Kontakt, Maschine vs Reason..

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Want to buy it? No but thanks for offering. Im living in germany so the shipping fees must be queit expensive. If i ever want to buy one, i will buy a new one.
reason vs maschine

Integrating Maschine With Reason

September I will probably get argued at for saying this but i dont really care, if a poster posts something for sale and they have less than ten posts, im deleting it!! I also own Komplete Ultimate. I was super disappointed with the workflow I could not wrap my head around maschine at all and especially with the Mikro. SOOOOoooo many button pushes, shift this, etc.

I felt very old. Fast forward to BM3 coming out and for some reason, I picked it up almost immediately. Pad sequencing. Turns out: Do I like BM3? Heck yeah, I love it. I enjoy being able to write music on my IPad anywhere, anytime. BUT, I also love the power of a desktop, all the integrated plugins that come with both maschine and Komplete Ultimate. Right now on my desktop, I use Live and Push2 almost exclusively.

The workflow of that combo is stellar for me. But BM3 showed me that I might like to dive into the Maschine workflow with the right controller, i. I can still use BM3 and render stuff out to Live and do the same with Maschine. I guess my point is, I can see why people would sell Maschine, I can see why people would keep it, or use all of them. There are reasons to have them all or just one or some. I plan on using them all. Interesting side note: DID I see that the Mk3 is supposedly class compliant, so theoretically you could use it as a controller for BM3 or no?

Reason vs Maschine

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VIDEO: Maschine vs mpc – Other Gear – Elektronauts

Learn how to setup @NI_News #Maschine MK3 in #Reason /10 in this @ stefanguyaudio, will this work with the @NI_Maschine Maschine. So buying one of those doesnt make sense as long u are a reason user? Ableton Push: Was developed for Ableton Live Maschine Instrument. Basically my process is OP1>mpc/maschine>Reason (Maschine and MPC) they say the MPC s/w is still super buggy compared to Maschine.

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