilation error and MicroCode Studio will automatically take you to the error line. MicroCode Studio even comes with a serial communications window, allowing you to debug and view serial output from your microcontroller.

It is not time limited in any way and it does not have any nag screens. However, you can only use with MicroCode Studio. MicroCode Studio is not copyright free. If you wish to redistribute MicroCode Studio, or make it available on another server, you must contact Mecanique and obtain permission first. For PBP versions 2.

This means that PBP versions 2. PBP versions 2. Users of PBP 2. This software is no longer supported, but offered here for those who wish to continue using it. Is recommended for new users. Recently released PICmicros may require that you edit the device list manually to add new parts to the dropdown list in the interface. This procedure is detailed in our. This download does not include compiler software. Copyright ME Labs, Inc. This product is no longer available for sale. It is lightning fast and generates optimized, machine-ready code.

It is intended to be a professional development tool, though its painless syntax also makes it a favorite among hobbyists and institutions of learning. Technical Details PBP generates Assembly language that consists of hand-tuned macros and library routines. This laborious approach in development makes for extreme efficiency in handling operations with a variety of variable types.

Each math and comparison operation is generated according to the specific variable types that are used as inputs and output. High-level commands are included as library routines that are reused to minimize code space consumption, and these routines are tuned based on the device’s memory characteristics and selected oscillator frequency.

The code that PBP generates is efficient and optimized. You don’t have to compromise product performance in order to save time in development.

You can have both. PBP does not use a software stack. This speeds execution of subroutine calls and limits PBP programming to a single, global namespace. All variables are globally accessible and care should be taken not to ‘step on’ critical values in subroutines and interrupt handlers. The depth of the stack imposes limits on nested subroutines. Unless specifically noted, PBP commands don’t consume internal resources like timer modules. Our timed pauses are software-based and none of our loop structures touch the hardware stack.

The peripheral modules are free for the developer to use when needed. Each supported device is mapped thoroughly in the PBP device files. PBP handles all RAM-bank and code-page switching, inserting code only when needed for the target device. All internal registers are known to PBP by name. Debugging in this environment can be switched from Source to Assembly level for full access to the generated code.

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