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G Suite and Office are each a suite of productivity tools which allow businesses to perform common tasks in the cloud. With either product suite you can create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations, and both Office and G Suite allow you to collaborate with team members seamlessly while doing so. Each product suite offers cloud storage and video conferencing as well. Each product suite is backed by a blue-chip tech titan. Price Options:
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G Suite and Office are each a suite of productivity tools which allow businesses to perform common tasks in the cloud.

With either product suite you can create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations, and both Office and G Suite allow you to collaborate with team members seamlessly while doing so. Each product suite offers cloud storage and video conferencing as well.

Each product suite is backed by a blue-chip tech titan. Price Options: Both G Suite and Office provide a range of pricing plans. You can find a plan that will work well for your business with either product suite.

To me, there are two key differences between G Suite and Office in terms of pricing. Office charges a monthly cost per user as well, but Microsoft requires an annual commitment for each user license you buy. This is a big deal for companies that value agility and want to reduce wasteful spending. G Suite 2 Simplicity Office has a range of complicated product tiers and packages for you to choose from.

G Suite, on the other hand, is simple and clear like most things Google , with 3 pricing tiers to choose from and clear fees on a per user, per month basis so you can calculate your business expense quickly and easily, and add and subtract the user licenses you need as your business grows and changes during any given year.

G Suite Pricing Options Google offers 3 pricing plans that you can choose from, which makes it easy to forecast your total expenditure and to choose a cloud product suite that will work for your budget.

Unlimited cloud storage instead of 30GB. If you have fewer than 5 users, each user has 1TB of cloud storage included. Archive and Set Retention policies for email and chat. Audit reports to track user activity. G Suite Test Drive For most businesses the key difference between G Suite Package pricing options involves the differences in included cloud storage.

The Business and Enterprise packages are an excellent value, particularly if you have more than 5 users these packages will then offer you unlimited cloud storage space. These will probably be the bulk of your needs if your business chooses G Suite, which makes the additional storage of 1TB per user plenty for most small businesses with 5 or fewer users. This is a real advantage for G Suite over Office , where Microsoft files can quickly eat up the cloud storage space you pay for.

The Enterprise plan is the best G Suite choice for companies concerned with data loss prevention – i. Organizations who want to be able to easily archive and search all business communications should choose the Business or Enterprise packages, as the e-Discovery features are great for this.

If you ever need to dig up communications history for legal reasons, this feature gives you the ability to do that whenever you need to, which is a valuable feature for most businesses. Office is structured with packages for home, business, enterprise business, and education. Within each of those categories there are a number of sub-versions, which can make it challenging for users to determine which will work best for them. One advantage to business users who choose Office is that the number of options and sub-versions offers you some flexibility in terms of what you sign up for.

Your dollars will be spent less efficiently with Microsoft. Microsoft describes this plan as being best for businesses that require business email and other business services and are satisfied with using web apps for all of these products.

Business email is not included in the Office Business package, and the only service that is included is OneDrive. If you are looking for business email service, this is not the best choice for you, though you can use their Outlook application with other business email services with this option.

The Office Business Premium package is the best small business package offered by Office outside of their enterprise options. Microsoft says Business Premium is ideal for business that need business email, office applications to use on their PC, Mac and mobile devices, as well as a collection of cloud services.

There are four Enterprise packages offered by Microsoft: Users will have access to Microsoft Office applications and cloud-based file-storage and sharing from Microsoft. Business email is not included in the Office ProPlus package. The only service included is OneDrive. With the Enterprise E1 version of Office , your enterprise employees can take advantage of file storage and sharing, Office online, meetings, and instant messaging, and more.

The more expensive Office Enterprise E3 package from Microsoft provides users with all of the features of both of the less expensive Enterprise solutions ProPlus and Enterprise E1. Additionally, security and compliance tools are included with Enterprise E3, so you have access to legal hold, data loss prevention, and more. If you have more than users you have to choose an enterprise product from Microsoft. Microsoft’s E3 and E5 enterprise products also include more features in terms of data loss and security, something that is offered with the less expensive G Suite Enterprise product as well.

If you want to work locally with these products, make sure you do not choose either of these plans. Not all Office plans provide users with an email account.

The short answer is it depends. For most businesses G Suite will be the less expensive option, driven in large part by the flexibility to increase and decrease your user licenses month-to-month as your business needs change. Best Shoestring Budget Option: Each offers a suite of web and cloud based apps. Best Overall Value for Businesses: Best Enterprise Cloud Services Platform: The second option which is offered as an add-on option for additional money , is that Microsoft can be your provider for domestic and international calls at your enterprise.

File Storage: G Suite or Office As far as the cheapest, entry-level plan Office is the clear winner in terms of file storage. While Google Docs, Sheets, and other files in Google Apps do not count toward this total, your emails do. Cost to Add Cloud Storage: File Storage Winner: G Suite G Suite is the clear winner when it comes to cloud file storage unless you work alone, or you work with just 1 employee 2 team members total.

Business Email: In terms of the actual email apps, Gmail has an edge in G Suite. Also, the popularity of Gmail has produced a number of strong third-party email apps which allow you to customize your set-up and improve its functionality as well. However, Outlook the offline version available in some, but not all Office packages , does have an advantage to business users in terms of mail sorting, labeling, and generally managing your inbox.

Email Cost Winner: G Suite From a cost perspective, you get more for less with G Suite and Gmail in the Business package with at least 5 user licenses. Email Functionality Winner: Desktop Applications: But should it? Well, it depends upon your needs. Many businesses will be fine with a suite of web applications in terms of their day-to-day needs, and in terms of the web-based versions of these apps, the advantage goes to G Suite, where the apps themselves are lighter-weight, faster, more robust, and come with a more expansive set of third-party extensions and integrations that only add to their utility.

But you simply cannot say that Google Sheets has the functionality of Excel for advanced number crunching. What Sheets does offer is the ability to save your spreadsheets to MS Office format to work locally outside of the cloud, and chances are Google Sheets has plenty of functionality for most employees in most businesses and, again, I like it more than the Microsoft cloud-based spreadsheet app. While the Microsoft desktop apps are familiar, and robust, one other consideration your business needs to make is the advantage or disadvantage of working locally vs.

All of these apps will have to be installed locally by someone in your organization that knows what he or she is doing, and there will be more ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting involved as well. For most businesses especially enterprise-level businesses , this creates a hidden IT cost that you need to be aware of when choosing Office or G Suite.

Another thing to consider is that if you choose Microsoft Office for your business, your employees are more likely to work locally vs. This will probably reduce the collaboration, security, efficiency, and other advantages your business is seeking in migrating to a cloud-based product suite for your business.

Desktop Applications Winner: It depends The decision, ultimately comes down to the nature of your business, and how you want to work. Web Applications: G Suite vs Office Both Office and G Suite offers a suite of web applications to your business, which you can use to work in the cloud.

These equivalent web-based applications are, loosely: Office

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