How to Supercharge Your PC With a RAM Disk

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We are going to add ONLY the following directories and files: If you don’t have that much RAM, you can pick and choose what to put. I suggest the 3 package file caches Folders: And the result is quite impressing, it’s actually reduced the loading time of the same saved game I tested in my previous post above from 3m 10s to 2m and 15s, and its gameplay performance improved a lot I must say, maybe it would be even better if I included Starlight Shore.
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How to Set Up and Use a RAM Disk in Windows

Jump to: It will also help improve the performance of demanding emulators due to the speed of RAM as opposed to regular mechanical HDDs as well as save you wear and tear on your SSDs. Consider the size of your biggest games you want to run to determine how much you need. So the majority of the time, I have at least 4GB free. The link is at the bottom of the page. Once you have it downloaded, install it wherever you like.

For my use, and the sake of this tutorial, I installed the program into it’s default location as I am on a bit OS.: You will be presented with a window that has a large green plus sign, a red X, etc. What you will want to do here is click on the green plus sign. Set your drive letter. I set my drive letter to “L: You could use Hard Disk Emulation, but from my experience, using it as a Removable Drive works just as well. Set your File System Options. You can name this folder whatever you want.

This is by far the easiest step. Under Settings, go the 7z section. Set your Extract Path to the folder you created on your RAMDisk, and you’re done, as long as you have all of your disc based systems decompressing to the same folder.

Now you’re done! As you can see, it is very easy to set up, and should give you considerable speed up when it comes to your games. The game was unplayable for me before, running around 47 fps and jumping around really bad. I also noticed major speed increases for other systems, such as Dreamcast under Demul 0.

My decompression times have been cut almost in half. This page was last modified on 2 February , at This page has been accessed 6, times.

Using ImDisk Toolkit

For example, move the items from inside the Thumbnails to G: Refer to image sample Example: Put YOUR ramdisk drive. Click Windows Start and find the Run option:

VIDEO: Mod The Sims – How to use Ramdisk with Sims 3

Softperfect Ramdisk is easy to use and fast. It’s important to note that ramdisk software is not created equal and will differ in performance. Softperfect Ramdisk is easy to use and fast. It’s important to note that ramdisk software is not created equal and will differ in performance. I found Softperfect Ramdisk to be fully capable for the uses described . I have read webpages and tutorials for steam games and games like.

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