Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2

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How does this new one fare? There are four playing articulations available to the Main instruments: These are supplemented by muted and picking articulations, controllable optionally by mod-wheel position or velocity range.
sr5 rock bass

Prominy SR5 Rock Bass

How does this new one fare? There are four playing articulations available to the Main instruments: These are supplemented by muted and picking articulations, controllable optionally by mod-wheel position or velocity range. While certain events are handled ‘intelligently’ by KSP scripting for example, string selection the majority of sounds are activated manually by keyswitching.

However, string selection can also be overridden using keyswitches to force notes to play on specific strings if required. Alternatively, notes can be terminated using ‘stop’ and ‘hold’ keys. These each trigger different release noises: Unlike many virtual guitar instruments, SR5 has no ‘strumming’ feature, hence no strumming trigger keys. The SR5 Library SR5 Lite provides six different release and picking noises, which can be assigned to the ‘stop’ and ‘hold’ keys in any combination you like.

SR5’s library is organised very simply. The Multis folder contains only two patches: In this version, the key mapping of the five strings is fixed, with no option to ‘force’-select specific strings thereby requiring considerably fewer samples.

This lite version is nevertheless very expressive and capable of very convincing results. Look Lively Prominy have sampled their Musicman bass with great clarity; the samples have oodles of sustain, and plenty of top end to work with. Settings ‘3’ and ‘4’ deliver increasingly wilder tonal variations, with the result that heavy emphasis is frequently applied at inappropriate moments.

This is most noticeable when SR5 is heard ‘clean’, although the inconsistencies become less obvious with compressed, overdriven amp settings. Despite the seemingly complex keyswitch learning curve, SR5 is, in fact, very easy and quick to learn. Play While Loading: Not only does the update to version 4. This feature enables even large, ‘Giga’-sized instruments to be played immediately from the moment the instrument appears in the Kontakt GUI — even huge instruments that would normally take several minutes to load.

Not any more — simply follow this indispensable tip from the Dr Magnus clinic. When loading is complete, open the instrument’s Purge menu, and select Unload All Samples.

Ordinarily, you’d expect to hear nothing when you play any notes, but now, when you play your MIDI keyboard, there they are, streamed instantly from disk, loading on demand. Next time it’s loaded which happens very quickly no RAM will have been consumed at all. Only the notes you actually play from that point onwards are loaded into RAM, and you’ll find your Dagenham Girl Pipers part will probably only consume about 10MB, leaving loads of room for other instruments.

So as far as SR5 is concerned, you should always be able to take advantage of the full instrument with all its articulations, if you follow this simple preparatory procedure. SR5 Version 1. Previously, any adjustments made to one instrument in the Multi had to be manually duplicated across all the other instruments.

Pros High-quality, detailed and lively sound. Well suited to rock, metal and progressive genres, also adaptable to many other styles. Keyswitch functions are easy to learn. Although its tone is optimised for all forms of energetic rock, given suitable treatment it also adapts well to many other genres.


You can also change the string manually by key switches. You can also turn off them and use your favorite amplifier simulator for further tonal variations. It adds a wildness, richness and reality to your bass tracks. The Heavy hammer-on samples emphasize the metallic noise that is generated when the string strikes the fret by hammering the string forcefully. The normal hammer-on samples are often used for ‘legato’. On the other hand, the Heavy hammer-on samples are good for ‘accent’. For example, you can reproduce the accented sound with a metallic noise it’s something like slap bass sound generated by hammering the string heavily immediately after playing the open string.

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SR5 Rock Bass 2 by Prominy is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Standalone Application and Soundware (e.g. samples or presets that. Prominy SR5 Rock Bass – Electric Bass Guitar VSTi. Fast Electronic Delivery. You will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) with your download URL and. Shop for Prominy SR5 Rock Bass at Westlake Pro. Best service and best price guaranteed.

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