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Quick deployment on your system During a brief and colorful installation, Sonique prompts you to tick recognized file associations and offers to deploy optionally a few audio plugins for CD Support or WMA filters. Sonique features an awesome interface with eye-catching skins and color patterns, while maintaining a sense of professionalism in the area of functionality. Packed with a powerful set of tools Other features of Sonique include a full featured playlist editor and fully animated menus, extensive skin support, audio and visual plugin support, an integrated AE4 Mpeg Audio Decoder, and powerful audio controls e.
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Only time will tell. Quite a bit of time, probably, considering how busy I am. Hopefully some of you kind people out there will feel like writing a script or two to use with it. There is a help file installed with the plugin, but here’s another copy of stutter. Feel free to contact us with questions about scripting. When I get my act into gear I’ll put up any scripts I receive or create on the smear page.

Fixes a problem with the system exiting while in full screen mode. Best to grab the whole plugin. Actually, I also just added a new option to freeze rappa in whatever transitions or effect state it currently is. You need to change a setting in the vis. Specifically, they are now being shipped as executable files that can be installed rather than as the raw. This means after you download you simply need to run the file to install the visual.

A couple of minor bug fixes to the circin and circout transition effects. The ripple filter has been sped up considerably which was sorely needed and the slide transition can now occasionally slide from other sides than just the right.

Just pop this files over the current versions you have while Sonique isn’t running. There is an update to rappa. The major changes for this version are numerous configuration values. This version allows you to turn on or off any of the rappa transitions and filters as well as any of the sonique plugins. Also, all the transitions and filters can have their own configuration information currently most only allow you to change the time each runs for.

I’ve also fixed a number of bugs, the most notable of which caused rappa to crash when interacting with some vises particularly CoR’s Fireworks 1. There’s even an extra and rather slow transition for those of you with reasonably fast machines to enjoy.

Been busy. Work can be like that. Not entirely sure why an Australian is doing snow for christmas, but there it is. Have a look at snowvis. There’s an update to my version of wetnad which has an interesting effect when you turn on WaterNad in the vis. An extremelly minor update to burn.

Just fixed up the config entries which there are none of really and wrote a txt file for it. The big advantage to this update is that it will successfully survive one of the vises it is running crashing. There are other changes, but as they wouldn’t work in any currently released version of sonique, I’ll keep them to myself for a little while.

Hopefully when I get a little more time, I’ll be able to get around to tidying things up a bit and perhaps adding some more content. Also, the rappa plugins are now available individually, including one new one. Hopefully more to come. See the rappa page. This allocates just a little bit of extra space around the display buffer. One or two of the vises had problems with going outside their alloted screen space which was causing rappa to get shut down.

This seems to fix most of these problems. Ah well, I guess I must be suffering from some form of premature release problem. There is already a slightly new version of the rappa API. This includes name information so I can display which plugin is running at the time.

Also, all the effects have now been moved off into separate plugins so you can remove the effects that you don’t like. Just make sure all the. Have a look. Have a play. Mail me if you make one. The next step is to remove most of the internal effects and make them plugins so that you can pick and choose your effects. Stay tuned. The API for this will be supplied shortly, but until then, here is an update. It will now include all the plugins that reside in sub-directories of the main vis directory.

Improved support for the sub plugins also. You probably won’t notice anything there, though. This one is a little better. Just a tad faster and less likely to crash your sonique. A new vis-under-construction like most of mine , burn which is a simple fire effect. In my attempt to get it more realistic looking I have, of course, made it extremely slow, and probably no better than those fire effects written in about 25 bytes of asm.

All that and it doesn’t react well enough to the music. But I’ve got to keep myself amused some how. I’ve got rid of most of the bugs in it, and I’ve added a few other transition effects.

Also it now copes with the sonique effects blur, zoom and smoke if the vis it is currently playing wants them. There are still no configuration options, though. Getting things to look just right might have been considerably easier with the use of some handy tool, but as with most things that I do, the easy way and my way have little in common.

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Manipulate your words and phrases so that they are presented in the most effective way. So only download. Where can i download sonique for virtual dj 8. Two other missing features annahar aljadid pdf task notifications and categories. Interactive does: Click on the open button and browse to the folder where you copied the sonique plugins to.

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Index of /download/players/sonique/plugins. [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. [DIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ],, Jul G-Sonique TechnoL HN1 EBM producers can count on G-Sonique to deliver the right sounds packaged in More information and download. Slick, if not always smart, Sonique does what it should with some compromises. It supports the essential formats, along with skins and plug-ins, integrated.

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