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View Screenshots The best one player card game Spades is now ready for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. Download now and play free. You can play free Spades Offline in anywhere you want. The main contribution of our game is playing offline Spades plus its challenging opponents with high level artificial intelligence, classy graphics and smooth game play. If you are familiar with Spades Plus Bid Whist or card games with trumps, Spades offline will be your favourite game.
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Spades Free 1.752 APK

I have been really loving the KnockOut Challenge where u have to win 3 games in row to double your bet amount and that was challenging enough. I mean come on! Did u notice u we’re getting us with the scenario I just mentioned and u decided to take advantage. I just think the game now went and made it less likely for me to keep playing the knock out challenges.

There are some talented spades players on this app which is great for someone like me but come on, FIVE wins in a row for a player regardless of their skill level is a bit much to ask for.

Sometimes you go through DAYS of the worst dealt hands by the game and we have zero control. It just made me disappointed to see that the best feature for me now got taken away! Boo for you! Three consecutive wins was perfect! They message each other to setup to win which they are called nils.

I understand that it can happen sometimes, but not to do it deliberately. I think that you should have people to come in and play to see for yourself and they cuss a lot using words that you should not be saying around many people. I am deciding to leave because it is not fair and honest to people who pay a lot of money to enjoy themselves and relax. I have already been introduced to another Spades game and this game is really nice and I hate to have to leave. With Much Love I hope you will continue with your game.

This by far is one of the most greedy games on the App Store! You use to get more coins for spinning with a certain amount of friends but that has lowered as of late! Things happen and sometimes you have to leave that amount is out of your control ridiculous!

I have been playing this game for a couple of years and have wrote several reviews. This review is my last! I urge people to boycott this App. They have gotten greedy and it is rigged! There is now way that you can play 20 games with 20 different people and lose every single game! NO WAY! I hope you guys are happy to keep losing people from playing your game! I wished Apple would monitor this game.

Crazy greedy developers!

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Ads What is Fat Spades? Fat Spades is free Game app developed by Silverhawk Software. Fat Spades is the best-looking, best-playing spades game out there. We’ve included every rules variation we could find as an option, plus The latest version of this game, fun, cards, spades, casino, card application is 1. It works like most of the game applications out there but have own pros and cons. As a quality game software it packs neat graphics on top of user-friendly interface. With 3.

VIDEO: ‎Spades Plus – Card Game on the App Store

Spades Free APK for Android. Download Spades Free APK for PC. Play Spades Free on pc with KOPLAYER Android Emulator. Spades. Download Spades – Play Free Online Spades Multiplayer v APK Free for Android, Spades, play Spades free card game with friends plus. This game is Spades card game. Play the famous Spades plus against opponents simulated by advanced artificial intelligence. Now play Spades. It is known.

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