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NET Iteration One: Roodyn, Neil Dr. Neil is an independent itinerant consultant, trainer, and author. He travels the world working with software companies. Neil loves Australia, where he spends the summer enjoying the Sydney lifestyle and helping software development teams get more productive.
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eXtreme.NET Iteration One: Refactoring with Resharper

NET Iteration One: Roodyn, Neil Dr. Neil is an independent itinerant consultant, trainer, and author. He travels the world working with software companies. Neil loves Australia, where he spends the summer enjoying the Sydney lifestyle and helping software development teams get more productive.

Neil spends his other summer each year flying between northern Europe and the USA working with software teams and writing about his experiences.

Neil brings his business and technical skills to the companies he works with to ensure he has happy customers. You can find out more from his Web site http: This article was published in: This article was filed under: Tips Advertisement: The eXtreme. He has done everything from mainframe work through embedded systems. Eddie was an early adopter of XP techniques and has been using XP in Java projects for the past couple of years.

Eddie embodies the XP spirit. NET Deepak—Deepak is a young, smart coder. He graduated last year but has been using the.

NET Framework since it first went into beta. Deepak knows and loves. Deepak represents all there is to love about. Skeptic Sue—Sue has been in software development for 10 years. Sue was promoted in her previous job to project manager, which she hated. She left and joined this team so that she could get back into developing software. Panic Pete—Pete is very bright and comes up wiazing solutions for problems. He is the clown of the team. Pete has been writing code for five years but has never finished a single project he started.

Pete panics when the going gets tough and verbalizes this panic. When this happened at a previous job he quit. Customer Chris—Chris is the internal customer for the team. He works with marketing and the customer support team. Chris once tried to write some code in a training course. Chris is a people person: He loves engaging in conversation. Morning Meeting Let’s join the team now as they hold a morning meeting to discuss their project.

Good morning, everyone! I am really pleased with how things are going. How do you feel Chris? Yes, it looks like you have gotten off to a good start.

I am concerned about using the CourseCosts library; the code in there is pretty messy. Did you write that library Pete? I was involved in that project but I left the team before they shipped. How does this impact me? The SportSpeak project allows them to start selling courses online and we were banking on reusing that library.

Sure that is the plan. What do you think Deepak? I think we should be fine, but if we are going to touch the code in there we will probably want to do some refactoring.

Is it expensive? I thought we just needed to add the ability to cope with event sponsors injecting money into the event. Refactoring is changing the structure of the code without changing the behavior of the code.

OK, so you want to do what exactly? I think it is a bit like doing spring cleaning on the code. Something Pete could do on his desk.

Smiling If you stopped leaving all your junk on my desk it would only be half as messy! Everyone except Sue laughs for a moment before realizing that Sue has not taken this well and is glaring at Pete.

OK, well we have job to do here guys. Is there something that will make this code cleaning exercise any easier for you? I have heard Microsoft will put some in the next version. Yeah I read that too. VS will have refactoring tools. That looks cool! Great, but until you smart alecs invent a time machine we are stuck with Visual Studio Have you used them? I downloaded the trial of Resharper and I could show you some of what it does.

Deepak and Pete look at each other and grin. And no monkey business guys! Would we? Um… yes most likely! Yeah I reckon we should. They load up the CourseCosts library. You can find a version of the library that includes all of the code that is examined in this article at http: You can download a trial version of Resharper from JetBrains at http: I guessed that is why you have the extra Resharper menu on your Visual Studio menu bar.

Sue is right, You can be a smart ass sometimes! Pete grins but remains silent. Like I said, kind of… Deepak: Hey, there is even a test class in here with a whole test in it!

Yes it uses that text. We have to copy that file to the root of our C: And what exactly is the reason for that? The CourseCost class works out the cost of a course for each attendee using the figures in the XML file. Deepak opens the text. So the idea is there will be an entry for each location the company runs courses.

Here we have only created one for the test: Then the cost items are listed as children of that entry. The MaxAttendees and Catering are kind of special cases. How so? Well, the other costs are fixed costs for the course, The Catering is a cost per attendee.

The MaxAttendees is not a cost at all, but the maximum number of attendees that venue can cater for. OK, makes sense so far. Deepak opens the CouseCost. Yes, this is what I was talking about! This is a real mess. Is everything OK with you guys? Sounding a bit doubtful.

OK, show me what we can do. Do they really need to be public? What, the costItems and the attendees? Yes, Resharper can show us where they are being used. How do we do that?

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NET developers worldwide wonder how they’ve ever lived without ReSharper’s code inspections, refactorings and navigation. For most inspections, ReSharper provides quick-fixes light bulbs to improve code in one way or another. You’ll know right away if your code needs to be improved. Eliminate errors and code smells Not only does ReSharper warn you when there’s a problem in your code but it provides hundreds of quick-fixes to solve them automatically, in the best possible way. Safely change the code base Automated solution-wide code refactorings help safely change your code base.

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