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Have a cool product idea or improvement? We’d love to hear about it! This was detected on a daily scan, this is also the second time it has happened: First Time it was detected it would not delete the. Used Xplore File Manager and deleted it but between the first detection and second is fuzzy information wise as I thought this threat was gone.
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Download Reviews on APUS Security – Clean Virus, Antivirus, Booster I just want to say that updating the app’s lock app in this app speaks of clicking on 4 dot picks while set up an app lock and after opening the app, I click 1 dot show me a massage, wrong password 2 atempts remaining.

My phone is several yrs old; low on memory; APUS kepps me cleaned and ready to go, free of junk and viruses. Louise Beagle Apr 06, Too many advertisements. Cannot get back to menu unless I exit all the way out. For example: Vicious cycle. Rick Laston Apr 15, let me just say this is the best thing I ever done on my phone everything is so true you will never find one as good as this is instead of five stars it should be stars.

A Google user Mar 20, Lots of improvements from last year. Glad I tried them again Love this one. Runs smooth and protects well. Get their cleaning app Thanx Apus. A Google user Feb 21, good app. But to many over coming advertisement’s. Also constantly having to go right back to clean ah recently cleaned app. A Google user so far so good.. Abdul Aziz Ali Apr 02, okay so at first it was really good. I loved how it could lock up my apps but after I would unlock it, it would stay open.

I will rate 5 Star later,when fully satisfied but One tap boost earlier it’s there after one day it vanished,I want One tap boost,,still perfoming well.

It took days to find something that would work. Can’t say enough good things about this app. Citizen Silicon Feb 12, this app. It helps your device out a lot, and actually protects it from basically anything: Viruses, low space, hackers; Yeah, it’s just really great.

Jerome Moodley your latest update is popping ups ads every couple of minutes A Google user nice, easy, simple as that thank you Usually you don’t get both at the same time! Beth West Mar 16, Yes, Its good but In my pointof view the app must forword to make a more advance security in this app and i waiting for the version soon Faliksha Afrinnazim Apr 12, great app but cuts off in middle of what you doing wanting you to download something.

If in the middle of doing something leave me along. Carolyn Antie A very good app. I recomend that you download it now! A Google user stop with all of the adds already please!!!!! A Google user Mar 18, its very good, but long adds are showing me evrytime please dont show me again adds A Google user It’s a great app that provides a lot type of protections for your smartphone..

MHA-L29 Feb 03, at first there were a few bugs in it, but now it seems to be working well, if you can put up with the first day or two it will really work for you in a long run it’s better than the others John Juan Navarro Awesome for boosting phone, making it fast, the app saves battery more longer Heru Santoso add security feature to this app, so better app i ever seen in this connection Uttaradi Chinnabramhachari An excellent app for mobile phones and for cleaning them.

A Google user good app keeps my phone running goid cleans and awesome antivirus. Linda Murray Mar 23, I have turned the smart locker off numerous times and it keeps turning it’s self back on. I find the smart locker rather annoying an the fact I can’t turn it off permanently is enough for me to uninstall and tell everyone I know not to bother with this product.

Changed my two stars to a one star. Nothing has been fixed and I am getting intrusive adds in my notifications.

I understand there are adds, but I never gave them permission to put them in my notifications. Infact I turned all notifications off for the app and still are getting them and most of them are in Spanish which I do not speak. Uninstalling and never recemending this to anyone. Naomi Nov 11, Your app is fantastic!!! That feature alone has pulled out s of MBs on my pho!!! You’ve got 2 “Full Scan”, 1 on the 1st screen n on the 2nd screen, that doesn’t make sense.

Pretty sly of y’all NOT to have the option to cancel it; or someone isn’t doing their job n cross checking the layout of your app. I personally don’t like it. So my only option is to uninstall your app n then reinstall it n make sure I don’t apply that option again!!! AND let’s put it all out there n on the line. I can “Clean,Boost,Scan” etc. It HAS already done it’s job; but by tapping on it again n thinking you’re going to get more Cleaned, Boosted etc.

That’s a waste of my precious time, fix it please. N for the people who do read these comments n complain about There’s too many adds. So stop your complaining!!! Have a great day!!! Tammy Gee Dec 04, very much disturbing ads are coming so I decreases my rating otherwise this is very very good app.

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Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus protects your Android and iOS phone from the In addition, it also switches so it can scan the entire contents of the SD card. Download last version AntiVirus PRO Android Security apk for App Backup: backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can. APK file Link2SD compatible with Android In general apk file Link2SD has rating is from Link apk, dex and lib files of apps to SD card.

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