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Now available: Vegas Pro 8. Both updates are free downloads to registered users of Vegas Pro 8 software. What’s new in Vegas Pro 8.
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Now available: Vegas Pro 8. Both updates are free downloads to registered users of Vegas Pro 8 software. What’s new in Vegas Pro 8. The simple way to describe Vegas Pro 8. The feature set is nearly identical, and projects can be passed back and forth between the two applications.

The advantages of running Vegas Pro 8. The Vegas Pro 8. Is it time to go Vista? It took just under nine minutes in Windows Vista bit, but over seventeen with XP. Even if faster rendering was the only attraction, I’d go for it. But Windows Vista bit allows for many other performance enhancements as well.

What you can’t see on the screen shot is the considerably improved performance compared to running on bit systems. What about Vista’s bad reputation? The main complaints: Much hardware remains unsupported, the system seems sluggish, and there are no significant advantages over XP. But since Windows Vista appeared, all my essential audio interfaces now have bit drivers, and they work fine-as do the few native bit applications I run. The latest service pack improved performance, and while 64 bits is probably meaningless to those running spreadsheets, it means a lot if you use Vegas Pro software.

He’s doing a lot of mastering these days for classical music artists. Trimmer window enhancements for Vegas Pro 8. In that discussion we explored techniques for setting the Trimmer up to function more like the source window that many long-time video editors have used for years.

In the 8. If you like to work that way, Vegas Pro 8 software now gives you enhanced tools you can use to do so.

In this article, we’ll explore the new Trimmer functionality you’ll find in the 8. First, add a file to your timeline and click to place the timeline cursor within that clip so that you see the selected frame in the Video Preview window. Next, right-click a file in the Vegas Pro Explorer window and choose Open in Trimmer from the menu to load the file into the Trimmer window.

If you’re familiar with the Trimmer window from previous versions, it looks different to you already. In Figure 1, notice that now instead of a series of video frames, the window shows just one frame of video. That’s because a new option, the Show Video Monitor option, is on by default. This causes the Trimmer to display just what’s currently under the Trimmer’s cursor.

By default, the Show Video Monitor option shows just the current frame of video in the video portion of the Trimmer. You can still get to the old Trimmer view if you want to. To do that, click the Show Video Monitor button—which is one of the three new buttons in the upper-right-hand corner of the Trimmer window.

Now the Trimmer looks like it always has as you can see in Figure 2. Gary has conducted countless hands-on classes in the Sony Creative Software training center, as well as at tradeshows such as the National Association of Broadcasters show. Message from our sponsor: Fan Media Network is looking for video and sports enthusiasts who want to build their demo reel, get more on-camera experience, have fun covering their favorite team and possibly get discovered.

Qualified fan video reporter candidates should: Own a digital camera, camcorder or professional video camera and editing software Have prior video editing experience Be able produce videos per month, 1:

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Produces Professional Video and Audio Exceptional Documentation Overly Complex Confusing Modular System Sony Vegas is a video-editing suite that has the ability to create high-defintion content of quality that can not be matched, which places this system on par with world-class competitors. It is one of the most versatile and powerful video editing apps on the market, and while the software was once not compatible with Adobe Photoshop files encompassing multiple layers, now it is fully compatible with such files. It also includes support for gigapixel images and a vast array of capture cards. Adobe Premier and Final Cut are two similar applications, but those pieces of software are overly complicated, and their workflow isn’t optimized because their layouts are a bit scattered.

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