SIW Home Edition 2011 10 29x

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siw home edition

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This webpage is not available. Don Comodo ver. Mike Any ideas why? In turn you cannot use such programs in a private network such as Schools or Business.. Jordan Got arrested for looking at the report it made about one of the school’s computer.

Will H So much more info than CPU-Z. I’m a convert for sure. Keep up the great work! Thank you!!! Santasan ST Am now in direct contact with him. Have Googled but there doesn’t seem to be much information about this. Can anybody clarify please? Webfork This is quite the power tool in portable software. I like its built-in suite of network tools.

Why can’t there be more single EXE wonders like this one? JYC Download the u3 version 2. Extract it 4. When Googling for references to this file I’m getting a lot of links associated with malware, but nothing specifically stating this file is a problem.

Does anyone know what this file is and what it is doing? I’m also getting an error when starting the application which also looks suspicious: StartSDK Error: Fox Cole I’m steamed that it deleted my file instead of letting me choose what to do with it What is an issue is that this tool cannot be completely portable until it’s tolerated by all the AV software out there.

I can’t recover or re-download until I’m off this computer; otherwise, it will just get deleted again. Even if I tuck it into an encrypted volume to prevent that, I won’t know whether I can safely run it without the same thing happening. It’s such a useful thing! Too bad there isn’t a registration service that will take care of this for you. Casey Are you scared that I will scare away your victims?

For the umpteenth time, my post was this Is this another False Positive? Alternatively, is this program truly malicious? I also dare you to contact McAfee and get your program approved so it wont get deleted. I am going to. Dave EXE is detected by various Anti-virus – Anti-Spyware because is inserts a driver onto your computer which is considered an activity that is usually associated with bad things. In this case it is a legitimate program but the heuristic scanning portion of your Anti-virus – Anti-Spyware has no way to tell the difference so it “takes care” of it for you.

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This webpage is not available. Don Comodo ver. Mike

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SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows utility (PC Inventory – Hardware, Software and Network Information). SIW lets you explore your computer’s hardware and software information through an intuitive interface. From headphones and earbud to mobile phones and smart home devices, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. SIW (System Information for Windows) performs computer configuration analysis and diagnostics. Other editions: SIW (System Information for Windows).

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