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Is this possible on my car? You either need enough space at the underbody of the car or in the spare wheel recess. The price depends on the set you need to install.

If you want to boost your already built-in Sound generator ex works, it will be cheaper as a complete retrofit. If we already offer a specific set for your car model, we sell it in our shop with the respective price. Please send us an E-Mail or use our contact form , if you want an offer or ask for a test installation.

Determine the right set for your car How or where is the Sound Booster installed? The sound generator is installed at the underbody of the car. If there isn’t enough space, it can be installed inside the spare wheel recess.

The Modules are assembled in the inside and get connected. What size is the sound generator? The spheric sound generator has a perimeter about 64 cm, a diameter of around 20 cm and a height of ca. Will the sound generator get installed into the exhaust?

This makes the Active Sound System easy to remove again. Am I able to install the Sound Booster by myself or do I need to visit a specialist workshop? Have a look in our ist of kits Is the system visibly? Do I hear the sound also inside my car? Yes, depending on the respective sound profile.

Do I automatically need two sound generators if I have a duplex system? No, this has nothing to do with it. Yes, we provide already some specific control opportunities. Have a look at our list of control possibilities: Control opportunities Does the push button necessarily needs to be installed in the front area? If you want to turn the Active Sound System on and off while driving, then you should put it in the front area of course.

Can I control the Sound Booster with another button in the car? Yes on certain car makes and models. You can find our current prospects below: All handling possibilities How many sound levels are available? You are also able to deactivate the profiles.

Have a look on our software How the sound levels differ? The standard profiles get more intense and louder with every profile. The software enables you to set your own profiles and its sound. Can I deactivate tone profiles? Can I turn off the system? Yes, the system can be turned off with the button. Can I install two sound generators? Where can I let install the Sound Booster System? You can let the Sound Booster be installed at any specialist workshop.

We also have installation partners , who already know the system very well. Find an installation partner nearby The Sound Booster is not working after installation. Where is the error? Defective module? There are some little errors which can happen on pinning after the installation of the Active Sound System. With the help of the LED status display you can solve some problems by yourself. Have a look at our helping site with frequently error sources and how you can solve them: Debugging I retrofitted the universal kit on my Audi and do not have any sound now.

Address 09 Byte Set Bit 6 to 1. The retrofit kit by Audi for the A4 8K and A5 8T has a setting, which keep the volume at a certain level. We can cancel the reduction. Get the following update complete update in our shop and send in the control unit to us. How can I control the system? Via App, Cruise Control lever etc.? If you want to change profiles on the way or switch the system on and off, either with the standard button, on the Sound Booster remote control, if possible, on the cruise control or other existing buttons of your vehicle and of course with the smartphone app.

Do I have to encode my vehicle after installation? No, you do not need to encode anything. Where do I get the software to change the sound profiles? You can download the software on this website. Just visit our download site.

Play Music & Videos In Sync!

Letasoft Sound Booster 1. If you crank it up too high, it WILL blow your speakers. I kept the level at , with very few problems. Letasoft’s ‘customer service’ is nonexistent.

VIDEO: Sound Booster Build Free Download for Windows 10, 8 and 7 – soft.u6831393.isp.regruhosting.ru

When music is compressed, sound quality is lost. FxSound Enhancer automatically restores lost sound quality to provide you high definition music. The Volume Booster app by GOODEV is a versatile loudspeakers app for Android without being a music player. The app increases the volume. Download Sound Booster. Amplify the volume level of the entire operating system passed its maximum accepted limit using this simple, yet.

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