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The Settings charm opens to the right of the screen. Click Power, and select Restart. After Windows loads, reinsert the memory card. If problems persist, continue to the next step.
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The Settings charm opens to the right of the screen. Click Power, and select Restart. After Windows loads, reinsert the memory card.

If problems persist, continue to the next step. Try another memory card of the same type in the same slot. If this memory card works, the card reader is working correctly. Replace the original memory card. If the second memory card does not work, continue using these steps. Turn off the computer, disconnect the power cord, and press the Power button on the front of the computer for five seconds.

Reconnect the power cord and turn on the computer to test the card reader. If the AutoPlay window opens or if the memory card is now listed in the Computer window, you are done. Otherwise, continue with the next step. Some memory card readers also support USB devices. If the device works correctly, continue to the next step. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cord. Then shine a flashlight into the empty card slots in the card reader to see if any pins inside are bent.

Straighten any bent pins with the end of a mechanical pencil. Replace the memory card reader or have the computer serviced if a pin is bent and is touching another pin.

If you fixed any bent pins, reconnect the power cord, turn on the computer, and reinsert the memory card. If there were no bent pins, continue to the next step. Reset the cable connections and memory card firmware: Remove the side of the computer case by unscrewing the two retaining screws on the back of the computer and sliding the side panel towards the rear of the computer.

Set the panel aside. The edges of metal panels can cut skin. Be careful not to slide skin along any edge of the computer’s interior metal. Electrostatic Discharge ESD is the release of static electricity. ESD can damage components inside the computer. To reduce the chance of ESD damage, wear an ESD grounding strap, and work on the computer over a hard, non-carpeted surface.

Find and disconnect the cable from the back of the card reader, and leave it disconnected. Make sure the other end of the cable is correctly connected to the motherboard or to an electronic card connected to the motherboard. Make sure the unconnected end of the cable is not touching any electronics or components inside the computer, particularly the fans. Replace the computer side panel and turn on the computer. After Windows starts, wait about five minutes for Windows to make the necessary hardware changes.

Turn off the computer and remove the computer side panel. Reconnect the cable into the back of the card reader, replace the side panel, and turn on the computer. Check to see if the drives display in the Computer window.

If the memory card drives display in Windows and work correctly, you are done. If the memory card drives do not display in Windows, the drive might need to be serviced or replaced. Memory cards display in Windows but errors occur when writing or reading Try these troubleshooting tips if you are having problems reading and writing data to memory cards: Try a different memory card of the same type in the same slot.

Make sure the switch is set to Write Enabled before trying to write data to it. Make sure the amount of data you tried to store has not exceeded the capacity of the card.

Inspect the ends of the memory cards for dirt or material closing a hole or spoiling a metal contact. Clean the contacts with a lint-free cloth and small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. Replace the memory card if necessary. Make sure the memory card is supported by the card reader. Make sure the memory card is fully inserted into the slot. Remove the memory card when the light is not flashing and shine a light into the empty slot to see if any small pins inside are bent.

If the pins are slightly bent, turn off the computer and straighten them with the tip of a mechanical pencil. If two of the pins are touching, replace the memory card reader or have the computer serviced. If errors continue, replace the memory card.

Resolving other issues with memory card readers Card reader drivers can become corrupted or stop functioning correctly, and new drivers and firmware are occasionally released to address issues.

New firmware for your memory card reader might be available that could resolve the particular issue you are having. To be sure you are using the latest driver and firmware, periodically check for updates. If a Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, select your computer type, type the model name of your computer, and then click Submit.

The product support page opens. If an update is available, download and install the update according to the instructions on the download page. If you are using an adapter for a type of memory card not supported by the reader and the memory card does not work, contact the manufacturer of the adapter for support.

Method 1. Check SD Slot on the Windows 10 Computer

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VIDEO: Download Realtek* Card Reader Driver for NUC7i3BN, NUC7i5BN, NUC7i7BN

Since I upgraded windows 8 to windows 10, I got troubleshooting with my SD card reader. Its doesnt work at all. My PC do not recognize any. The card reader driver is required if you plan to use an SD card for extra Intel® NUC 7 Home, a Mini PC with Windows® 10 – NUC7i3BNHXF. I found the answer for my T. This made my SD Card Reader work finally after installing Windows 8.

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